7 Healthy And Low Carb Recipes • Tasty 2022

Have a look at these healthy and low carbohydrate recipes!

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7 Healthy And Low Carb Recipes • Tasty

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    1. @Cheryl Bond not only that, they use oats and honey. The chocolate should be the darkest…like 90% or whatever. Def not keto.

    2. @Mythili Muthukumar yeah, but it gets technical according to some keto experts. Check out Dr. Eric Berg and Thomas DeLauer for just two. They break down the chemistry of how ketosis works. Supposedly macadamia nuts and cashews are the best. And coconut oil in this recipe would have made it keto and nixing the oats and honey.

  1. I love Tasty for making amazing recipes. It influenced me to start making my own
    If you like it show some support.
    Support is mutual

  2. Keep them coming. I love 💕 this channel I have gotten so many ideas and recipes from this channel. I could cry 😭 because I eat the same thing over and over again to lose weight but it becomes boring and then I quit but this gives me hope and happiness I’m going to make the peanut butter balls and the chicken thighs and green beans tonight when I get off work 😍😘❤️🙏💯

    1. @MG44bee you must be an intelligent person making fun of someone whose native language isn’t english, misspelling a word 😂😂😂 that‘s so embarrassing. Hey how many languages do you speak? 😋

    2. @luvs What? We are made to use carbohydrates. You can *only* lose weight through a calorie deficit. Those are facts. Our species specific food source is carbohydrates. That is fact. Not opinion.

  3. Theses are the type of recipes i like!! No talking just straight to the point!! And every recipe pretty easy to make!! THANKS!

    1. cheese that has been aged 10 months or more, has no lactose. Extra sharp cheddar and parmesan cheese won’t hurt you. You can also eat cottage cheese, yogurt and sour cream. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing health recipes you are helping a lot of people🥳 I’m excited to make healthy choices for myself all the time and especially this holiday season.

  5. I just made the zucchini, and it’s amazing! So simple and so good. Later on I will do the chickpeas and the egg whites tomorrow. Thank you for sharing :):)

  6. gives healthy recipes that look good and tempting AND actually gets straight to the point?

    this channel’s earned my like

  7. These recipes look so delicious. Even by the thumbnail it looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try these. 😁👍😋

  8. The egg breakfast cups are super easy to make! And great to store away for the next day. Adding some more spices in it would make it even better.

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