Dinner: Zuppa Toscana Soup (Olive Garden Copycat Recipe) BUT Low Carb

Zuppa Toscana is Olive Garden's most popular soup. This one-pot, homemade Zuppa Toscana dish is hearty and packed with Italian sausage, kale, bacon and potatoes.

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Dinner: Zuppa Toscana Soup (Olive Garden Copycat Recipe) BUT Low Carb

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  1. I do agree with you, I love hot soup in winter season, this is my favorite soup. Thanks for sharing your personal version of this soup.

  2. I make this all the time! I add cauliflower pieces in place of potatoes and you cannot tell the difference! Makes it that much more hearty

    1. Pre-cook sliced radishes and pour off liquid to reduce redness. Use instead of potatoes. Yummy. Olive Garden doesn’t use the tomatoes I don’t believe. Spinach can replace kale also.

  3. you don’t need to fry up the meat in oil all it does is add extra calories and fat also putting the meat on papper towels after it’s cooked to drain excess fat would be a good idea there would be less fat bubbles in the soup making it more appealing

  4. I have been at Olive garden 2 times, I had no idea they have this soup. But I’m going to to make it this way because I had RNY surgery.

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