Dr. Paul Mason – ‘The shady truth about statins’ (Lecture 2 of 3) 2023

This lecture is part 2 of 3 delivered by Dr Mason at the Low Carbohydrate Down Under Gold Coast conference in October 2022. Dr Mason exposes the devastating damages brought on by the first cholesterol decreasing drug, , and the guilty decision that followed.

This is followed by a short history of , consisting of the high rates of cancer in test animals seen with the first statin to come to market, and the massive (+$ 1,000,000,000) legal payouts made to settle suits from statin adverse effects.

Particular statin negative effects, including dementia are covered, followed by a close analysis of the quantifiable benefits that might be credited to . This consists of an evaluation of a recent paper co-authored by David Diamond, Ben Bikman and that talks about how to identify who is most likely and not likely to take advantage of statin therapy utilizing triglyceride and LDL levels.

Dr acquired his medical degree with honours from the University of Sydney. He is likewise a fellow of the Australasian College of Sports and Workout Physicians, holds a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy and a Masters degree in Occupational Health. He is currently Chief Medical Officer of the Defeat Diabetes program, an evidence-based program focussed on way of life management of metabolic health problems, consisting of type 2 diabetes.

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Dr. Paul Mason – 'The shady truth about statins' (Lecture 2 of 3)

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  1. I have horrified several physicians by telling them I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since 1970 yet haven’t taken any statin in decades.

  2. Love the message of this lecture and agree wholeheartedly …..but please never ever throw your statins in the toilet! Fish and water organisms will appreciate!

    1. Actually, around here the water goes to a waste water treatment plant where the metals are separated before the remaining water is recycled back into the environment. (As per an employee’s explanation)

    1. Peter click on low carb Down under just below this video. This takes you to their channel. Then click on Videos. You will see his most recent videos there as well as all the other speakers at this Conference and a heap of other Conferences from years gone by. Drs Nadir Ali and Dr/ Professor David Diamond just to name a Couple of the many outstanding People in the Low carb Down under Movement.. I’m type 2 Diabetic and had a heart attack in 2005. Just found this amazing channel 5 months ago. The recommended Low carb High Fat diet is helping me Tremendously. I hope this helps you. 🙏🙏

  3. As a retired nurse practitioner who got hooked on YouTube during the pandemic while searching (often in vain) for real information, (I do financially support FLCCC), I wandered into low carbohydrate dieting to prevent diabetes which has killed 6 family members.

    This 20 minute scintillating and succinct session is exactly what I’ve been seeking to share with all the physicians who are shoving statins down my family and friends gullets while I sputter and fume.
    My sister had a focal seizure Nov 16 and a brain lesion was located. Moe, Larry and Curley wanted to start her on a statin and baby aspirin in case ‘it’ was a stroke, which it wasn’t. Needless to say she did not start a statin. I will share this with her and hope she shares when she returns for Dec 20 follow up appointment.

    My PCP will also get a copy. My triglycerides to HDL ratio is 0.75 LDL was 193. Would you like a statin? No thank you. We’d already had that discussion when I interviewed him.
    Thank you thank thank you for your honesty, integrity and inquiring mind and for your courage to buck a very corrupt and crumbling system. Health care is a misnomer. It is now a pill pushing business. Glad I’m retired.

  4. The increased risk of dementia from taking statins was news to me, & what’s alarming is that could be the very reason that cases are on the rise everywhere!

  5. Thank you. Every word you spoke felt true and correct. My cardiologist prescribed a statin for me many years ago. I declined. Never had any issues.

  6. I’m fighting for an NMR test now. All my numbers excellent except LDL. Pushing statins on me. I demand NMR. On keto & IF for 1 1/2 yrs.

  7. I am fairly convinced that statins are responsible for my father’s MND diagnosis in his 70’s. Well out of usual demographic. Of course the first symptoms of MND are the leg cramps he was told told were common, harmless side effects of the new statin meds he was prescribed and to take analgesics and ignore them.

  8. Brilliant – As a secondary prevention patient, I am amazed by the pressure being put on to me by every doctor I see, to take statins. I am on a 97% carnivore almost zero carb diet, and I also have Alport syndrome. Since I am losing weight, I have told my doctors to look at my much improved Liver function numbers, and asked them to allow my liver to do the right thing, as my lipids are in a dynamic state due to my weight loss. I feel that my body knows what to do to make itself more healthy with my new direction, and I am prepared to take risk of not of taking statins.

  9. I have had off the chart hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia for over 50 years, and yet I have a perfect BMI and no symptoms of heart disease. Every time I get a blood test my physician gets hysterical and actually sends a prescription for statins to the pharmacy for me. My last physical I told him I don’t take statins. He was pissed!

  10. In 2012 I was a very athletic health person 58 no medication. My doctor recommended a statin. My first question – can I just change my Diets? He smiled and said “you mean eat nuts and berries “ Shortly after raking the Statins I became horribly I’ll with symmetrical joint pain, difficulty working getting out of bed etc. My doctor said “we don’t know the cause” I demanded tests Lyme disease etc. Then I googled Statins Side Effects. Discovered a thorough description of the ailment – fired my doctor, flushed the statins and began a dedicated study of nutrition science / human biochemistry. A very positive outcome for me. Dr Paul Mason continues to play an important role.

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