Dr. Chris Palmer – ‘The Ketogenic Diet in Neurology and Psychiatry’ 2022

, MD got his medical degree from Washington University School of Medicine. He did his internship and residency at McLean Medical facility, Massachusetts General Health Center, and Harvard Medical School. He is presently the Director of the Department of Postgraduate and Postgraduate Work at McLean Healthcare Facility and an Assistant Professor of at Harvard Medical School. For the previous 25 years, he has actually been a scholastic physician with administrative, research, educational, and scientific roles.

Dr. Palmer leads McLean Hospital's Department of Postgraduate and Postgraduate Work. In this role, he has actually developed numerous academic conferences, workshops, Grand Beats, and other expert instructional activities, most of them under the aegis of Harvard Medical School. He has actually likewise held various management positions in the continuing education field beyond McLean Medical facility's program, consisting of serving on management, advisory, and strategic preparation committees of Harvard Medical School, Partners Healthcare, the Massachusetts Medical Society, and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Dr. Palmer's scientific practice has focused on helping individuals struggling with treatment-resistant mental disorders, including state of mind conditions, psychotic conditions, and personality conditions. Most just recently, his research study interests have turned to the locations of metabolic process, metabolic disorders, and their connection to mental disorders. He is focused on integrating and understanding epidemiological information, fundamental science research, and medical research studies in order to better understand what role metabolic process plays in mental illness.

Dr. Palmer has been pioneering using the ketogenic diet plan and its applications in psychiatry. He has released case studies, pilot scientific trials, and is actively carrying out research study in this area. He is also working with scientists from around the world to even more explore this treatment in clinical populations as well as pursuing more fundamental science research.

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Dr. Chris Palmer – 'The Ketogenic Diet in and Psychiatry'

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  1. Why does this guy seem to think that weight loss isn’t treating a “serious medical condition!?” Why are seizures a worse medical condition than diabetes and heart disease!?

  2. 12+ years using a strict blended wholefood keto 4:1 for my son’s epilpesy. I can attest to both the uselessness of novelty med and efficacy of keto. Only benzo kinda help with seizures as far as meds. The can formula keto was only 25%, the MCT processed oil/coconut was 50%, whole food version with milkfats- SCT and MCT, has been 90% reduction in seizures. From over 70 a day to 4-5 ! His vision improved, his health is fantastic as is his skin and growth. He’s never had a cavity. The sad part is the formula they MAKE you use to initiate the diet medically is total trash. Ketocal is made from corn oil and nutrasweet. It makes the seizures worse then the “diet” can be marked as not working. Did I mention the chemical company that makes that trash makes novelty seizure meds and their parent corp got sued for pushing a seizure med off label purposes?? Yeah. SO channels like this one are a life saver when it comes to educating medical professionals and having nutrition calculators to sticking with the diet strictly and proving its far more nutritionally dense than anything anyone else in the room is eating.

  3. This is the first time ive ever heard the ketogenic diet working for someone with aneroxia

  4. A lot of science with a lot of good sense, world experience and genuine care. Great to see.

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