I Drank An Entire Gallon Of Water In A Week & Here’s What Happened 2023

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00:00 Introduction.
00:29 Why I did this.
00:56 Day 1 – The Battle.
02:04 Day 2 – Adjustment.
02:57 Day 3 – Constipation.
03:58 Day 4 – Reduce.
05:39 Day 5 – 7 Routine.
06:19 What Happened.
08:03 My Last Ideas.

I Drank An Entire Gallon Of Water In A Week & Here's What Happened

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  1. Even if you drink too much water,it can harm you. It depletes you of electrolytes if it’s too much water, it can be dangerous.😂

    1. **IMPORTANT** To avoid water intoxication, do not to drink more than 48 ounces, or six cups, per hour. Too much water or other fluids, such as sports drinks, can cause a medical emergency because the concentration of salt in the blood becomes too low.

    1. Well I drank a gallon of water in a day. I think if I spread it out like the title said though I’d be quite dehydrated at the end of a week if I only drink 1 gallon that week.

  2. I feel so much better when I drink around a gallon of water. I do drink a lot of coffee and cold brew. If I start feeling off it’s usually because I’m not drinking enough water. If I’m not eating low carb and no sugar I also feel horrible.

  3. I’m a big water drinker. I don’t do soda or any kind of sugary drinks, except for the very rare PSL or hot cocoa. And by rare, I mean like a couple times a year. I drink black coffee, spiced tea without sweetener, and water. Sometimes if I’m feeling icky I’ll add some electrolyte powder to it. But, here’s the thing. Like you, I’m a big snacker. I’m also a bariatric patient. The rule of thumb is to not drink anything for at least 30 minutes before and after eating. When I find myself slipping back into bad snacking habits, I definitely slack off on the water intake. But as soon as I make water intake a goal again, the urge to snack lessens quite a bit. I just keep drinking the water, and I tell myself every time I chug some that, “okay, you just drank a bunch of water, you *can’t* eat for at least half an hour.” So, I just keep drinking the water, and keep reminding myself that eating isn’t an option as long as I keep drinking. It’s a mind game, but it works.

    1. Same! I’m 19 mos post op and I use the 30 minute rule every single time! It’s something that everyone should do, not just bariatric patients 😊

  4. So im not quite to a gallon per day yet, but consistently for 4 years i have been drinking around 90 ounces per day. I definitely feel a difference in a good way when i get in my 90 ounces compared to just 64 ounces. I have had a couple of days at 64 ounces and felt like crap. Yes water water water.

  5. I was already trying to drink at least 4-5 (16.9oz) bottles of water a day but there is no way I could drink 128 oz. Truth be told, depending on your weight, you only need so much water daily. If I remember right it is at least .5 oz for every pound so for me, I would need to drink at least 96 oz (6 bottles), since I am currently at 192lbs after losing 65lbs so far this year, with 56lbs more to lose to get to my goal weight.

  6. I’ve lost over 100lbs and was almost 400lbs. Focusing on my body/health has changed my entire life in such a powerful way and I’m so grateful for the journey. I can relate to this so much and this is definitely not silly! It’s educational and I’m grateful for you sharing this video 🙏🏾

  7. I did this for 75 Hard challenge, the first thing I noticed was never being very hungry. The first lesson I learned was don’t even try to drink it right before or during workouts, esp paired with coffee! 😂. With that level of intake, I found myself chugging small bottles at certain times that worked for me and then sipping through out the day. I think the parts where I had a lot at once also helped with the having to pee too many times lol. I will say my sodium was a bit too low at the doctors afterwards, mine is always at the lower end, so I’m not sure where that type of stuff gets tricky or a concern.

  8. I do drink close to a gallon a day. My husband and I use 32 oz. glasses and I drink at least 3 or more of them. I agree with you on all the benefits. We’ve done this for years and I get up once or twice in the night. Good video!!

  9. Thanks for making this 😊 I used to never drink water & it was part of the reason I was unhealthy and had brain fog. What I noticed is I hate tap water & buying a brita was a LIFE CHANGER it taste SO MUCH better that it got me to become a water drinker! Yes the peeing is annoying I try to stop drinking water before bed or I’ll at least have to go 2x. The benefits I’ve noticed are my wrinkles will look way less apparent, my skin plumps up, my brain fog disappears and my mind is more alert. I don’t snack often either I feel even when I’m a bit hungry & I happen to drink water the hunger is gone. I definitely noticed an increase in thirst it’s like your body is like YES PLZ more of this. And now I can’t even go to work events or friends places without bringing a water bottle. And if I do I have to ask them like can I have a glass or water? or I just get parched. When I get dehydrated I immediately see it in my skin my wrinkles re appear lol. Def an increase in sweating while working out which is good for detoxing. Yeah once you start you can’t really stop with the water. It’s the only thing I have to drink at my house other than coffee, tea and almond milk😅

  10. Just a couple of sides notes ….. most drinks (not just water) count towards your daily fluid intake. What also counts is fluids from your food intake. The other thing to note is that it can actually be dangerous to drink too much water too quickly, as it overloads the kidneys. This amount can be different for different people depending on things like kidney function.

    1. ​@Elda Puccicorrect it’s not a good idea to overload the kidneys unless we are physically active every day 👍

    2. In most “advice” and informational videos ot says that most drinks can count towards water intake, but that is completely false.

      Anything other than water (including water with just plain electrolytes dissolved in it), is considered a FOOD.

      A food must be digested, and the water then separated out from the food that has to be broken-down and processed.

      That’s why guzzling-down soda, coffee, tea, broth, a shake, juice, etc., will NOT relieve your thirst right away, because it must be DIGESTED as food first.

      Water with a pinch of salt would quench thirst.

      And I doubt it is common for people to die from rapidly drinking too much plain water.

      I’m sure it can happen, but it would not be a common thing to be concerned about within the realm of daily activities.

      An ordinary day, even with some exercise thrown in, would not trigger a person to quaff down so much water all at once as to cause a medical emergency because their body would signal them that they have reached their intake limit of liquid, including water.

    3. My friend drank a gallon of water a day and she got some type of poisoning in her body from that. I don’t remember the details.

  11. My mediocre water intake could be the reason why I tend to snack on fruit so much during the evening or at night. I have a hard time seeing the weight come off and your experiment has given me some insight.

    1. I eat a ton of fruit and vegetables but carefully due to fruit is loaded with sugars, natural but still sugar. I counter all sugars by drinking water. Genius huh…

    2. @45valk that’s actually a pretty good idea! yeah, I think my body is asking for liquids so I go for a mandarin or a pear since they are pretty juicy. I can’t have any sugar at all, and just 1 pc. Of fruit can really mess me up. No carbs or sugar. Although, stevia tends to be okay and doesn’t cause cravings or body pain. But yeah, pretty genius of you to dilute that fruit with water. Makes sense!

  12. That would be great if you did a smoothie challenge, say, one/day for breakfast or lunch or dinner. Can you have a fruit smoothie or would that be too many carbs for you? Also, have you ever looked into the Fit for Life way of food combining for proper digestion? It made a huge difference for me earlier in life and I lost weight without even trying. Anyway, love your channel so thank you!

  13. I drink around 110+ ounces every day. Pretty much anything that doesn’t have caffeine in it counts towards your water goal. The SF flavor packets help a lot. Also, is does get easier with the peeing at night after your body gets used to it😊 Also, I wouldn’t jump to a gallon a day right out of the gate. That can actually be more harmful than good. Hope this helps!😊

  14. Mayra, you’re such a light…You don’t have to dim it ever or feel like you have to apologize for the healthy things you do. Getting back on track, you’re a big help! God Bless you all 🙏🏼💖

    1. The only problem with drinking huge quantities of water is that you can start to wash out a lot of your electrolytes which can cause other problems.

  15. I’m on day 31 of the 75Hard challenge, so i’ve been drinking a gallon of water for 31 straight days! The first week was tough but after that it’s been a good routine. I make sure i’m done drinking by 7pm so I don’t have to get up to pee. One thing i’ve noticed is my skin is very hydrated and I don’t need lotion like I did before. Love your channel and your journey!

  16. I offered my daughter one of these large water bottles thinking I was giving her something healthy. As a D.O., her view is that too much water is hard on the kidneys and not good for us. Not the “social media popular” view but backed by what she’s learned through medical school, science and anatomy. She says…drink when you’re thirsty…..🤯

    1. I agree with you, doctors don’t always know everything especially when it comes to nutrition. If we only drink when we are thirsty it would not be enough.

  17. I feel the same way! I started drinking more water earlier this month, not a gallon, but I’m gonna up it. I’m not snacking as much either, and feel some of the same things. We aren’t floating away! We are doing good things for our body!! Keep drinking 🚰!!

  18. Mayra thank you for doing this challenge and bring back what you found. I have seen a few videos where it’s recommended to have some Celtic or Himalayan salt before you drink about a glass of water to reap the benefits of pulling water into your cells instead of letting it go right through your body. I tried it and it helps, also have heard too much water/fluids is actually dangerous. Thank you for your insight and nothing silly is ever said it all helps😊

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