Dr. Mark Cucuzzella – ‘The Child Obesity Pandemic’ 2022

Dr. is a Teacher at West Virginia University School of Medication. He is also a just recently retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Flying force who developed programs to promote health and much better fitness in the military.

Dr. Cucuzzella has been a competitive runner for over thirty years with more than 100 marathon and ultramarathon finishes. He continues to compete as a national-level Masters runner. He has actually won the Flying force Marathon twice and run a marathon under 3:00 for 29 straight years.

Dr. Cucuzzella is the race director of Flexibility's Run race series in West Virginia and director of the Natural Running Center, an education portal developed to teach much healthier running. Mark is likewise the owner of 2 Rivers Treads– A Center for Natural Running and Strolling in his hometown of Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

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Dr. – 'The Child Obesity Pandemic'

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  1. Sorry, it’s not so easy to swallow, stuff may be excellent but presentation is not inttesting, follow the way Dr Fung and Dr berg present these dry topics.

    1. I totally agree with you. I know child obesity is a problem and obesity in general is a problem. But boy this guy may be speaking truths but this is waaay too boring .

    2. “Dr” Berg is not a doctor though. He’s a purveyor of supplements.
      Beware of salesman and personal health

  2. Until modern medicine realizes being a fat adapted fat burner producing ketones is our evolved natural state from birth and is required for health, this will only get worse.
    Maybe some day the health insurance companies will wake up and go to war with big pharma and big food.
    Until then it is up to each individual and each parent to become aware and practice “self care”.
    Every time I see a juice box I want to scream.

    1. So true. I want to scream every day at school….they feed our kids copious amounts of processed, big food company’s so called ‘food’…with our tax dollars! Sugar cereals, pop tarts, muffins and Juice boxes, ect. They get junk breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack. We are setting them up for diabetes.

  3. When we grew up (1950s, 1960s) we didn’t need organised runs as we were moving all day in our usual play activities. It’s sad kids don’t have real play time, unorganised, without adults.

  4. Dr. Mark, so many whine and complain, and there you are, trying to actually do something about the problem. Respect.

  5. We should be ashamed to subject our children to this. Not only is it child abuse but it’s shooting ourselves in the foot as a country. Things need to change, soon

  6. I love Nina T she is vey outspoken on topics that really matter and using truth of the industry’s failings..

  7. This is a really good aggregate of other sources to dive into, he mentioned many articles and studies I’ve seen over the years but to newcomers to LC this is like wikipedia, check the sources and you’ll find many useful things.

  8. My wife was raised in Missouri, and she put it, “You know how you fatten up piggies? Feed ’em corn.”

    Forests and trees…

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