Do I Eat Carbs Now?! What My Diet Looks Like After Quitting Keto 2023

In this video, I talk about what my diet looks like now and about how many carbs I do eat. After doing for 5 years, I discovered that living a low carbohydrate way of life was a much easier and more sustainable transition for me. All of my recipes are still friendly and low carbohydrate, so no requirement to fret about that!

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00:00 Intro.
00:12 My Weight-loss Story.
00:55 Why I Quit Keto.
01:32 Dealing with Weight Gain.
01:54 What My Way Of Life Looks Like Now.
02:32 What My Diet Looks Like.
03:16 My Normal Meals.
05:12 How Many Carbs I Consume.
05:52 Why a Label is Bad.
06:48 My Last Thoughts.

Do I Eat Carbs Now?! What My Diet Looks Like

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  1. Love this. I lost 85 lbs. doing just low carb. I feel like keto is so restrictive. It took me longer to lose the weight, but I just felt it was more doable long term.

    1. Yes keto is a little bit more restrictive but as long as you found something that suits you and that is more doable. ❤

  2. Let me know what videos you will like to see next? More sit down talks or more yummy recipes? ❤️

    1. When you transitioned from keto to low carb (upping your carbs) did you gain weight? And, if not how did you transition without gaining weight? If you did gain weight how did you adjust your carbs to go back to your set point?

      thanks. take care

    2. I don’t know how to eat low carb and would like to know what to aim for. Love your videos!

    3. I’d like a full day of eating video with 100 carbs per day. I’m trying to lose the weight I gained back and trying keto this time around has been so hard for me. I think low carb might be what I need. But I’m also tired of tracking my food.

  3. Well said! Keto was fantastic for weight loss and I stayed on it strictly for 5 years…but it always felt like I was on a diet. Now I enjoy more carbs, but I time them around exercise, and I feel like I am in a happy, sustainable place. Now…how about the low carb Choco Taco?!?!? 🙂

  4. Thank you for all your advice! I definitely agree that you have to choose something that’s sustainable for your lifestyle 😊

  5. Do what you do and share with us.I felt the same way on keto seriously stresed.Nobody else was on this restricted diet so that made it harder. I did lose 20 lbs but gained 20 back plus more. I’m a carbaholic. I felt better for a while but, I think the stress of the trying to stay on the diet caused me to get shingles.😮ouch. Keep giving us recipes and be your lovely self.

  6. Yes Ma’am, eating Low Carb is a Life Style for me – Easy and doable. I Fast and if I know I woll have a little something…. I’ll either plan for it or I’ll clean it up afterwards with either fasting or increase my fat intake. You look FABULOUS & we Appreciate You. 🧡🍂

  7. Yes honey absolutely! Sometimes we can make anything a stronghold or a ritual so to speak… balance and consistency is very key. I came off keto and now I know that 80-20 rule applies to what goes in your mouth too! ie watch you eat 80% of the time is what’s going to show 🆙 on the scale.

  8. I’ve been on keto for the last 4 1/2 months down 50 lbs. At first, I was strict keto, but the last few months, I’ve allowed myself a weekly free meal. It helps me not feel so restricted, and I never have trouble getting back on keto or into ketosis. It works for me!

  9. Really excited to watch this video. Your story has a lot of similarities to mine. Keto was not sustainable for me. Once I actually “said it” and made the decision to stop labeling my diet, the pressure came 100% off of me and so did the pounds! I no longer count any carbs or macros and I’ve lost 60 pounds over the last 6 months. I turned my focus to moderation to be able to thoroughly enjoy all foods again. Life is so good❤️

  10. I started strict keto July 2022 for metabolic reasons. Within 6 months my numbers were all within accepted ranges, my BP was normal and at 65 I dropped to my high school weight. I now consider myself low carb because I love my veggies. I’ve had no problem maintaining. One thing I’ve really enjoyed are your “treat” recipes. They’ve really helped. Thanks for all you do.

    1. How did you transition ? Didi you gain any weight at all? Any tips? I am almost on my desired weight but i am afraid tô ganhando after transitioning😢

  11. Thank you this helps me tremendously, I love your cooking videos keep them coming!
    I lost 40 lbs on keto but struggle to stay keto I’ve moved more low carb I eat some fruit and sweet potatoes as well but I always sweeten with swerve and try to stay away from sugar but don’t worry if I slip up and eat something with sugar every now and again.
    You’ve done so good! Your story is inspiring🥰

  12. Love these type of videos because it all resignates with exactly what im doing. Keto got me healthy. Low carb for the pass 3 years has given me peace. I feel so good about my low carb journey. I stay between 140 – 145 and it feels amazing. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️ 💕 💗 😊

  13. I would love to gain more knowledge on low fat/high protein. And I also think that knowing how you deal with the holidays will be super helpful. Thank you for your honesty, I learn so much from you!

  14. This video was super helpful & really resonated with me. Agree that it sucks to feel like you’re on a diet and that there are “forbidden” foods. I like that you’re focus is on healthy, low carb eating, rather than a diet. Also, agree that when you’re restricting, you’re more likely to fill a craving and then completely backslide — which creates more feelings of failure & around & around it goes.

    Please make more videos like this explaining how you’re able to continue to maintain your weight with this new outlook. Possibly with suggestions sprinkled in for those who still need to lose weight.

  15. I loved this video. I lost around 30lbs doing Keto but it wasn’t sustainable and I gained it back. Now I’m trying to do low carb, which I think I can do long term. Thanks again for all of your videos, they are so helpful!

  16. I really resonate with what you are saying. I have lost almost 20 lbs in the last few months. I have been doing keto for about almost 2 month now and right now it is a struggle. I see how it is helping me because I am off 2 medicatios, I have lost some weight, and my blood sugars have stabilized. The downside is that I feel so restricted most of the time. There is so much focus on what I can or can not eat that it becomes frustrating and hard to deal with. I am the only one in my family doing this, so the other foods are always in my face. At the same time, I am afraid that if I stop keto already, i will gain the weight back and not lose anymore. I need to lose at least 20 to 30 more lbs. I still get tired and have cravings, which make things even harder. Sorry for the rant…I am glad that you have lost the weight and you look amazing. I am glad you found what works for you.

  17. Started out keto in 2018. Am mostly carnivore at home & ketovore if I’m out to dinner. I’ve lost 80 or so pounds. Adding carbs back (sourdough bread, beans or starchy veg) raised my sugar. My A1C went from 5.0 to 5.2 Having low BS & A1C & fasting insulin is more important than being thin, but I’m 57.

  18. Definitely relating with you. Keto for over 4 years. I’m at my goal weight now. Ready to switch to low carb keeping calories at maintenance. Love your channel

  19. I love everything that you share. KETO style really changed my relationship with sugar, the carbs ect…watching your videos, you showed us all how to create delicious recipes without sugar. In 1 year I reversed type 2 diabetes , my metabolic bloodwork changed from red flagged (very scary bad) to normal within that year and lost 55 pounds. also doing a daily 18 hour intermittent fast sometimes OMAD if I’m not hungry. I feel like I could stay fasting AND move more into the direction that you have been working on. I appreciate the much needed help and you are a huge part in the choices that I made that were truly life saving without insulin. Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul. I often wonder if you realize the healthy impact that you make on the viewers lives. Well done! I am 61 years old now and my husband and I plan on moving forward trying not to spend every moment with our heads wrapped around “DIET” as well with an emphasis on the protein light training.
    Your Channel is in my wellness tool box and looking forward the future! Love to you and your family ❤

  20. Thank you Myra! I absolutely have loved this video. I would definitely love to hear more about the holiday season and how you handle staying on track and maybe showing some recipes for the holidays. Thank you for all you do! You’re truly amazing. 😊

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