A REALISTIC WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Healthy + Easy Meals 2022

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A REALISTIC WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Healthy + Simple Meals.

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  1. My meal today
    A cup of wine (passover)
    Half a matzo with butter
    12 oz Ground beef 80-20
    4oz ground lamb with egg
    2 egg smoked salmon omelette
    6 strips of Bacon

    Had something similar yesterday and dropped 2lbs, 28 to go.

    1. Yum!! Thank you for sharing what you had today! I love seeing what you guys are eating and it makes me all jelly 😂

  2. You having that little bit of brown rice just gave me life!!! 😍 I do that too! I literally just have one little tablespoon of brown rice when I make some for my family 😄 thank you for a very realistic “what i eat in a day” 🙂💐

    1. Yes!! I’m definitely human and especially on days when I know my carb count isn’t that high, I’m okay adding a little bit of brown rice in my meals 🙂

  3. Supplementals are so important on keto! You read my mind with brownies yesterday, I’m going to be dropping a brownie recipe I think you will love tomorrow. 😁

  4. Thank you! I think we will love the chicken tenders! Your recipes are fantastic 👏🏼 appreciate you!

    1. I’m telling you, you’re going to love them!! One coat of protein powder was enough and it’s amazing pairing this with a side salad as well! Enjoy!

  5. Thank you for this video. I would have never thought to use protein powder as a coating for chicken, etc. I am running out for plain protein powder just for this reason. Funny that you mentioned the roasted chicken to snack on. I thought about that the other day as I had a craving while I was out on my walk. I will be picking that up tomorrow as well. Great content.

  6. Loved this so much! I’m going to try the chicken recipe tomorrow 😋
    Do you have recipes for your sauce?

    1. Yep me too! One tsp of peanut butter takes away that faint feeling I get sometimes when fasting, as I try to only eat after 6-7 PM daily and sometimes I feel like I will pass out, and the tsp of peanut butter makes that go away!

  7. Hello, I’ve been following you for the last 3years of my keto journey.. You are amazing!! Love all your recipe!! Can you link the exact matcha collagen powder package you used? I love matcha but it’s a plus with collagen. Thank you!!

  8. Just seeing what you really eat in a day made my day. So realistic, now I don’t feel bad for munching between meals.😊

  9. Thank you for sharing this video Myra! I’ve been struggling with what to eat these last few months after doing keto for 2 years. I lost 40 and recently gained 8 back. I deal with pain & inflammation (thanks for those tips). I want comfort foods. I eat lots of nuts, & I make easy stuff like chocolates and yogurt. I stick with keto foods but don’t keep track anymore.
    You’re video encouraged me. Im definitely going to make those chicken tenders! Thank you so much Myra!! ❤️
    I would also be interested in more of your wonderful recipes, and any tips. 😊

    1. Greetings from 🇬🇧 I am the same LoriW, dealing with chronic pain and struggling to find what to eat. A lot of the time I cannot stand to make a meal, or just off my food when in pain, so I eat LOTS of nuts too 👍🏻 The Chicken tenders look great so I am going to try and make some when I can. Hey, we adapt and do what we can🤘Look after yourself 😊

  10. Gotta put a plug in for Maria Emmerich’s HardBoiled Egg Chocolate Pudding . . . THAT’S where my big spoonful of Peanut Butter goes. It’s Amazing! 😋 🤣

  11. OMG. Especially crunchy peanut butter!! My absolute all time fav is Once Again unsweetened crunchy!! I legit could eat half the jar….except I use a baby spoon ……makes eating two or three tablespoons last ALOT longer!!! And thank you for the chicken tender recipe….can’t wait to try it❤️

  12. Question. By doing only keto for about a year without exercise I lost about 80lbs. But I have loose stomach skin. How did you avoid that? Any tips for that?

  13. Love this.. 💛 Thankyou sooo much for sharing & for the recipes – can’t wait to make the chicken tenders… Just a little question what type of protein powder do I need.? & is the dip recipe featured.. Love from Australia..💛🙏🤍

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