Low Carb International All Stars 2021 – Denver 2nd Q&A Session 2022

Some of the speakers from 'Low Carbohydrate International All Stars 2021' address concerns from the audience. Featuring , , , and L. Amber O'Hearn.

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– Denver 2nd Q&A Session

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  1. I can’t really get into the argument over LDL because it is boring and seems irrelevant to me, but I will say this. Many people today (often wrongly) will bring up the fact that correlation is not causality. This is simply saying it’s all a coincidence, which may or may not be plausible. However when you don’t have xorrelation then you DEFINITELY do not have causality. And for that reason we can simply throw out the idea that saturated fat and LDL cholesterol are problem because this has never once been shown in an honest study instead of using cherry picking of some kind. So no we can NEVER say these are causative agents, period.

  2. After 3 months of Ketogenic diet my triglyceride went from 140 to 80 but after 7 months on same diet it increases to 220 . I was wondering wether I need to continue keto .

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