Dr. Bret Scher – ‘Low Carb Diets – Known Benefits, Theoretical Concerns’ 2022

Dr finished from Stanford University with a B.S. in biology in 1994 and after that Ohio State University Medical School with a M.D. in 1998. He is a board accredited cardiologist from San Diego who likewise works with customers as an online health coach at LowCarbCardiologist.com. He finished a preventive fellowship at Scripps Clinic in San Diego and has remained in practice for over 15 years helping people reverse and avoid cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Scher also has a passion for spreading the message of prioritising health and has run the Low Carb Cardiologist Podcast along with The Diet plan Physician Podcast. He is currently the Medical Director at , has an active blog and authored the book, 'Your Finest Health Ever! The Cardiologist's Remarkably Easy Guide to What Actually Works'.

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Dr. – 'Low Carb Diets – Known Benefits, Theoretical Concerns'

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  1. Would LOVE for someone to “update “ my cardiologist. I’m doing keto/IF anyway even though he objects. Willful ignorance or cognitive dissonance…. Whatever!

  2. CAC test was not recommended for me because I have 19 cardiac stents (full metal jacket) and was told they would show as shadows on the test.

  3. With all the evidence of low carb, how is it not negligence and malpractice by physicians not applying this medicine in their practice?

  4. such a great information. Thanks a ton. Low Carb is really making a change in peoples lives.

  5. Good Talk.

    LoL that blue penguin is an adult King Penguin with frost on its feathers so a normal individual as all the chicklings will become as such in time. Good analogy 🙂

  6. Thank you very much from windy and rainy The Netherlands for this excellent presentation. State-of-the-art science against “grandfathered ” guidelines. Being a MD as well as a non-STEMI survivor myself I could only wish that future generations of MD’s will be informed better than I was during my medical trainings. Thanks to you guys (Dr. Bret Scher and the Low Carb community) times will change for sure. I myself now being in my 60’s consider myself as belonging to a “lost” generation thanks to the politics and financial interests governing medical guidelines; I wish a better future for my (grand)children. Thank you for giving me a positive perspective for this.

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