3 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies | High Protein | Low Carb I Weight Loss 2023

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Healthy smoothies are among my favorite things to make all year round. They're perfect for the summertime, and an excellent way to get nutrients into your body if you're on a weight-loss journey or simply wish to make healthier choices in your life. These 3 different ideas are very simple to make, low carbohydrate, and are creamy without the banana!

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Berry Happiness Shake:.
Peanut Butter :.

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00:00 – Intro.
00:16 – Active ingredients.
0:34 – Berry Bliss .
2:14 – Importance of Gut Health.
2:30 – Seed Probiotics Ad.
3:54 – Peanut Butter Protein Healthy Smoothie.
4:58 – Smoothie.
6:55 – Question of The Day.
7:45 – Trial run.
8:05 – Outro.

3 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies | High Protein | Low Carb I Weight Loss

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  1. Thank you for joining me today! These smoothies have helped during my weight loss journey and I hope they help you ☺️ Let me know what other low carb drink ideas you’d want to see ❤

    1. Hi Mayra, just ordered my first orders of protein powders to try, brand new at this. Can you use smoothies as meal replacements? (I’m unable to chew food and also diabetic.) Can’t wait to try your smoothie recipes, thanks for the discount code 🙂

    1. You can use bananas if you’d like! ❤ that will make them even more creamy 😊 I know there are a lot of low carb subscribers and it can be tough to get the same creaminess but these recipes are winners ❤️ let me know if you try any of them!!

    2. @Low Carb Love thanks for other suggestions i didn’t realize the high content of carbs bananas have i just knew how i liked the taste in smoothies i also add frozen berries n protein powder

    1. Me too!! It’s seriously the best 😊 have you tried anything else to make it creamy? I’ve been looking for some!

    1. Of course!! I usually switch between Flavcity’s protein smoothie and Ritual’s protein powder ❤ I want to say I have a discount code for both if you want to use them to save money. It’s “Lowcarblove” ❤

  2. Can’t wait to try the peanut butter one. I like mine super icy too. 😋 Chocolate protein powder would be great in this one. Great recipes. Thank you.

    1. I was just thinking about a chocolate peanut butter version!! Which protein powder is your favorite?

    2. I use a pea protein. Orgain Organic Protein.
      And btw… I’m tall too. 6ft. “Fell off the low carb wagon” this passed month, (I was on vacation. Hard to stay low carb focused. I tried though.). So your video is perfect timing to jump back on. Being so tall, I notice when I put on weight my knees start to hurt and that’s what happened this weekend.

  3. I think vanilla muscle milk will go great in this for a sweetener. It’s zero sugar, and normally, I dont like zero sugar things, but it does have a sweetness to it and it’s 🔥

    1. Wow! I’ve actually never tried that! I love my sugar free honey, but never thought about using the vanilla muscle milk!!

    2. I recommend it, it’s got 25 protein too it’s good stuff! 😋they even got a chocolate and strawberry I use them for my smoothies 😅

  4. Great recipes. I just made the Peanut Butter shake as a snack with lots of ice because I love my shakes cold too. Lol. Thanks for the recipes Mayra. LOVE your Drew Barrymore appliances.

  5. Thank you sooooo much – I have been wanting to do a smoothie at home rather than the same low cal / low carb ones at smoothie king, but wondering how I could do it without banana and if it would be too icey without the banana – so excited to do this one!
    Thanks ❤ your uploads have been so helpful for me recently.

  6. Hi Mayra. I have been waiting for a low car smoothie video like this for so long!! Thanks so much! They all look delicious! I’m assuming I can switch out the spinach for another green just to avoid oxalates, such as Swiss Chard etc. Can you link below your protein powder? Many thanks for another great video.❤

    1. The vanilla protein powder if that’s what you’re talking about is linked in the description of the video.

  7. I make my green or berry smoothies with vanilla protein powder, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, lots of ice and no sweetener. So yummy 😋 I often replace a meal with a smoothie when I don’t feel like cooking 😁
    Thank you for showing us the peanut butter smoothie as well. 🤗

  8. My problem is… I’m ALWAYS craving a meal 😩😩😂😂 good stuff. I’m definitely going to try the green one 💪🏼

  9. Girl you’re so right about smoothies and these look great.
    I do have a question about tortilla shells Which one do you think is the best carb wise and tastey

  10. Yes more gut information is needed! I feel like I have the same issues you use to have. Any help is greatly appreciated. ❤ Thank you for the vid!

  11. Thanks for these recipes. I’ll try them! I make one myself with avocado, yogurt and walnuts/almonds. But I add more ice so it’s more like a shake 😆I chopped frozen 1-2 strawberries first then place it in the glass then pour the shake/smoothie. My sweetener is torani puremade caramel syrup. I add a bit of stevia. The ice, walnuts, and chopped strawberries all add to the texture!

  12. Looks delicious, well, except for the peanutbutter one (don`t like peanutbutter). But you`re right, sometimes you are just not into a savoury meal. And yes, ice ice baby! 😃. Thanks for the good ideas.

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