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  1. The single most important factor is a low carb diet. The remaining important factors are water with enough salt intake, exercise, fasting, and lastly, sleep. All help promote a healthier body based upon my personal empirical, evidence-based results. Everyone must learn for themselves what works for them.

  2. Well… yes and no. Fasting and carnivore should absolutely be on the “what actually will lead to a long healthy life” category. So much science based evidenced and research confirms the benefits. I don’t believe fiber is essential unless you’re not eating a proper human diet. But all that other stuff that on the first list I can agree with you just move carnivore and fasting over.

  3. You might want to investigate diabetes type 2 and fasting’s benefits to that and to longevity. Also investigate the horrifying effects of plant seed oils especially poly-unsaturated oils, and consider that those effects impact the beef we eat and therefore us too. This is THE reason grass-fed beef is strongly recommended.

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