Dr. Eric Westman – ‘Evidence-based vs. Internet-based Keto’

Dr. is a Partner Professor of Medication at Duke University. Board Qualified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine, Dr. Westman established the Duke Way of life Medication Center in 2006 after 8 years of medical research on low carb & ketogenic diets.

Dr. Westman combines scientific research study and clinical care to provide way of life treatments for obesity, diabetes and tobacco reliance. He is a worldwide understood scientist specialising in low-carbohydrate nutrition and is Past-President and Master Fellow of the Weight Problems Medicine Association and Fellow of The Weight Problems Society.

Dr. Westman is likewise an editor of the book "Obesity: Evaluation & Treatment Essentials", and author of the New York Times Bestseller "The New Atkins for a New You", "Cholesterol Clearness", and "Keto Clearness". He is co-founder of the business Your Life, and Recover Diabetes Clinics, which are based upon low carbohydrate concepts.

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Dr. – 'Evidence-based vs. Internet-based Keto'

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  1. This was kind of useful but a little irritating In how this talk was a constant ‘waffle’. Just not stop talk all over the place.

    Pausing in silence when you speak is a powerful tool to use when speaking.

    Also structuring your talk is useful.

  2. I stopped when he talked about mask. I can show medical journals/reviews comparing the virus particle size count and the lack of seal on most mask. Stick with the topic (Keto).

  3. I’m low carb but my daughter is obese and definitely not low carb. I have tried giving her books, sending links etc but all to no avail. What can I do to help her?

  4. I am a keto advocate, have been on keto for 10 years, I have during that time eaten no carb, no sugar, no alcohol and yet my Calcium Artery Scan 8 years ago gave me an Agatson of 24 and now in 2022 it is 96. This is quite a surprise and not what I expected, a four fold increase. I would be very grateful if anyone could advice me why this could be so ?

  5. Reversed my type II diabetes through the ketogenic diet combined with intermittent fasting. No more medications for diabetes for over eighteen months. This is a lifestyle for me that works. More energy, more mental clarity, better mental outlook, dropped about fourth-five pounds, reduced neuropathy in legs, feet and hands…the list goes on.

  6. Eric, yes you experienced that masks block droplets. So what? That is mechanistic. Now the discussion should turn what happens next and what is the connection to all cause mortality. How about particle physics and weak interaction of different molecules and organisms. I see not a significant causation in the mask discussion.

  7. This lecture supports closely what I learned about the ketogenic diet.
    Read your labels. Keto friendly may be friendly but usually not keto.

  8. I kept a detailed food diary for 7 months. I didn’t/don’t count anything. I’m glad that I did that because I have found that even though I am no longer doing it I am still very aware of what I am eating during the day. I think it helped me to make creating meals with my “new” foods become second nature.

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