Healthy “SUMMER SHRED” Fat Loss Meal Prep **Low Carb** 2022

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Measurements I used (split over five portions):

Turkey Meatballs & Cauliflower –
■ 800g Turkey mince (7% fat)
■ 500g sweet potato
■ 1kg cauliflower
■ 2 large eggs
■ 1 slice wholemeal bread
■ 50g feta
■ 15ml olive oil
■ 35g tahini

Chicken & Veg Stir Fry –
■ 850g chicken breast
■ 200g carrot
■ 300g sweetcorn
■ 300g peas
■ 200g red onion
■ 10ml sesame oil
■ 10ml olive oil
■ 2 bell peppers

Tracks Used:

First Track:
Artist: Liam Thomas
Title: No Time
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Healthy "SUMMER SHRED" **Low Carb**

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  1. Yes the people. Thought I would smash out a shreddy meal prep since I don’t think I’ve done one that was specifically low calorie yet. Also thinking of re-doing the “one pan bulking meals” video but for cutting meals… what do we think? Let me know by bumming that ‘like’ button’s head in. Thanks, and enjoy!

  2. love how organised you are.. washing hands, clean.. tidy with tasty dishes .. first time viewing your videos impressed .. from a person who is well into their years

  3. Wow! Please do more of these! This recipes are good for experimenting. Your videos are really helping me and I’m making progress already. Thank you.
    Greetings from austria 😀

  4. Im laughing, drooling and appreciating all at the same time!!😂 hope you know how bomb your kitchen content is, actually super valuable. Please keep it up 🙏🏼

  5. now this is a meal prep I can get behind. Finally 😉
    Actually already had most of the ingredients on hand, too, and the only thing I had to go out and buy were pomegranates

  6. Joe Definitely make more videos like this of meal plans and gives me and others ideas on what to make mate. Specially chicken sometimes can get boring, I’ve done two of your meals so far and I can say they been delissssshhh! HAHA! Definitely looking for more meals like this, trying to lose the old relationship weight/Covid weight lol I enjoy your videos all the way from Portland, Oregon USA

  7. Love these meal prep videos! Lots of good inspiration, will definitely try out the turkey meatball recipe.
    Also….”meat nappy” had me laughing 😂.

  8. This actually looks amazing for a shredding meal plan, what do you use as snacks since it is low-carbs?

  9. Joe I’m finally getting a apartment for school this year and cook all my meals go my self, can’t wait to try these 2 out. I’d love to see more of these videos❤️ love the vids keep em coming

  10. Loving the shredding meal preps. Healthy, tasty and funny. Keep em coming. Also thanks for writing the ingredients in the description, life saver

  11. I am officially a fan of your videos Joe. Not only are they useful, but hilariously entertaining to watch – Kudos 🤙🏻

  12. these look awesome mate! as being on a fat loss journey, you made me not hate healthy food,
    Thanks for that bro🙂

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