Dr. Paul Mason – ‘Low Carb from a Doctor’s perspective’

Dr got his medical degree with honours from the University of Sydney, and also holds degrees in Physiotherapy and Occupational Health. He is a Specialist Sports Medication and Exercise Doctor.

Dr Mason developed an interest in low carbohydrate diets in 2011. Ever since he has invested hundreds of hours checking out and analysing the clinical literature.

For the last 2 years, Dr. Mason has been applying this knowledge in dealing with metabolic and arthritis patients who have achieved remarkable and sustained and decreases in joint pain.

Dr. – 'Low Carb from a Doctor's perspective'

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  1. This is the most comprehensive presentation on the effects of sugar I have ever seen. Great job!

    1. @Solaris 32 refines sugar. Fruits and vegetables is the no1 source your body prefers. It’s either glucose, or ketones.

    2. @Reviews fruit is the same sugar as refined, in barely slowed metabolic form. Did you listen to this video ? (~ 25:00 and later)

    3. @moestietabarnak Don’t bother, let them find out themselves. Of course doc’s not right.

      Or if @Reviews would take a review of Dr Sten Ekberg. Same topics, same result but even better explained. Everything about this no sugar-low carbs does magic for me AND would for you all as well!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be sharing this with all my friends. I started the low-carb diet a year ago, and I’m down 75lbs. 💪 I’m very proud.

    1. You should be! And do you generally feel better in your health (ignoring the weightloss part I mean)? I know I do, I have more energy, sleep better (or at least, deeper) and I fidget a lot now (my body seems to want me to keep moving a lot more but I don’t exercise per se, other than some very irregular lifting of light weights)

    2. Even if you only lift once a day a few times a week, you will still be making some progress. Usually when i start up again, it will only be 2-3 times a week, while feeling out the diffrent muscle groups. If you haven’t done alot of moving around for a while, just lifting a weight 5-10 times once a day, is a huge diffrence from doing nothing.

  3. Amazing presentation!! Simple and precise. Now we know the facts. In a world with this much information, being ignorant is nothing but a choice.
    Congratulations DR. MASON, this was superbly done!!

    1. Pfft…snake oil presentation 😂😂
      How tf is it snake oil!? All of what he’s saying is commonly known and accepted as fact and not under any dispute?

  4. This was an outstanding lecture Dr. Mason. Thank you so much for bucking the trend and trying to get the sugar/fat truth out there.

  5. Congratulations! Not only did we get the most up-to-date scientific evidence in this presentation but it was beautifully illustrated with slides. I can now understand why Dr Peter Bruckner has asked Paul Mason to write the nutrition chapter in the upcoming fifth edition of the textbook on sports medicine which Peter Bruckner originally produced some 20 years ago. Paul ( and Dr Rod Tayler) keep these high quality presentations coming . Thanks

  6. OMG, I feel like this video was made to explain why have battled my weight my entire adult life. I have only just started on a low carb diet three weeks ago. My brain fog has reduced significantly, i have lost 5 kg and I have way more energy . About 12 weeks ago a dietitian told me reason I am overweight is because I am lazy. She said that I choose fruit for dinner is because I don’t want to cook. I was confused, because I cook a conventional meal every day, I just prefer fruit. After this video I feel as though I am on the right track, and I did not follow her low-fat, high carb diet, because I have tried them before and I have lost wight, then put it back on again, thank you Dr Mason, I needed this tonight. So glad to have an Australian Doctor sounding so positive about this way of eating. Cheers and thanks. Mary

    1. @Gordon g thank you will look jason fung up, more tools in the tool box.. not for me.. been keto for 2 years.. but for the friends and family that cant grasp the SAD diet is what’s their real issue is.

  7. I’ve battled on SAD diet for 40 years! Keto has saved me. My story is the same as your patient along with being frowned on by people because I HAD to eat every few hours or I felt I’d faint. AND going out to dinner at night everyone would say just don’t eat that day..😳 I felt as though I would be hospitalised if i didn’t at least snack that day! Now I frequently am 16:8 and often OMAD with an occasional easy fast for 48hours 😂

  8. I started keto 8 months ago. I have lost 60 lbs and feel great. I sometimes only eat once a day, but typically eat twice. My doctor was shocked by how much weight I have lost. Conventional wisdom is wrong.

    1. My story is pretty much identical, I lost 90lbs in 12 months. I actually had to explain to my dr how I lost the weight just by cutting carbs. It seems like forgotten knowledge.

    2. Lost 90 pounds in 7 months and cut my exercise by 2/3. This is 13 pounds per months with 1/3 the exercises.

    3. @Dave Murray

      Just do my kitchen porter job for 6 months. And you will lose a tonne of weight. I eat 3 square meals a day. Whatever I want. And I’m still losing weight. Down from 226 to 182. The formula of calories in calories out never changes.

      Dont demonize carbs. Its JUNK FOOD and FRIED FOOD and soda that are the bad boys. Complex carbs are good for you.

  9. Wow. Just wow. I have done hundreds of research on insulin and the affiliation it has to weight gain and this guy explained it better than anyone I’ve seen before. Extraordinary work.

  10. 0:00 – Introduction (people following “healthy” diet & exercise still get obese)
    2:50 – Calories-in = Calories-out (thermodynamic) model ignores hormones (insulin)
    4:00 – Examples of how insulin causes weight gain
    5:00 – Insulin problems can be corrected with diet
    5:30 – Carbohydrates raise insulin much more than fat or protein
    6:20 – To lose weight you must lower your insulin, therefore you must restrict your carbs
    6:45 – Studies all show greater weight loss by limiting carbs vs fat
    7:45 – How does insulin increase body fat? (triglycerides, fatty acids, glycerol & glucose)
    10:10 – How insulin prevents weight loss (disables HSL)
    11:00 – Lipohypertrophy from insulin injection
    11:40 – Patient’s weight loss results
    12:20 – How do carbohydrates raise insulin?
    13:40 – Insulin resistance effects muscle & liver tissues, but NOT fat cells!
    14:40 – Insulin resistance develops over many years
    15:45 – Early signs of insulin resistance are ignored by doctors
    17:45 – Insulin resistance causes visible symptoms in the skin
    19:20 – Insulin resistance is reversible with diet (weight loss is side effect)
    —– Saturated fat is healthy!
    20:00 – Saturated fats increase longevity
    21:15 – Carbohydrates decrease longevity
    22:00 – Difference between low-carb vs ketogenic diets
    23:00 – Fat metabolism suppresses appetite IN ADDITION to reducing body fat!
    23:50 – Example of food diary tracking impact on ketone levels
    —– Fructose is deadly!
    24:40 – SUGAR = glucose + fructose
    25:26 – Fructose is more than twice as sweet as glucose
    26:45 – Fructose causes fatty liver disease
    27:45 – Fructose produces advanced glycation end products (AGEs)
    29:25 – Added sugar in processed foods (mango juice?)
    30:25 – Agave syrup is 75% fructose (worse than table sugar)
    30:45 – Food labelling hides sugar by many different names
    31:20 – Don’t drink fruit juice
    31:40 – Artificial sweeteners are not healthful
    —– Conclusion
    32:10 – It’s not your fault that low fat diets made you sick
    32:27 – Low carb diets works because they lower insulin
    32:35 – Low carb diets increase longevity

  11. Thanks for your coverage. I’ve been low 20 or less for 5 months if lost about 30 lbs. 71 y/o and started at 268. I was scarred into the diet from having a 166 Glucose number. Feel good.

    1. Hey I’m back from 3 years ago. Stayed on low carb and lost a few things. My earlier beginning weight was 268 and this week I’ve been near 168 above and below it. I also lost high blood pressure (no medicine)and triglycerides went down to good(no medicine) I lost me pre diabetes diagnosis and that’s the big one for me. I’ve got about 15 or 20 pounds before I’m perfect and that’s OK right now I’m working on puffing up muscles for my 75th birthday. I just can’t believe that people have to take medicine for all the stuff and that’s mainly because the doctor won’t suggest anything else I suppose we can’t all go to Australia for healthcare. I would if I could, haven’t been there since R&r 1965 or 66.

    2. @Don Berry hi Mr Don, you did amazing 👏 and you also added many years to your life. I’m proud of you.

  12. I’ve been on a low carb diet for three years, absolutely the best thing I’ve ever experienced. I only wish I had known about 20 years ago. We need to get the truth out, great video.

  13. This has to be one of the best and logically thought out explanations of the effects of carbs and insulin. Well done Dr Paul Mason!!

  14. “”You are not to blame for being overweight IF You Have Been Following Bad advice.”” – Outstanding
    Great lecture. Possibly the most comprehensive one I have listened to..
    Thank You Dr. Paul Mason.

  15. Thank you Dr. Mason for your constant and consistent dedication on this subject. A lecture such as this makes the low carb discussion much easier to understand

  16. med student here. this is by far the best lecture i have ever attended about metabolsim. it’s easy, simple, complete and engaging. well done, i loved it!! thank you

  17. This very clearly answered several questions I had that I couldn’t get from other medical professionals or their books. In 30 minutes, I had all my questions answered and it totally makes sense. Excellent lecture in an easy to follow presentation.

    1. Nature/God wrapped carbs up in a colorful tasty wrapping that’s easy to pick off a tree.
      Nature/God wrapped fat up in a hard wodden shell, or legs that run away when it sees you.

      Now does it all totally make sense?

    2. @CarboRaider High-Carb Rush These carbohydrates weren’t always a problem.Our changed lifestyle is as much to blame as anything.

  18. The best ever presentation. I’m living proof. The most liberating realisation after overcoming obesity since I was 8 years, ruined my life, it wasn’t my fault. I’m 58. At 56 I either had to find the truth myself or die. I had to throw away everything I was taught and seek the truth. Self educated myself. Key. Seeking truth and educating yourself. I went from 115kg to 62kg in 10 months. 18 months later I’m 65kg. Off all medication. Reversed diabete. Anaemia. I can’t list all healed medical conditions. Lot of challenges society doesn’t support this but don’t let that be an issue. You have control. No one else. Bless you all. Xox .

  19. I’ve done keto/low carb and lost 204 pounds going from 350 to 146. I reversed my diabetes going from an a1c of 7.7 to 4.2 and my high blood pressure that wasn’t even being controlled by medication after years is now perfect. High cholesterol is now perfect. Now that I’m at my goal weight I switched over to low carb, doing 50 net carbs a day. Still managed to lose 5 pounds.

  20. I also added a 48 hour fast once a week. The weight just keeps coming off. Thank you Dr Mason. That was an incredible lecture that explains what a low carb diet can achieve.

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