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If you are confused about the whole idea of weight loss, you are not the only one. Right now, if you do a quick search on amazon for “diet books” you will get over 100,000 options of which to choose from. I know what you are thinking: How the hell is am I going to get to the bottom of this stuff? Welcome to the diet industry where confusion and controversy sells. Of course, all this just pushes people from pillar to post and as a result of today, the world has never looked so obese, stressed, and depressed.

Even more disappointing, the diet industry does not benefit from telling the truth. As I am writing this there are millions of con artists brainwashing people with scams and hype about the “magic” solution they’ve got that “solves all your weight problems”. While the world suffers, the charlatan’s profit into the millions.

Do not worry, you won’t have to fall victim to more false information that drives you in the wrong direction. Why? Because all the information you are about to read in this book is based on the only reliable method, we have to test whether things or true or not – Science. Why science? Science is about testing ideas while gathering evidence and concluding based on the weight of the evidence so that we do not resort to magical explanations.

Why is the sky blue? Why can one person run faster than another? Why do people get fat? Why do people lose weight? With science, we can answer these questions with confidence. Without science, we cannot.

Rest assured though, the information you’re about to read isn’t written for a scientist, although it’s all based on scientific evidence, the fluff has been taken out to make it both super to understand and super to implement.

After reading you will be one of the few in the world who have a deep understanding of how all this weight loss stuff works. Not only will you be able to apply the information for yourself (if needed) but you will also be able to support others that need help too. It is a win-win all around. Ready? Let us dive in.

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