My Low Carb Bowl vs CHIPOTLE! How To Make Keto Chicken Burrito Bowl 2022

My Low Carbohydrate Bowl vs CHIPOTLE! How To Make Bowl
Full Recipe:

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My Low Carb Bowl vs CHIPOTLE! How To Make Keto Bowl

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  1. That looks delicious 🤤. I will definitely make that for dinner one of this days. Thank You 🙏

  2. You just put Chipotle to shame! Theirs would have looked pretty good if I hadn’t seen your version first. Your looks incredibly edible 😋
    I showed my hubby the picture and I’m pretty sure he started drooling 🤤
    This a another “must make this week” masterpiece from one of my absolute favorite recipe creators.

  3. Your videos are the best!!! Would love to see a keto budget haul challenge to see if in these financially stressing times, we could still eat healthy keto without breaking the bank. ♥️♥️♥️

  4. Try marinating your chopped up red onion with the lime juice for about an hour before mixing it in with the avocado, it gives the red onion a much more milder taste

  5. GIRLFRIEND! YOU DO NOT DISAPPOINT! EVER!! OMGSH, I cannot wait to try this one. Everything I’ve ever made from your videos is the BOMB! YOU, make it possible for me to eat healthy but DELICIOUS food that isn’t bland. I’m so happy that I found you! Love you bunches! XOXO’S

  6. Looks really good. I like cauliflower rice from Costco. They have a plain one and one that’s stir fry with veggies . Trader Joe’s has a good one too.

  7. I want to say I learned this from Steve at Serious Keto, but when I make guacamole, I let my red onion sit in the lime juice for about 5 minutes before I add it to the avocado. The acid in the lime juice does something to the onions that is amazing!

    1. Yes I do the same thing the lime juice Cooks the onion I do this when I make salsa I put the jalapeno pepper and the onion in lime juice

  8. Yours look better, I love it. Some times I add a little bit of minced garlic to my guacamole , or a tiny bit of sour cream to it to make it a little more creamy . I like lemon instead of lime sometimes too. Lol

  9. I could eat this every day! I love making this – but I call mine my “mexi-bowl”! Way better than chipotle!!

  10. This looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to make it! Though I am going to be honest, and tell you all that I will probably use bottled lime juice, garlic powder, the dried cilantro flakes I have in my spice rack, and the frozen bagged red and yellow peppers and onions from Walmart that I use all the time. I usually have 4-5 20 ounce bags of those in my freezer! I also rice my own cauliflower, and save it in containers in my freezer. It’s much cheaper than buying the pre-riced bags, easy to make, freeze, and clean up afterwards. For about $5, I can get about 5-16 ounce containers of riced cauiflower, enough for 5 nice meals for this old bachelor….Ha!…Peace! 🎼❤☮

  11. Simply delicious! Yours looked 1000 times better and I know that it was flavorable and tasty! I’ll have to make it tonigh!!!❤️😋❤️

  12. Homemade is always better! 👌yours looked amazing and yes Im wanting to try this. I’ve had cauli rice so much I cant stand it anymore, but I will try it in this. Thanks so much

  13. Looks fantastic! Will make tonight for dinner! I little dollop of greek yogurt or sourcream is yummy in guac and keeps it nice and green. Thank you again!!!

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