Low Carb Diet: Fat or Fiction? Does it work? 2022

Current suggests diet plans could improve the lives of people experiencing weight problems and diabetes.

Press Reporter, Dr Maryanne Demasi, asks worldwide supporters, sports researchers and Australia's leading nutritionists is it just another trend or exists more to cutting the carbs?

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Diet: Fat or Fiction? Does it work?

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  1. My boyfriend and I started a keto diet in March and we’ve both lost 40 pounds and have never felt better, definitely don’t feel restricted in what we’re eating. It feels natural.

    1. @GXZ The only way to lose weight/body fat is to be in a caloric deficit. Just because you cut calories by 500 doesn’t mean calories don’t count. It means you weren’t in a deficit.

    2. @Hanaa Lhajj – Gets tiresome being told you “eat too much” doesn’t it!! Good luck! Low carb was the ONLY way of eating that helped me lose weight over 50 years of trying. It truly works, and offers better health as a great side benefit:)

    3. @Hanaa Lhajj sorry I’m late, but I think your case has something to do with “insulin resistance”. Hope you already solved the problem 🙂

  2. Started keto in 2018 and have since lost 103lbs and shaved 59 points off cholesterol. It’s definitely not for everyone but it has worked for me. I am genetically predisposed to diabetes. I’d previously tried Pritikin and DASH and was also vegan for many years. I struggled immensely with hunger and my hair fell out in clumps. I also have very low blood pressure naturally and on DASH it was furthered reduced which led to fainting episodes. Turns out my body just really wants vegetables and fats.

  3. I’ve been on Keto and intermittent fasting with a 6 hour window for about 2 weeks now and I’ve already lost almost 7kg which is absolutely incredible and I recommend it to anyone. I also feel so much more energetic and less hungry (I also do vigorous cardio for 30 mins in the morning and lift weights in the afternoon)

  4. I really like these two doctors who are able to own up to their mistakes.. and admit they were wrong.

  5. I’ve been keto for the past year. I’ve lost 44 pounds. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it made a BIG difference in my life. I’m no longer prediabetic. I’ve had no trouble with maintaining my progress and I’m in a lazy keto category. Shrugs🤷‍♂️

  6. I started LCHF on 17th of June this year. 8kg lost … The most important thing is that I don’t feel hunger. Love this “diet”.

  7. hey guys, I watched this video first time in winter 2016, was 136kg fat… started keto, eliminated 40 kg in like 5 months and was never hungry or craved nothing. changed my view on life. eliminated everything from headaches, colesterol, heart arythmia, bad sleep, snorring , headaches and resperatory issues.

    1. @Ceasar Esquivel probably just the switch to high fat. If everything checked out medically I’d stay with it. I should go away

    2. @SeanP7195 pre-diabetic, I did have issues with that at first and felt the fasting was helping. My only symptom with pre-diabetes was hunger but fasting helped, but now I’m having this issue.

  8. Yes this works! I lost 120lbs in 8 months on low carb 20 grams or less a day no sugar with intermittent fasting. I’m off all my meds and feel amazing!!

    1. ​@bighand69 my point was you can’t just put a number across on everyone and expect it to work the same for everyone. But yes I agree 100g of carbs would be a good starting point for the average person.. See if it works and if not decrease it. Also if it works at 100g you might be able to eat more carbs. I realized I had to go to no more than 40 g of carbs daily myself to get results. Been doing Keto for 6 months now and lost 30 lbs. ✌

  9. Keto is so easy to follow this way of eating. I have never felt better and I’m 70 years old. I had a CT Calcium scan and I got a score of ZERO. Excellent!

  10. KETO has given me back my life. 60lbs off, not taking metformin for diabetes any longer, blood pressure normal, lots of energy and focus. Confidence is better than ever. 👍🏻

    1. @Lovely Jewels fork over knives is great. But I would search Dr. Greger and any of his talks about his book “ How not to Die” … which I recommend to buy and read. Also, you should get tested to see if you have high levels of Lipoprotein a. If you do you have to be extra careful to keep your cholesterol (especially ldl) levels down. If not, work on it but just keep them under 150 (total) and 70 (ldl).
      “What the health” is another well done film … I like it because it is very entertaining.

    2. @Michael Magee So will being 60 lbs. over weight and having diabetes. Before keto I was always hungry, soft in the midsection. I now eat only twice a day and finally have a six pack. I am in my early 60s and I feel better than I have in years. Less joint pain and I no longer get headaches. My blood work numbers are great. My MD says its fine.

  11. I lost 70+lbs in a series of months, felt amazing! Blood pressure normalized, energy through the roof, not depressed at all. The biggest mistake was letting the holidays get to me but I never put the weight back on. Getting back to it though for the energy and anti-depression benefits.

  12. I’ve been living keto for 2 years. In the first 10 months I lost 85 pounds and reversed pre-diabetes along with scores of very positive changes, too many to list. I consume lest than 40 grams of carbs per day and I weight train 3-4 days per week. I’m 54 and have gained back 12 pounds of muscle mass so anyone who says you can’t physically exert yourself on LCHF diet is full of crap. The great thing is that it becomes effortless and you are only drawn to eating healthy natural foods.

  13. My husband and I have been on low carb for 8wks and feel amazing. Body shape coming back. We lost 5kilos each. More energy no hunger and look healthy and younger.

  14. I was fat as hell until I experimented with dropping all the added sugar. Now I’m shredded up and energetic. Also, I love high fat meat and veggies like never before. Proper Education and training are severely underrated 💯

    1. @bighand69 I eat more protein than I do vegetables, would I still loose weight at a good pace or do you recommend more vegetables? Also how’s it gone so far with your diet?

    2. @CbX0:’; Lastname
      By more you mean in volume or do you mean in terms of calories. The majority of my calories come via beef, fish, eggs, nuts and so on. I would suggest a more balanced diet of protein, fat and lower carbohydrates.
      So if you are eating fish, eggs, nuts, beef and chicken you are more than likely getting a good balance between fat and protein.
      I have been on my diet for the whole of my life as it was the diet of my parents and grandparents and great grandparents.
      It has meant I have never been overweight, no excessive sickness, good metabolism and so on.
      I do eat bread but only as a treat every now and then and when I do my blood response is fairly good meaning it has little impact on me.

    3. @CbX0:’; Lastname Just cut out all plant foods. Just go full keto now. Boiled meat, raw egg york, raw fish. with this, I went from “Mr. I cant see my toes because of my insulin belly” to “Mr. six pack” in just one month. No gym. no nothing. just keto diet.

  15. I’m all for low carb diet. Lots of veggies, much less carb especially bread which spikes my sugar so bad. By eating mostly veggies, less carb, some good sources of protein I managed to lose 5 kgs which really surprised me because I didn’t feel deprived. Plus doing some walking after each meal is really a winner. And I’m keeping it this way.

    1. He did it in such a such a way it came across as amusing for him. All I know is being 100% free from meat and alcohol has given me the greatest 6 pack on Earth at 35

    2. Many doctors that advocate low carb have realised that their advice to patients doesn’t work on them (either) when they get diabetes themselves.

  16. I reduced the carbs for 1 week and already lost 1,5 kilo, plus I feel much less bloated. Keto is great. I don’t want to follow keto 100% but I’ll for sure continue eating much less carbs than I used to.

    1. @Brett Shillington well I’ve known people with high glucose, high markers in their liver, doing keto and getting normal readings after a year doing keto.

    2. @Brett Shillington dude every person has circumstances. If you have diabetes, high LDL type B cholesterol, high trigliceride etc, you better off sticking to keto until your condition is improved. Else, you can do low carb or even medium carb if you do more high-intensity sport. Everyone is different

    3. @Brett Shillington what people don’t realise is that when you cut carbs you lose glycogen and water, not really fat, fat loss comes later, and if not careful, muscle mass will be lost as well, that’s when the rebound comes, i also lost 45 kilos without removibg or lowering carbs, caloric deficit is the key, people need to accept that

    4. @Michael McGee you do, if you don’t eat enough proteins and calories your body will degrade muscle mass for aminoacids and gluconeogenesis to produce glucose, that happens specially when you do weight training…i lost 99 lbs without removing carbs and gained a lot of muscle mass…

  17. Incredible. My mother always gave us 2 boiled eggs, a glass of milk and optional bread for breakfast very seldom she gave us processed cereal (the one she might have bought from time to time was corn flakes without sugar added).

  18. I lost 90 lbs in 9 months on Keto…& felt better than I ever did for decades as well as very satisfied. The problem is it takes real determination to find low carb foods in a world which is saturated in this junk & it is also expensive…

  19. Thank you for the documentary. I absolutely loved to listen to Assoc. Prof. Tim Crowe as he seems to be the only person in the documentary objectively evaluating the importance of carbs and fats/proteins, how and when our body needs each one and why it is not often times long term effective (successful) to follow up food group restricting diets etc.
    Edit : Also Dr. Phinney here 20:04 too.

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