Low Carb POTATO CHIPS – Keto Chips recipe by Heavenly Fan

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Keto "Potato" – Low Carb !


" How to make thin crispy keto |Keto vegan gluten-free"

** Y' all, just so we're all clear, I'm just here to evaluate dishes. Inclusion in this video does not indicate that these websites, recipes or their creators remain in any method associated with, associated with, or sponsored by Green Chef or Highfalutin' Low Carbohydrate. I personally looked into and chose the dishes for testing myself. The conclusions I reached and the viewpoints I present are solely my own. **.

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  1. My day just got a whole lot better!!! A notification for my favorite YouTuber just showed up. Thank you Wes! ♥️

  2. I love Heavenly Fan, she’s awesome and one of my favourite channels! I keep meaning to make her low carb tortillas. You’re awesome Wes, thanks for all your hard work; you always bring a smile to my face! 🤗💖

  3. A flavoring tip, for that zingy taste on the tongue that you get from Doritos style or vinegar chips, add a pinch of baking soda and a pinch of ascorbic acid to your spice mix. It has definitely spiced up Keto chips for me 🙂

    1. I love that he gives the credit to the recipe creator. My biggest pet peeve is stealing others work. Thank you, Wes! You are top shelf!!! 😁

  4. I gotta let you know that I stopped keto years ago and your the only keto channel I stayed subscribed to. Your so gosh darn entertaining and energetic, keep it up!

    1. ​@Highfalutin’ Low Carb I’ve never done keto and I’ve watched you for a few years 😂 I agree, you are very entertaining and down to earth. I am on a plant-based diet (health reasons) and bake with a lot of almond flour so I will try this. Thank you. It’s always great to see you.

  5. They look good..you asked if anybody recommended any other chip(crisps) recipes. Ketogenic woman has a good recipe which is baked and I think then dehydrated. But I made them baked and then turned the oven down and they were great. Sorry, I don’t know the exact link as she has so many ( amazing) recipes.

  6. Kudos to you for always acknowledging the source of this recipe. I haven’t seen a youtuber always mentioning the source, Heavenly Fan.

  7. I just wanted to say that I think you are awesome. I started watching your videos when I started keto a few years ago. I did make these chips and tortilla chips after you did the french fry taste test. When I went to her videos, she mentioned the chips…and my husband is always asking me to make tortilla chips so that’s what I did. I did half ‘potato’ and half tortilla and baked them all. I thought they would pass for real potato chips. I brushed them with oil and seasoned them before baking, and flipped halfway through. I never did make the french fries 🙁 but the chips are on the block for me to make again this summer.

  8. This feed tube issue is why I still have my old, original feed tube Cuisinart, LOL. Used to sell them back in the day and remember when that blasted larger feed tube came in. ‘As always, I love your videos and also find Heavenly Fan calming…Well…Yoga teacher….

  9. Good deal Wes! I love your expression on your face when you love the way something you have made tastes.

  10. I love your videos! Your so much fun to watch. I’m very strict keto, but I don’t love to cook. Your enthusiasm is infectious.
    I made that french fry recipe from heavenly ( and I love her too) , I got to say I didn’t love it. But I’ll try this. And like everybody else said, you look great!

  11. I recently bought some potato extract (kind of like vanilla extract) and I can’t wait to find a recipe to try using it. I wonder if this would be a good place to start? Thanks for all of your great videos!

  12. Yes! Mandolin is the way to go, imho~ that way you can control the thickness, which really does need to be super thin for tato chips…again, imo. I think maybe the thicker ones could be considered more of a pita chip, maybe w/some hummus or? Thanks Wes~ who’s the best =)

  13. I have made this recipe with a mandolin slicer and it worked really well! I preferred it over my food processor. I also separated them by making several flavors too! This is a great recipe from Heavenly Fan!

  14. As soon as you opened the the Cuisinart, I thought “Melba Toast”. I’m definitely making the baked version because I miss that Gardetto’s crunch. Thanks Wes and of course the marvelous Heavenly Fan!

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