KETO Scones! LOW CARB Blueberry Scone Recipe 2022

! LOW Carbohydrate Blueberry Scone Recipe

Complete Recipe:

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! LOW CARB Blueberry Scone Recipe

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    1. Low carb love I made the banana nut bread recipe that you posted but it turned out chalky. I did everything the way you said but it didn’t turn out right. I was wondering if you had any tips to help not have a chalky taste

    1. When I tell you, they are the best things I’ve ever made (maybe because I’m a lover of scones, you need to make them!!)

  1. Looking forward to trying these! They look delicious! For the glaze, what could I use instead of coconut cream?

    1. Yes, please try them and let me know what you think!! You can use heavy cream instead of coconut cream ❤️

  2. Thank you so much for the vid I am diabetic and me and my mom discovered your channel and we loved it. I am 12 going on 13 . I just made your two ingredient brownies and it came out so good. Love you so much. You are my favorite YouTuber. Have a great day.

  3. I literally just made your 3 ingredient brownies, banana bread (had to use almond extract bc I couldn’t find banana extract), and the blue berry scones are currently in my oven baking away. I love all your recipes! Thank you so much, love from Okinawa, Japan✨

    1. @Prizzy B they weren’t as crispy as hers after 20 minutes. So I turned the oven off and left the scones in there for 30 minutes more. They tasted coconutty but not bad.

    2. @I’m keto thank you for the feedback I appreciate it! I’m gonna make them tomorrow, but I think I’ll adjust a few things!

  4. I’m so excited to make this with my kiddos 💗. Love watching your videos . I’m currently starting low carb keto friendly diet. 😁

  5. All your recipes are great I’ll make this on the weekend I have some banana bread left I made recently. I froze each piece just like the pancakes and have them ready in the morning

  6. I can tell you it looks nothing like a scone I would find at my local bakery but that’s because I’m British and our scones are nothing like American ones. 😀 It looks delicious but I could never call it a scone.

  7. Gracias,. Cuando te veo ,,con esa energy y esa actitud tan positiva,,,haciendo platillos tan deli y fáciles , me animo, me cuesta volver a Keto…somos muchos en casa ..y hacer dos o tres comidas y cenas diferentes ,. Me agobia…pero lo intento…saludos a todos

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