Keto Air Fryer Brownies! How to Make the Most EASIEST Brownies 2022

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Products Utilized:
Airfryer –
Choczero Chocolate Chips (discount rate code – ):.

Easy Airfryer Brownies-.

Servings – 9.

Nutrition per serving:.
Calories – 162.
Fat – 14g.
Protein – 4g.
Net Carbs – 2g.

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Keto Air Fryer Brownies! How to Make the Most EASIEST Brownies

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  1. To kick it up a notch add a little bit of almond flavoring to that oh my gosh it is so good

    1. Same I get the round tins from dollar tree and use those then can just line with the parchment

  2. Oooooh! I’m making these for sure Mayra
    We made your keto cinnamon rolls w the cream cheese icing and my entire family (including not keto) loved them

  3. U are literally amazing ❤️ jus Loved ur all recipes !!
    Loads of love to you ❤️✨
    Can u please take my name in comment – Snehaa

  4. What if my air fryer is not that big!!!
    Guess I have to cut the recipe in half!!
    Please do mug cakes!!!

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