3 Easy One Pan Meals in 10 Minutes!

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Today, I'm making 3 easy one-pan meals! Have a look at the full recipes listed below!

Mexican Style Steak:.

Asian Style Fish:.

Mediterranean Style Chicken:.

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3 Easy in 10 Minutes!

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  1. I am so happy you posted these recipes. I am trying to stick to eat healthy but it’s so hard for me. When I get hungry I need to have some meals ready to go. Thank you for sharing all these amazing recipes.

  2. I haven’t been on in a while. This is so helpful since I am having to feed 7 everyday. You look amazing btw!

  3. These all look like terrific meal prep ideas! 👌
    I like to meal prep my protein and veggies separately because I like to measure protein and veggies Individually.
    Regardless, thank you for sharing! 😊

  4. I would personally add the veggies to the chicken halfway through, because although every YouTuber who ever burnt their broccoli and said they personally like it “chard a bit” knows it taste like poop. Lol! Still looks delicious!!

  5. Charred veggies are life! Never thought to do both chicken and veggies one pan. Might try it in the air fryer…

  6. I love Barramundi fish a lot… it’s really yummy. Here in Australia it’s very popular… thanks for your delicious recipes… will try them all..🌷💐💗🌸

  7. Getting the delicious food recipes is just a plus im here for LCL😍 . I also lost 100 lbs though, im here just here as a #1 fan😄

  8. Yay! These look so good! Very similar to my recipes but Your twist looks amazing! Thank you and God Bless!💜

  9. Love this, thank you!!
    Barramundi is an Aussie fish and it’s a robust meaty fish that is actually on the sweeter side. If you like hearty fish, it’s a good alternative to Salmon.
    If you like using sweeter marinades then it will work really well to pick up the flavours. It’s native to Far North Queensland in warmer waters.
    I use my air fryer a lot so these recipes are really great for how I eat. 💗🙏🏻

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