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  1. This one is way better than the last one. So much brighter and is closer to your regular kitchen.

  2. Hello, thanks for this 😊 I love candied pecans too. I can’t find the Sweatner you mentioned you put the link on for. The stuff you used for yours. Not the one you said not to use. Can you please tell me what that is?

  3. Hi Mayra. Have u tried the new brown sugar flavor, Allulose/Monk fruit sweetener blend? By Besti? I just received the order from Amazon today. 6- 9-22. Tastes like real brown sugar, to me. I made cinnamon brown sugar coated pecans today, with it. Did not cook them. Turned out delish. 😃
    They have a total of 3 sweeteners. Crystallized, and powdered also. Smile. 👍

  4. Looks awesome. Quick tip, though. Adding the vanilla from the start diminishes the taste of it. Adding at the end highly increases the vanilla taste. Looking forward to your next vid!

  5. Those that can’t find type of sweetener-go to her blog listed in description under recipes. It’s monkfruit, the whole recipe is there. 👍🏻

  6. Please could you print a cook book? I sure would like one. Thanks for continuing to encourage me.

  7. I’m from the south and we say PEEEEE-CAN 😆. I have pecan trees in my yard so, this recipe is happening! Thanks so much 🙏

  8. That really does look easy 😃🥳 Super recipe and well done 🤩 Gonna make this for sure 👍🏼 I love making easy and healthy recipes too 👏🏻

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