Dr. Carolyn Harris – ‘Mental Health is Metabolic Health (learnings from Epilepsy)’

Dr is a Nutritional GP who approaches her function with a focus on way of life, especially diet, in the management and prevention of illness. Carolyn has thirty years of experience as a specialist GP and likewise a minimum of a years as a trendsetter, dealing with clients to deal with and reverse insulin resistance.

Working closely with dietitian Nicole Moore, Carolyn has helped dozens of clients to sustainably slim down, in addition to putting their type 2 diabetes, PCOS and non alcoholic fatty liver illness (NAFLD) into remission. Carolyn works with her patients to produce a specific strategy, using care plans and a high quality group technique in specific including the use of low carbohydrate and plans.

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  1. This doctor is very smart, and open to new ideas. It is interesting that so many health professionals come to low carb, etc, through a personal health or family health journey. “Physician heal thy self”

  2. Learn from Morley Robbins (iron filings threaten the brain and nervous system), Dr. Chris Palmer, and Dr. Thomas Seyfried.

  3. Very forward thinking Doctor. I hope more medical people start to take this approach.
    If my Doctor ever mentioned fasting or Keto I would fall off my chair.
    Although my husbands young Doctor told him he needed to get active 30 mins per day even 10 mins at a time.
    At that time he had high blood pressure.
    He ignored the Doctor and continued with his medication.
    He went on to get prostate cancer, prostate was removed.
    He had a stent due to blockage.
    He developed heart failure and eventually diabetic.
    He suffers chronic kidney pains and generalised arthritis.
    He is now very sedentary and sad.
    Chronic depression.
    I was with him that day this young Doc said to him. Walk briskly, cut processed food. The Doctor told him I go to the gym before I attend surgery. I do it because I sit all day so I know it is not easy.
    My husband didn’t listen but I did.
    I stopped driving and I walk quite a lot.
    I do swimming and resistance.
    I fast. And cut out processed.
    So at least one of us heard this forward thinking doc.

  4. I thought dietary cholesterol had nothing to do with brain cholesterol (The Blood Brain Barrier) Doesn’t the brain makes and regulates it’s own cholesterol levels … ????🤔

  5. I was made seriousely ill by epilesy meds and fifteen years later an immulologist in Brisbane turned me carnivore. It healed me within weeks. I really cried when I went back to see him and told him how long I’d been that ill. How I wished I’d met him fifteen years earlier.

  6. Great presentation. Your warmth and humanity was very engaging and you presented complex information a way that is very accessible to all.

  7. Here in the US, we are focusing on “gun violence” after crazy incidents of mass shootings. I have been convinced that the underlying issue is the mental issues that seemingly is on the rise and is most evident in the younger generation. It may be that the greatest threat to society is not the prevalence of firearms, but the easy access to carbohydrates and the hormonal effects that they have on our bodies. Just look around and see how uncivil people have become and wonder why.

    1. Not to mention SSRIs. “Mental Health” drugs are handed out like candy. As usual, never mind the root cause, treat the symptoms, with patentable molecules, of course.

    2. Yes! I’m not alone in my thoughts. Between the vegans and carb addicts we have a very metabolically ill society and it is driving BIZARRE behaviors and massive ‘health’ care costs.

  8. I tried to really look at that list of common factors between mental health conditions and metabolic health risk factors and I really looked at them and the two that stood out to me that I would never have connected with mental health conditions susceptibility were inflammation and gut microbiome and I had mental health severe depression for years before I suddenly lost sight in one eye and am diagnosed with severe inflammatory autoimmune condition vasculitis and I am on the keto diet and thank God I was on it before I was diagnosed with possible vasculitis in my legs 5 years after the eyesight loss which looks like lipedema but whatever it is it is bad I can feel it and it is definitely somewhat controlled or as controlled as it can be on the keto diet but I also think that I need sleep now and energy to do way more consistent gentle exercise in my legs to move the lymph around which seems to be the biggest issue. I personally believe mentally I could not have handled the diagnosis of my legs had I not been on that diet because they actually got diagnosed from old photographs just from a couple of months ago with dating back 2 years showing definite severe swelling ongoing for years and I actually did have a good consultant female in the hospital here in Ireland who did tell me that the keto diet is good as an anti-inflammatory diet but I don’t think she took seriously enough the suicide risk that a lady had that was looking down at 2 swollen legs that felt unattractive so I think that because they’re slightly down definitely on the keto diet I can just about handle the diagnosis mentally I still have a lot of work to do… thank God the minute I went on eggs and meat I sort of lost all interest in sweets and biscuits automatically …it was very strange for someone who kept calling herself a lifelong severe sugar addict😢

    1. Hi. Check out the Perry Nicholston videos on the Big 6 lymph drainage. It’s really easy, takes hardly any time. And you feel great afterwards. I do it before bed and after getting up. Can’t believe how calm but alive it makes me feel. I really hope it may help you.

  9. Just as a possibility, has Liam been damaged by childhood vaccines? Or are we socially programmed to give vaccines a free pass? Never questioning the claimed 1 in 40 children now with similar problems, when older folk like me remember few such children in my youth.
    I occasionally see reports that Amish seldom have vaccines and seldom have symptoms like Liam has.
    Touchy to raise and trust I do so with best intentions.

  10. Fantastic presentation. Shared to many including fellow mums with epileptic children. What a gracious and clever woman Carolyn is.

  11. Should consider reading the book Niacin, the Real Story by Abram Hoffer MD. He explained some people’s brains need much higher levels of B vitamins to function normally. Essentially poor nutrition for too long caused brain problems. Although I initially didn’t like the book for pushing vitamin supplementation, I realized the healing power of the carnivore diet is likely due to being so nutritious. Perhaps many brain disorders would never develop if people had sufficient nutrients in their diets in the first place. Food for thought.

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