Why raw, paleo and keto diets are stupid

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Dr. Jessica Ham at Oxford College of Emory University:

Dr. Tim Crowe of Thinking Nutrition:

Research study revealing human beings heating grains about 100,000 years earlier (not complimentary):.

Sample for kids:.

Why raw, paleo and keto diets are stupid

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  1. The problem with a raw diet is that they didn’t dial it back far enough. You have to eat your meat while it’s alive.

  2. Hey y’all, thanks for watching the vid! A few supplemental thoughts…

    I will absolutely cop to going with an oversimplified and provocative title here. Sometimes it’s easy to sum up a 13-minute piece of content in a few words that people will actually want to click on, and sometimes it’s not. You usually either need to sacrifice nuance or clickability, and anyone who makes content for a living constantly struggles with the reality that you can’t inform anyone if you don’t get their attention, and you can’t express your entire piece in a headline (because if you could, there’d be no reason to keep writing beyond the headline).

    But, if you’ve watched the video, I think you’ll understand that the basic message is this: If you’re a typical over-fed First Worlder (like me), any diet that gets you out of caloric surplus and replaces junk foods with nutrient-dense ones is probably gonna be great for you.

    The sense in which I’m calling keto “stupid” here is very narrow — many (most?) people who think they’re doing keto aren’t actually eating few enough carbs to be in ketosis, and there is not (yet) scientific literature proving that keto has therapeutic benefits for metabolic syndrome beyond those conferred generally by losing weight and eating less junk.

    The sense in which I’m calling the raw diet “stupid” is narrow — many of its proponents call it a more “natural” diet, which is in conflict with the weight of anthropological opinion, they often fail to consider reductions in bioavailability of nutrients from raw foods, and they often fail to consider the safety implications of eating raw.

    The sense in which I’m calling paleo diets “stupid” is similarly narrow — many of its proponents call it a more “natural” diet, which is in conflict with the weight of anthropological opinion.

    I think the science and history behind all of that stuff is interesting, and I thought you would too, so I made a vid about it. That’s all!

    1. The keto diet has a range of carbs because it is slightly different for every person and their weight. For myself I cannot tolerate 20 grams of carbs a day it is much too little so I raised the cap to max for my body which is 50 grams of carbs. However like many diets there is no limit to the amount of salad greens you can consume.

    2. You say that the Diet is stupid because there are people who don’t know how to do it correctly(Keto). It’s like saying the closed doors are stupid when you don’t know how door handles work.

    3. Honestly its no more stupid to call them stupid than to say its better for you to breath air coming from the outside than the inside of your house because its less processed. However, theres some benifit that we get to being outside, mainly exercise and (maybe) sunlight. In a sense, most diets promote calorie restirction or reduction in carbs, which like with saying you’re “fasting” for 8 hours is absurd if you eat right before bed and then Wake up and eat again because most people are probably either digesting or are not even finished utilizing any of the nutrients they got. Sure some may be “hungry” but thats because of the fact that you probably burned the sugar and your body wants more (in the case of a late night snack). All you need to do is just cut out majority of seedoils and reduce carbs and you’ll feel better, then work on the specifics of eating more whole balaned diets, whether omni carni or vegan, eat balanced everything and you’ll be fine.

  3. She seems very well-educated and interesting, but someone named Dr. Ham talking about a cooking hypothesis is on of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life

  4. I heard a nutritionist once say “The best diet is the one that you can see yourself following for the rest of your life” and bruh the way that hit me. Like, I can’t give up pizza, lord knows it, but I can limit it to every second saturday. That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. I like sugary coffee but only one cup before 12 also sounds perfectly reasonable to me. The way to eat healthier is maybe to just, you know, eat healthier.

    1. That’s how you do it. The main reason for a high restricted diets is to get people off of food addictions because of sugar usually its highly addictive and your body really wants it so self control is hard.

    2. @Edo Santoni my point is that “the keto diet” has rules and most people bend them into a comfortable “low carb” lifestyle. It is not the same thing. It is a very very low carb and very high fat diet, and doesn’t really give a person a lot of room for interpretation. If you aren’t turning the pee sticks red, you are (edit: aren’t) doing it right, and if you do it half way, you are basically on the heart attack diet. That said, it works great.

    3. @Aaron J Get off it, dude. Stop gatekeeping, I think I have clearly stated that I’m not trying to stay in ketosis all the time, there are times I cheat, it might be weeks between cheating or days, but that does not mean I do not know how to do keto or what it is exactly.

  5. I walked into a coffee shop and got a coffee without sugar. The barista asked me if I “was keto”. Honestly, I was just trying to avoid added sugar. That stuff kills.

    1. The best pick-me-up is walking into Starbucks and asking for a black coffee. All their food and brews are awful but I never tire of this small pleasure.

    2. I removed added sugar for a year or more too and it was pointless (was not about weight, I was basically lean already). Health benefits only happened going keto or even more so carnivore. Keto was and is used for more than just epilepsy.

  6. I loved keto, it worked! Now my body and my wallet are both thin as a piece of paper. Jokes aside, all diets have drawbacks, but the most annoying one is the social aspect.

    1. Keto can be done as cheaply as any diet since it just means not eating lots of carbs. But, of course, if you buy a bunch of expensive specialty processed foods marketed as ‘keto’, you’ll waste a lot of money. That is sort of besides the point, as that can apply to almost any diet. One can even make a standard American diet expensive. That has more to do with the individual than the diet.

    2. @Ben Steele no, it’s not just not eating lots of carbs, some carbs are still enough to kick you out of ketosis, the real science about it is not only staying in ketosis, but adding sustainable animal and non-starchy vegetable products that ensure that you’re eating what your body is supposed to eat (by that I mean, what it knows how to digest). Unfortunately, grassfed animals and whole foods are limited thanks to the exponential growth of society and industries, so it’s no surprise the bioavailability of nutriets aren’t the same as in hundreds of years ago (iron in spinach is much lower now, since soil it’s not so rich anymore; this is an example).
      By the way, we have eyes, we can read, keto people too, they can read the label and tell what’s keto and what’s not.

  7. Also calling paleo a “low carb” diet is not so accurate (though many people do reduce carb intake when they go paleo). It eliminates grains but not fruit, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yam etc

    1. @Donald Winston depends what you mean by “it” a lot of what is readily available now is actually slightly edible garbage that we would be better off not eating at all

  8. I will say, the keto diet first introduced me to what it actually meant to eat healthy.
    If you try to make your daily carb intake 100g or less there’s no room for overprocessed or sugar loaded foods.
    Do whatever works for you. Maybe try keto if you haven’t yet and nothing else has worked.

    1. @Gullible Sceptic except there was a massive increase in heart disease when people replaced saturated fat with polyunsaturated fats from vegetable seed oils. Plenty of cardiologists are correctly pointing out that there is a massive correlation between elevated insulin levels from high carb diets as well as polyunsaturated fats and heart disease. Not saturated fat.

    2. @enmass90 That’s not shown in any data , it’s just speculation from low carbers.
      Also , it never happened . People eat more saturated fat than ever .

    3. @Gullible Sceptic you haven’t linked any data so my word is as good as yours. And it is shown in plenty of data that heart disease increased dramatically since the introduction of crisco and other vegetable seed oils began replacing saturated fats especially for cooking.

    4. @enmass90 The relationship of saturated fats and coronary heart disease: fa(c)t or fiction? A commentary
      Mark Houston

      The data shows that replacing saturated fat with vegetable oils is protective against heart disease . Yours is just a cool story , bro .

  9. The only experience i have with Keto is my Morbidly obese mother with a heart condition decided to try it and lost 100 pounds. Of course that is only one person, but it was effective for her.

    1. Worked for me!
      No longer pre-diabetic, bp is down and dropped 13lbs all in 8 wks.was.
      BTW, did I mention that I feel like He Man!!

    2. @João Leite But that’s the whole point of keto / low carb – at least to me.
      You increase the fat ratio not by deliberately eating more fat, but reducing carbs a lot and protein to some extend.
      Reducing carbs means that your body re-learns how to burn fat, so it’s not totally miserable and nagging when you’re in an energy defizit.

    3. I mean if she had 100 pounds to lose then it was probably the lack of junk food rather than the diet itself maybe?

  10. This is actually weirdly helping my struggle with my ED, so thank you for making this video. I know you didn’t make this with the expectation that, that would happen but it has, and so… thank you!

    1. @highlander2000 idk why you guys have to say stuff like this. It was really hard for me to open up about my anorexia in the youtube comment section buy sometimes even just talking about it could push someone to get help. No, im not talking about erectile disfunction. I’m talking about my years long struggle with my eating disorder buy I shorten it to ED because even just saying eating disorder can be triggering for some people. It’s a complicated and deadly illness. You guys need more compassion and empathy.

  11. I like it when these people say “our ancestors ate that, we evolved to eat that, therefore it’s natural to eat that”, and then proceed eating a cucumber in December. Bro, your ancient ancestors didn’t have cucumbers (they’re a product of artificial selection), and even if they did, they didn’t have the means to grow them in December or keep them until December.

    1. What on earth are you talking about? Humans are omnivore, not carnivorous so of course we are capable of digesting and absorbing nutrition from plants…do you think the teeth you have are just an accident? How do you do you think vegans or vegetarians who live till their 80ties can survive if humans can’t absorb plants?….by the way, the wonderful prehistoric times of healthy diet you’re referring too – phumans have lived 25-30 years on average and a lot of it was from malnutrition…I swear tho god people are literally loosing their perspective complately these days

    2. Your ancient ancestors ate the ancient ancestors of today’s cucumbers, among many other things. Look at our teeth, they are evidence of what our ancestors ate (at least the successful ones), and therefore, what we are “supposed” to eat. Not quite like the teeth of a horse or a lion, our teeth lie somewhere in the middle, suggesting we consumed a wide variety of edibles.

    3. @Eqinor natural fruit sugar. Also combined with fiber from the fruits/veggies which prevents your blood/sugar levels from spiking The benefit of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in a proper smoothie can be life changing for those who don’t normally eat enough plants

  12. as someone who used the ketogenic diet (never eating more than 20~ g of carbs in a day) I found It helped me eat less food. I mixed it with “fasting” so I only ate food in one meal. this way I can feel full but I never saved room for surgery desserts. It helps a lot that I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth in the first place. Though I did miss having good bread, and when I bought it it kept tasting so sweet. the keto diet was making surgers to be more noticeable. my cravings for bread has started my journey of bakery. I forgot how good pizza was!!

  13. Now I’m not a doctor but I’m 100 percent I’m the group that thinks putting every human on the same diet would produce different results, and honestly at the end of the day it’s really what works best for you.

  14. Keto helped me lose my first 40 lbs but at a certain point I just didn’t love the food and process anymore. The more I experimented the less I was enjoying the tastes. Realizing a lot of the foods I did like would cross over nicely to a balanced diet I just started CIC with exercise. Keto did help me quit fast food or at least I eat it rarely now. I would go bun and sauce less and fast food meat doesn’t taste right! Smells funny too.

  15. I come from background where until recently people were naturally keto. My grandparents come from region where even onions were rare, but meat abundant. It was easier to get almost wild apples than to get potatoes. They eat a lot of wheat flour but very unrefined. They drink a lot of broth, meat stew, a lot of dairy, butter, lard. And heavy working in the field every single day. My grandmas shape at her 80s was better that of many women in their 20s, and healthier too. She passed away when she decided to do so- missed my grandpa, whose passed away due to car accident. Both had super healthy heart and liver. As many of their generation they only started getting sick when moved to city and started eating western food with too many carbs for them, even though we never had donuts or pizza or other fast food when growing up. I remember grandma saying to her friend- “even in city, keep moving, staying water will become swamp, siting down will kill you” . I repeat that to myself all the time

    1. One of the only things that all centenarians have in common is that they move several times an hour (while awake, obviously). Moving is essential for digestion, for blood circulation, muscle health, and for healthy brain function. That was wonderful advice from your grandmother.

    2. I’d be very interested to know what area your grandparents are from? They sound like they were incredible people!

  16. A low carb high fat diet along with time restricted eating has been beneficial to me in treating type 2 diabetes. A1C went from 11 to the mid 5’s after only 3 months. I also went from 220 to 185lbs without spending a single day at a gym. I am no longer on medication for type 2 and the weight loss has cured my sleep apnea situation. Quitting sugar and grain based foods was the hard part but after becoming fat adapted I no longer have any desire for them instead of cravings for sugar and carbs every ten minutes I now feel full for quite a long time after eating. In fact my main objective was to drink coffee in the morning with heavy whipping cream then eat a high fat low carb meal around 2 or 3 and my last meal around 5 or 6 pm. But since I really don’t feel so hungry I often skip the middle meal. As far as how I feel… well before I took control over my type 2 this way, I was always tired., hungry, angry, had blurred vision and a junky for full sugar sodas and energy drinks. Now I feel way calmer.. way more mellow than I ever have before. All my life I’ve been ADD with hyper active tendencies. That all has also improved dramatically. In fact… back when I was in that state there was no way in hell that I could sit a write a lengthy comment this long. It would likely of been just a one word reply at best. Lol … I found out about all this on YouTube.. watching a channel called beat diabetes and also videos by DR Jason fung, Dr Ekberb, Dr berry, Dr Richard Bernstein and a few other’s. If you are diabetic or show symptoms of insulin resistance I encourage you to look into it. On the beat diabetes channel you will see tones of interviews with people who have stopped all meds for type 2 and now have an a1c so low that it no longer classifies them as being a diabetic on paper.

    1. I follow the same doctors and have had the same experience you have had. It is transformational when you find something that works so easily. Why isn’t this promoted to the public as a way to master your health. Instead we have the normalization of obesity

    2. Nice Bees .. yeah it’s surprising that the “system” so to speak doesn’t seem to want to fix the problem. Maybe industry has something to do with it. Selling a lot less grains and sugar… or maybe the drug companies don’t want to miss out on all those insulin and medication sales. Just not enough money it curing it maybe… I’m glad for you though.. it’s awesome 👍

  17. As someone from the UK, it was shocking to me just how many foods in the US had additional sugar crammed into their list of ingredients.
    Bread was noticeably sweeter. High fructose corn syrup seems like a standard additive in many processed foods.
    And very sugary drinks are consumed by grown adults as a sort of regular staple!

    I think there’s something about the output of the US food industry which is especially lipogenic. So any diet, fad or otherwise, which results in people eating significantly less sugar is going to be a good thing.

    1. Bold of someone from the UK to criticize another country’s food. You guys literally have the highest rate of obesity in Europe.

    2. High fructose corn syrup is indeed a standard staple in processed foods. It was created as a sugar substitute in the 1970’s and since the US had more corn fields than sugar plantations, it stuck as the cheaper way to produce sweet, addictive foods consumers would keep coming back for. 😕 Some of us don’t though. A processed snack or juice is an exception in my house. ❤️

    3. @L G Black pudding (which is a savoury sausage eaten with a cooked breakfast) is incredibly delicious. Don’t knock it unless you have tried it.

    4. @Mezmer That’s true. The UK is importing US food production methods and we are seeing the impact in obesity. Thankfully we are not yet putting sugar in bread.

  18. One of the hypothesis on the cooking theory that I find most interesting is that heat frees fat. Think about how a resteraunt works, they toss in excessive salt and butter, both things historically we unlocked “late” but were extremely desirable, as well as sugar. We desire it because biologically we need it according to the theory. Makes sense, we’d die out if we loved arsenic

  19. Everyone in my household wanted to lose weight and we decided to just go for it together on New Years so we can all eat the same meals and no special shopping or tempting things, we tossed around the idea of keto, among other things, but looking it up so many advocates made it all seem so complicated and extreme. But ultimately just settled for getting rid of the processed frozen foods, take-out, and refined carbs & sugar- no bread, pasta, white rice, pancakes, etc. and no sodas or juices except some crystal lite with dinner. We’d still eat fruit, yogurt & cottage cheese (homemade, no added sugar), oatmeal, legumes, nuts, seeds, and lots of veggies so we got plenty of nutrition and healthier carbs. We didn’t restrict meat, not in portion or in type, or fats, but honestly without all the refined carbs & sugars we didn’t eat as much of them; seems putting stuff on bread, rice, pasta just causes you to eat more of it overall, IDK why.

    Long story short, we have all lost weight, one person lost 16 lbs. Last weekend we had a birthday party so we had our old carby foods and cake, but after we finished them a few days later we all just wanted to go back to keeping the white flour/refined/overprocessed/sugary foods out of the house. It’s nice for a holiday or treat occasionally but we all just feel better overall without it every day. I think the best “diets” are not to think of them as temporary but as a permanent lifestyle you can manage.

    1. Yes, i was surprised that i could completely lose my sugary obsession after only a year of sticking to healthy foods!

    2. what is the non refined carbs may i ask? i have severe acnes and my doctor asked me to eat low gi food including non refined carbs; she said eating white rice is ok, just no noodles and pasta and flour-base food 🤔

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