Dr. Pran Yoganathan – ‘Paddock to Plate: A tale of disconnect’

Dr. finished in medication from the University of Otago in New Zealand. His training in internal medicine was undertaken in the Westmead Public Medical Facility. His Advanced training in Gastroenterology was completed in major mentor medical facilities in Sydney.

Dr. Yoganathan has a strong interest in the field of human nutrition. He practices a technique to health care that evaluates the way of life of the client to see how it influences on their gastrointestinal and metabolic health. Dr. Yoganathan believes that the current day dietary standards might not be based on ideal evidence and he passionately strives to supply the most as much as date literature in health care and science to offer "Evidence-Based Medication". He Is a strong incentive and aims to empower his patients to embark on a journey of self-healing utilizing the viewpoint of "let food be thy medication".

Dr Yoganathan has a special interest in conditions such as Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (GORD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and abdominal bloating. He takes an extremely thorough approach to deal with these issues utilizing dietary control in combination with a certified highly qualified diet professional rather than resort to long-term medications.

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Dr. – 'Paddock to Plate: A tale of disconnect'

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  1. “A society that doesn’t protect its most vulnerable isn’t a society at all.”
    Its most — MOST — vulnerable are in the most dangerous place of all — their mother’s body.

  2. I raise cattle for a living, and for decades I thought too much red meat was bad for me. I listened to the experts who told me to not eat eggs, butter, and red meat. Thanks to the information available to all who care to look online I now know the truth. My diet now consists of mainly eggs, meat, and a little fruit and vegetables. I cut out all processed foods ( if it has a list of ingredients I don’t eat it) and I lost 25 lbs in 3 months and and no longer feel sick most of the day. It’s has been a remarkable transformation.

  3. Thank you Dr Pran for this great explanation of our food system. Please keep going trying to inform the masses as they really don’t know what real food can do to heal them and keep them healthy. I grew up in the 60ties and 70ties and hardly ever saw fat people. I can’t understand how the people have been brainwashed and can’t see what these evil companies are doing.

  4. Superb presentation. I highly value “Low Carb Down Under” for bringing the best information from knowledgeable speakers. This is a great channel.
    What this speaker, Dr. Pran Yoganathan, said about feeding babies and raising the next generation of humans is so profound and so significant. I see it myself in my friends who are bringing children into this world, and how careless they are about what they eat during pregnancy, nursing, and what they feed the infant from weaning and through childhood.

    A difficult part of dealing with this problem culturally, is the gratification from eating ice cream, pizza, donuts, cookies, cakes, bread, et cetera is so immediate, while the long term adverse effects take years before the sufferer realizes what great harm the trap of food addictions has caused.

  5. This was one of the best videos I’ve seen lately, I’m going to share and share again and share again and share again! 🥩❣️🐄😀

  6. Incredible talk Dr. Pran, absolutely spot on. I’ll be sharing this with friends and family. Keep on with the good fight.

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