Low Carb Pizza Pocket vs. Hot Pocket! How To Make Keto Pizza Pocket

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Low Carb Pizza Pocket vs. Hot Pocket! Pocket

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  1. Yours looks really great. Even when you’re eating it looks like you’re enjoying it

  2. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS!!! I love hot pockets and have been missing them so so much!

    1. I’m literally the same!! We used to buy the big box from Costco and I would be able to down a few in one night!

  3. These look amazing. Thank you Mayra for making easy, delicious low carb recipes! I’m feeling all the low carb love! ❤️

  4. Thank you Myra for sharing! You gave me hope on how I can eat my favorite food, pizza! This is definitely going into my dinner rotation…

  5. 5:30 – if I’m not mistaken, it is called “fluting”. They do it with ravioli, which I think you might consider doing a video on as well, Chica. Amo el canal! 🔥💪😎👍❤️

  6. I will definitely be making this with my daughter. I miss eating hot pockets 😩 thank you Mayra.

  7. Making tomorrow will supreme it! Onion peppers, and meat. Can not wait thanks for the recipe.💓

  8. I like it when you put the ingredients on the description. Makes it easier to screenshot what I need. 😊

  9. I am new to your channel and I have to say your recipes all look so good from what I have seen so far . I have been forced to go gluten free and for the most part it really sucks I’m told that keto is usually safe for a gluten free diet so I am excited to try some food that actually looks good . Thank you for making these videos and sharing your recipes ❤️

  10. Thank you! I’m thinking tweaking this slightly would make an amazing breakfast pocket!! Sausage or bacon with eggs and cheese!!

  11. I think it’s called “crimping”. Love the recipe! Going to store in the morning and will be getting pepperoni to try this recipe!! 💖💖

  12. Love this. Can’t wait to try it. The sealing of the pocket is called crimping. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  13. As Carla said, your edging with the fork IS called crimping😊

    I love your recipes !!!

    Thank you 😊

  14. Just finished making these and they turned out great! My daughter cannot wait for them to cool. Your page is always my first stop to see what’s new you have to try.

  15. Yummy. Didn’t you cut 4 pieces. What happened to the 4th 😂 I’m so going to try this. Need to get almond flour in. It’s obviously a low carb mist. Thanks for the recipe.

  16. I think the “scoring” that you did on your hot pockets is called “crimping.” I may be wrong, but that is the term that came to my mind. Good recipe!

  17. I absolutely love this and you😍 FYI you can also use the same fork and poke holes in top for vent much like when making apple pie. It’s old technique we bakers use . Great job you’re so gifted.

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