MOUNJARO WEIGHT LOSS WHAT I EAT IN A DAY // TIRZEPATIDE (Featuring Hiya Kids Daily Multivitamin) 2023

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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY // (Featuring Hiya Kids Daily Multivitamin)

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  1. I love pickled 🧅- Thanks for sharing. I have everything to make this for myself tomorrow. I am also on Mounjaro. Day 27 and 7.5lbs down.

  2. 🧅 Hi friend! Everything looks amazing!! Hope I can find some yogurt and cheese like that around here. Definitely want to try the taco salads like that too. 💜

  3. 🧅’s make my food taste yummy! Fun video Countess! I’m loving watching just how committed you are by sticking to delicious locally sourced ingredients. Your body will appreciate you for it. GaaaaaaH Yea… the ick that comes off when properly cleaned. Even though it’s from down the street and they are growing responsibly…dirt and ick are dirty and icky 😂😂😂😂
    Again sweet friend… it’s AWESOME seeing your beautiful face today! ❤virtual hugs❤

  4. 🧅🧅Love a taco bowl — heck anything Mexican — sign me up! The pineapple salsa looks yummy!

  5. Love this!! What accent do you have? I’ve never heard anyone say ‘tomatoes’ like you do 😊I’ve been wanting to ask out of curiosity. But great food ideas!! You go girl!!! 🧅

  6. Hi Elizabeth. I need your help !!! Been on Ozempic doing great when all of a sudden I couldn’t get it for the past 6 weeks. Finally it came back in and I started back on today. 2 mgs. I am sick as a dog. I’ve never been so sick. Do you think I should have stated off lower and then worked my way back up. Omg please help

    1. Regina, first and foremost praying for you and sending so much love. Secondly, call your doc ASAP. Get their medical opinion since they have your medical chart and medical facts. Thirdly, how long had you been on Ozempic prior to stopping for 6 weeks? I’m covering you in prayers, positive thoughts and love right now! <3

    2. @Countess of Shopping thank you so much !!! Prayers are most important!!!! Started last September. Down 60 lbs. slow but steady. I’ll take it. Congrats to you you are doing fantastic! Also loved your last video. You are my saving Grace !!! Bless you !!!

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