14 High Carb Foods to AVOID On A Low Carb Diet 2022

These are the leading 14 foods to prevent on a low carbohydrate diet plan. Avoid these common mistakes that people typically make when starting a low carbohydrate diet.

I've been implying to make this video for a while! It's going to certainly save me a lot of time helping people who are struggling to get going on their low-carb diet plans.

This video is a comprehensive list of all the various food groups that you ought to avoid on your .

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  1. I’ve been on Keto for two months and have lost 7 kilos (even through Christmas). I consider it not to be a diet but a new realm of recipes that I have embraced. The variety of meals I am eating has quadrupled, the access to recipes on the net and the information that is available is amazing. I am always satisfied (hunger wise) and would recommend this diet to anyone. Just to be clear I am 63 years old and was 129 kg now 122kg and falling! I’d call this a life saver!!

    1. Keto I lost 10 lbs in 7 months however my cholesterol shot up and ended up having a catherization and got stented.Moral of the story rather have clean blood flow.A balence diet and exercise does the trick.

    2. I did Keto and ended up with AFIB, very low in potassium. Low carb is good enough, and I am doing intermittent fasting, and that is a big help.

  2. 1) Sugery foods/drinks
    2) Sauces
    3) Salad dressings
    4) Low fat products
    5) Naturel sugers
    6) Fruits
    7) Grains and cereals
    8) Gluten free products
    9) Starchy vegetables
    10) Legumes
    11) Pseudo grains
    12) Cashuw nuts
    13) Milk
    14) Beer

    1. @Marie Trini77 cashews have 22g of carbs per 100g. Almonds, I think only 4g. Please, check, because my memory may be failing me. Cashews have a lot more carbs, of that I’m sure. You can search on the net for the exact numbers.

    1. @Nemesio Barrera there’s good carbs in bad carbs and you have to measure the amount of carbs you’re not doing a zero carb you’re doing a low carb

    2. @Watcher World How are you doing it? Is it a low carb diet, Keto or what? I am in the same boat right now and don’t want medication. Help.

  3. Thank you for this video. very helpful. I have a question: there are different muesli (cereal) products out there that claim to be “low carb” and “high protein”. But many of them has soy flakes in it, and soy can be bad if you have a pollen allergy. So I was looking for a ingredient to have flakes in my muesli that have low carbs but high protein. I have found something on a vegan store: lupin flakes. 100g have 360kcal, 41.5g protein, carbs of 9.8g with 4.2g sugar, 10.2g fat. What do you think about these and what are your 10 best ingredients for “low carb” muesli if somebody wants to mix it using basic ingredients? Thanks

  4. Thank you Dr. Maggs, I have found a confidence in your expression and delivery of how to tackle this thing called Ketogenic dieting and maintaining this low carb diet plan. Im 66 years old retired and at 240 lbs. 5’11’ its very hard to stick to this plan…. but it is working slowly. I have found that having 2 good vegetable smoothies a day(no fruits in this) really helps me over the hump of hunger pangs, but mostly it keeps me away from the urge to take on carbs that I just love but dont costume this is my 5th day, I have lost 4.5 pounds so its working! I have given you an absoulte thumbs up and subscribe checked off. more later THANKS AGAIN sir

  5. Just starting the Cantin Keto diet recommended by my doctor to help solve a cancer problem. Your info was very helpful in what I need to avoid. Unfortunately because I have been eating healthy for over a year, I have lost 37 lbs and am now (very healthy) but under weight. Is there any hope to gain weigh on a Keto Diet? Maybe Eat more of the good foods I guess?

  6. Hi! Love your videos. I have a question: A few years back I tried Jorge Cruise’s method in his book, “The Belly Fat Cure” in which he recommends no more than 15gm sugar/day, and no more than 6 servings of carbs/day. I was able to do it for about 2-3 mo., and got my leanest body. I do remember having good energy, but at times, felt dizzy and tired. I exercised and maintained a calorie count of 1600 cals. I did not find the number of gms of sugar and carbs recommended sustainable. I do like the method, though of limiting carbs and sugar as it obviously has it’s health benefits and aesthetic benefits. My question is, how many gms of sugar and how many servings of carbs max do you recommend in a day? Do you recommend no more than 25 gms sugar per day as I have seen in articles? Thanks!

  7. I’ve watched loads of your videos and they’re very informative. Im currently trying to lose wait using 16:8 fasting primarily but taking the opportunity to also reduce my carbs. However a video I haven’t found yet on your channel is the best way to satiate cravings for, for example a slice of bread/toast or perhaps a bowl of granola now and then and to be honest before this video above I was thinking I was doing well reducing bread to once or twice a week and maybe a small portion of something like rice or cous cous also one or 2 times a week as the only starchy carb of the day.
    Also advice on how damaging being more lax on weekends is to getting back into ketosis mon -fri would also be good as I can’t be the only person that might give way to a couple of beers and maybe a thin crust supermarket pizza in their weekend 8hr window.
    obviously these aren’t ideals but for food lovers of breads & pasta some advice on damage limitation (eg exercise beforehand etc.) would be very helpful 😊

    1. Wheat is addictive, so you need to cut it out. Completely. It’s not so difficult if you up your fats to stop cravings, but I am not an expert!

  8. Thanks for the heads up about parsnips. I love them with my roasted veggies, but will leave them out if they are threatening my ketosis. I love that the low carb diet has had such a positive effect on my blood sugar and reduced my insulin usage.

    1. What exactly have you been eating? In my opinion he touched on every possible food so the only thing left is chicken and rice!

    2. @Kimberly Patton well, Kimberly, I tasted regular food and I was doomed! I gained everything back. I was so discussed with myself that I contacted a weight Loss clinic and since had a gastric sleeve. Now I cannot eat more that my small stomach will allow. I felt there was no other choice. So far so good. I’ve NEVER been able to just “taste” anything. It was all or nothing. Now I can because I get full very fast. So far worth it. It was six months of prep before the surgery but I’ve lost weight and I’m almost back where I was before.

  9. AHHHHHHHHHH! You’re right! I recently switched to non-fat ranch salad dressing believing it to be a healthier option. I just checked it against the same brand of regular ranch that I still have in the refrigerator. The non-fat has 3g of sugar compared to 1g in the regular. Not a huge difference, but the point is clear, as you stated. I’m glad I found your channel! Thank you!

    1. We were lied to all these years thinking fat free or low fat was better for us!! I now zero in on whole milk, full fat Greek yogurt, etc.

  10. Looking around my kitchen, nearly everything has carbs. I am lucky that a small amount of carbs has not totally kicked me out of ketoses. I feel that Intermittent Fasting along with avoiding large amounts of carbs, avoiding obviously high carb foods has worked for me. Thanks for the video.

  11. I can not thank you enough Dr. Maggs for the Net Carb brochure! Finally, now I know the real numbers behind my veggies and fruits. Extremely surprised to learn about Garlic containing 30g of net carbs in 100g produce. WOW! Another wow factor for me is ginger, onions and leeks. I use these aromatic ingredients in my just newly adopted keto diet, however now I will have to reconsider. My goal is to achieve and maintain ketosis, to reduce insulin resistance and perhaps reverse my type 2 diabetes for good. May sound silly to ask, but will do anyway: does granulated garlic have the same amount of net carbs as the fresh one? Logistically, it’s probably the same…but hoping maybe not, sometimes during processing the chain could change(?). Kindly advise. Thank you very much.

  12. Thanks so much Dr Maggs, I’m starting a Keto diet tomorrow. I found your presentation essential info. I’ll keep you informed of my progress if it interests you. Thanks once again and take care.

  13. Thank you Dan for your very interesting Video.
    I am a 72 year old Man who has had weight issues all my life.
    Most of my Overweight issues started from Childhood through having a sweet tooth and especially my Love of Chocolate
    I have used the gym on and off all my life bur i could never get rid of my lower abdomen belly fat.
    No matter how much weight training and aerobic exercise i did.
    So after attempting to get rid of this long term fat and failing.
    I just get so frustrated that i give up.
    I know that to be succesful i have to treat this as a marathon and not a sprint.
    Any advisr would be appreciated.thank you.

  14. Hello Dr Maggs, thank you for all your informative and quality videos. I was vegan for 10 years and had a hard time gaining muscles. So now I am on a vegetables, grains, beans, starchy vegetables, nuts, dried dates, MCT oil and eggs diet. No animal and dairy products and no alcohol. I am training (bodybuilding) to gain extra 5kg of muscles. I am an ectomorph body type. I am 1m76, 75kg at 13% body fat. Here is the question for you: If I do cut out most of the carbs you have mentioned what other foods can replace them with to get the calories I need to train?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. You can’t you need the carbs with the protein for muscle mass I used to do it, try potassium you need 4700mg per day,from large salads an crucif veg and supplement, if your short on potassium your body will waste the protein ( potassium allows protein in to the cell to make muscle mass). For protein try eggs and tuna together (skip jack).

    2. @Andy Hulme Hi Andy, thank you so much for writing an insightful reply. It makes a lot of sense what you mention here, I do need carbs to train. Not sure what I was thinking. I will make sure to hit the potassium 4700mg target daily. I truly appreciate your help, you rock!

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