Dr. Zoë Harcombe – ‘Should we be vegan?’ 2023

Zoë Harcombe was the first pupil from her school to graduate from Cambridge University. While studying mathematics and economics at this historic organization, Zoë set out to respond to the million dollar question – "Why do you eat way too much? When all you desire is to be slim?" This became the title of Zoë's very first book – published in 2004.

" Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight" followed in 2008, with an accompanying dish book and "The Obesity Upsurge: What triggered it? How can we stop it?" which was released in October 2010. "The Harcombe Diet Plan for Men" (2011) gave males the extremely quick read they were after and then 2 more books were released in 2013 – a collaboration with Hodder & Stoughton: "The 3-Step Strategy" and an entirely revised "Why do you eat way too much?"

Zoë has a PhD in public health nutrition. She has a hard time to find anything that is being taught in 'conventional' dietary worlds that is true or proof based. Hence why she spent 2008-10 writing The Weight problems Upsurge – 135,000 words blowing apart: the misapplication of thermodynamics to dieting; the concept that 1lb = 3,500 calories, let alone that a deficit of 3,500 calories will lead to a weight loss of 1lb; the Seven Countries Research study and the subsequent change in our diet plan guidance, which has actually caused the obesity epidemic; the function of workout in obesity and much more.

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Dr. Zoë Harcombe – 'Should we be ?'

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  1. Tufts Univ. School of nutrition released their ridiculous chart for healthy eating (you can look it up) and it struck me as bizarre that they put frosted mini wheats at the very top of the healthy food list and eggs and butter at the very bottom. What was also strange is the ONLY brand food they mentioned was frosted mini wheats…a kellogg’s food. Why would they single out that particular food when everything else was generic? It makes no sense. Or does it!? Edit: BTW I went to Tufts and I thought it was a pretty poor school back in the 80s. It seems it’s gotten worse.

  2. Very good presentation. Should recommend it to Dr Dean Ornish, etc to watch!! I have been following a Keto lifestyle and have been experiencing the multiple benefits of such!

  3. Excellent presentation. Thank you very much. I started low carb mid October 2021 so almost 1 year now. Recently I’ve been increasing my protein by eating eggs and more meat. And I am noticing that gradually I am not enjoying my salad veggies as much as I used to (when I started low carb) and if I don’t have enough meat in a meal I am missing it. And I’ve never been a big meat eater but it seems like I’m actually starting to want it. I definitely feel more satisfied after eating a meal with a larger amount of meat and/or eggs and/or cheese.

    1. Missing science though and scientific consensus. Science shows u can be perfectly healthy without eating any animals

  4. just stumbled across your channel 4 weeks into “carnivore diet” . Always looking for more information for and against with what im doing.👍🏼👍🏼

  5. It’s funny to hear vegans say, they ate vegan for years and healthy. The point of vegan vs keto is not healthy, because if both side eat whole foods, both would be healthy, on the surface at least, but the point is which can achieve the optimal health. Vegan claimed keto can only solve the symptoms, but still clog the blood vessels, then I thought, ASSUME the vegans’ claim is true, but how is it possible? Blood needs to squeeze through narrower blood vessels but still enhance metabolism and provide more oxygen and so more energy? Brain fog gone is because brain got enough energy to work. People can burn through their fats, so a lot of fat transportation in the blood, but without clogging the blood vessels? Vegans’ claim simply got more and more nonsense…

  6. If we hadn’t been lied to and deceived for 60 years about Fat then veganism would never have gotten a foot hold.

  7. This was absolute brilliant! Even though i studied biology times ago, there is new input for me. The most brilliant thing of her is: bringing all the knowledge of different sciences together! Thanks Doctor!

  8. Scientific papers often have misleading titles. I spent too many years in graduate school seeing one after another. Very frustrating.

  9. A diet based on a political ideology will never be healthy so I can only assume that’s the hit vegans are willing to take to save an animal. I’m an animal lover but completely understand that the food chain and circle of life must turn.

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