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    1. @媢堥堹塈 堶塈 I know shes not vegan however she has mentioned how shes trying to eat less dairy in multiple videos. Its obvious that if she says this is dairy free that any dairy shes referencing would be plant based dairy products or dairy substitutes.

  1. Are those tortilla chips low carb or gluten free? I want to try this dip so bad..making me hungry!中中氣栽歹歹

    1. She uses “A La Madre tortilla”she cuts them in (8’s) triangle then she fries them or bake them. Their very good.
      Edit Yes their low carb 3 carbs. Look them up.

  2. Just found your channel. Fascinating ! First Ive seen rods. Its crazy that 2 days later 20 people saw her. There must be a few adults helping put car in the water.

  3. she won’t tell you because she doesn’t ever interact with her followers but shes using “black soybeans” which are low in carbs

  4. Do you not edit? Because you did not hear yourself when you said ” no dairy”, but ingredients included cheese and sour cream.????

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