3 Ingredient PASTALESS Low Carb Pasta 🍝 2022

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3 Ingredient PASTALESS Low Carb Pasta 🍝

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  1. Girl, you are speaking my language. I just ate spaghetti sauce with no pasta lol. Next time I’m using this noodle recipe! Thank you! <3

    1. Why didn’t you eat zoodles instead of no zoodles this is not the only option that you have for substitute pasta you can also do spaghetti squash for spaghetti you could do zoodles which are zucchinis cut up into noodles you can do anything anything for zoodles and you didn’t have to eat at plain though

    2. @Celines Rivera Thanks haha. I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce yesterday and had it with some low carb soybean spaghetti (which is delicious and low-ish carb) but I ran out lol. I have more sauce left tho and I’m going to try Myra’s awesome recipe!

  2. Thank you for your efforts I have a question how many minutes will you put it in the oven and how much of the heat and if you put it in the air fryer how many minutes

  3. For dividing the eggs since I do not have a divider I use my hands it’s so much easier to use hands then use a divider

  4. Get a empty Pringles can and punch multiple holes in the bottom of can. Put dough in tube then push through with your hand or whatever and it will make your “pasta”

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