Healthy Big Mac Tacos?!?! I Low Carb I High Protein

This is a game-changer– a low carbohydrate twist on the classic Big Mac taco. It's so easy and you will not wish to miss out! Perfect for the whole household or perhaps yourself– I won't tell.

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Healthy Big Mac Tacos?!?! I Low Carb I High Protein

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  1. Oh this was a clever twist! Nicely done. Honestly, Big Mac sauce anything and everything. The Rule: If it’s a recipe with beef? Big Mac sauce will succeed.

  2. Oh wow, again simple ingredients and seems easy to make and looks delish! Great idea thanks Myra😊

  3. Hi Mayra, thank you for all the recipes. But, those tortillas have 5 different preservatives in them, some of which make people ill. I just can’t eat something so fake. I’ll make these but put them on lettuce leaves.

  4. I made smashed tacos the other night. They were so easy and really good. Going to make your “big mac” sauce to have on hand. Thanks Mayra. have a blessed evening.

  5. I made these last week based on another recipe, and yes, oh my god, soooo delicious. Everyone should try them. I made them on a cast iron skillet so they’d get a really nice crust. I used the Great Value brand low carb tortillas. I didn’t make caramelized onions, since at McDonald’s they just use reconstituted dehydrated onions. So, I just soaked some dried minced onion and added it to the Big Mac sauce. But I’ll definitely try them with caramelized onions!

  6. Our blackstone just needs put together but this is the first thing we are going to make. Thank you so much !

  7. This looks wonderful! For the Big Mac sauce instead of ketchup, i like to use paprika and turns out nice too. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! ♥️🤗

  8. I love avocado mayo as it has a lemony zing to it…I use it when I make guac – mashed up avocadoes, cilantro, avocado mayo, lime juice, a little sour cream with salt and pepper and it is so creamy and delicious with the crispy Al Madre tortilla chips

  9. Hi! I’m 17, just learning how to cook and this recipe is sooo perfect!!!! THANK YOU!!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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