Make These Rolls with 3 Ingredients! Easy Low Carb Bread Alternative! 2023

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2 Component Flourless Bread I Low Carb I Low Calorie I High Protein.

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Make These Rolls with 3 Ingredients! Easy Alternative!

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  1. I’m still reeling from the frozen yogurt bars, so good, will be making these, don’t know how you do it, staying pretty and coming up with these awesome delicious recipes, ty so much you keep me motivated to stay low carb and keto

  2. Do you think you could use regular egg whites instead of powder? Learning new recipes and what to use if substituting 😁

    1. Look up Maria Emmerich or recipes for protein sparing bread recipes. They always say you can use real egg whites. Or a mixture of half and half. There is another lady who has a lot of videos too on the protein sparing bread. BTW PS it does not mean you spare protein. It means you spare the carbs and eat more protein.

    2. Hi Myra
      I am from South Africa.
      Your presentation is great.
      I have made 90 seconds bread and muffins in the microwave oven and love it . Many have tasted and said unbelievable.
      I am going to try the Rolls.
      Thank you.

  3. Can’t wait to try these. Mayra your recipes help to keep doing low carb eating. You are such a blessing ❤

  4. Mayra, that’s amazing. I never knew you could make rolls from egg whites, honey and cottage cheese. You nailed it. Nicely done. Thank you

  5. Myra, these look amazing, just like you! I’ve made a few of your recipes and they’re great for the low carb life! Thank you!!❤

  6. It’s a lot like the egg white bread which I make every week. I will have to try this recipe

  7. That looks fluffier than the original King Hawaiian rolls. Can’t wait to try baking this bread, save money, and be good for my diabetes.

  8. ❤Thank you!!! I actually have everything to make these today ( which came in perfect timing!!!!) Brilliant as always🦋💕🦋

  9. *These rolls look absolutely incredible. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!*

  10. I made this today and hey girl it came out just like yours and tastes amazing. Me encantó ❤. muchas gracias Mayra. Ive made a lot of your recipes and they all came out pretty good.

  11. Omg!!! 🫣😳 I cannot WAIT to make these and have some sliders again without feeling guilty! Thank you for sharing this recipe with us Mayra!!! ❤️👏❤️👏

  12. Girl……. You are heaven sent for this one! I love bread and haven’t had any in years. Thanks for this video, I will be trying this recipe ❤

  13. OMG! It looks fluffy like angel food cake😊 I so want to try this as a sandwich. Ooooo, put some tuna salad on it😳❤️ the options are endless!!!!!

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