My Low Carb & Keto Chipotle Chicken Burrito! 2022

Today I'm making my low carb and keto-friendly chipotle chicken burrito! Click here for the complete recipe:

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My Low Carb & Keto Chipotle Chicken Burrito!

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  1. That looks amazing 😋. As soon as I can get to the grocery store I am making this. Carnitas please.

  2. Girl i dont like doing dishes either 😭
    This looks amazing. Im on my feet all day and i need a lunch that wont bog me down but keep me full more than an hour, so this fits the bill 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Slam dunk again!!! I’m going to cheat and pick up some low carb shells from Sprouts. The rest I will do exactly as your recipe calls for. The weight is melting off thanks to your wonderful recipes and your support videos. ❤️ Thank you for being you..❤️❤️❤️

  4. Egg tortilla. Love it. How much Almond Flour did you add? Yes!! Looks Amazing!! U did Great Girl. Cant wait to make my own!!♥️👌🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️😘

  5. Would like you to make a cartinitas bowl. That’s what I always order when ever I go to Chipotle. I LOVE your channel Thank-You so much for all your wonderful recipes

  6. I only just discovered you, and I want to say I LOVE YOUR RECIPES! I have been making fajitas for years…but I tried yours and I don’t think I will ever be able to order them in a restaurant again! I have been up and down with my low carb lifestyle but with you and your recipes in my corner, I believe I will definitely succeed this time. Thank You!❤️

    1. If you like her fajitas, you should try her tamales! The sauce is great and the texture of the masa is spot on and yummy

  7. Awesome video!! Myra you should try my wrap recipe on this, I think it would take it to the next level🙂. The wrap is also 2 ingredients and almost zero carbs😉

  8. Can you make a Sunday meal prep video for several of your favorites whose ingredients are similar for the week (ie would be easy to assemble quickly during the week after the Sunday meal prep), with a bonus of a shopping list would be so appreciated
    Also if you could do a meal prep video for college students trying to eat low carb with your easiest recipes (preferably no pork)
    Thank you!! Love your channel ❤️

  9. I love the food from Chipotle, I like to see either the carnitas in a bowl and a burrito, maybe you could just make them both ways

  10. Yes caritas and barbecoa. That looks amazing. Definitely going to give it a try. Do we know the carb breakdown?

  11. Love this recipe. Good recipe of making the wrap part with mostly eggs. Trying to start eating clean and this is a great start since I am a burrito freak. Carnitas bowl please.

  12. Looks delicious! For working mothers to save time, you can always just use a keto low carb burrito shell and then follow the rest of the recipe.

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