What I’m Buying from Perfect Keto for 40% off (and what I don’t recommend) 2022

Yes, I purchase my own products from Perfect Keto. However like the majority of folks, I have a budget I need to stay with, so I only purchase throughout their big sales: Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving.

I've tried nearly all of their products and in this video, I stroll you through the website and tell you what I ABSOLUTELY enjoy as well as the products I dislike or don't feel deserve the rate.


Discount Dates: Monday, 5/23 – Monday, 5/30
– 1 product for 15% off
– 2 products for 20% off
– 3 products for 25% off
– 4 products for 35% off
– 5+ items for 40% off
Code: Discount rate automatically applied at checkout

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What I'm Buying from Perfect Keto for 40% off (and what I don't recommend)

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  1. I love the collagen, electrolyte powders and nola bars. I might grab the sprinkles to add to my keto chow ice cream using the creami.

  2. Thank you Steve! About two months ago, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find their electrolyte capsules anymore, I emailed them and they never responded. I finally gave up and ordered another brand, and I just don’t like them as well as PK. It may be all mental as I can’t tell you why exactly I don’t like the non-PK brand as much. I know I just don’t feel as good as I did taking PK. But now I’m mad because they hid the capsules on their site. I searched and searched for them. I didn’t want to buy from a third party online. I worry about fakes. I’m glad you showed us how to get pill form! I’m very grateful. I now need to get to the forgiveness stage with PK to decide if I can order from them again.

    1. I don’t know why they “bury” it under the electrolyte drinks. They don’t bury the BHB capsules under the exogenous ketone drink, so it’s kind of inconsistent.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! They’re already sold out on 2 of the Nola bar flavors (but I got the peanut butter that I wanted!)

    1. I was bummed that the white chocolate macadamia nut nola bar is sold out. I decided to try the coconut chocolate chip a try.

  4. I really need to get some of the sleep stuff, and I’m sure I would like the electrolyte capsules better than the powder, I have the black cherry, it’s not as good as I had hoped.

    1. I use a Cpap and I will still wake up in the middle of the night most nights, some I can go right back to sleep though often I’m awake for a couple hours…

  5. My husband has been waiting for this sale and he is not even keto. He loves Perfect Keto!

    1. Me too. When I got my collagen, I had forgotten that Memorial Day was right around the corner. Oh well, I still needed enough stuff to hit the 40% threshold.

  6. A reason for exogenous ketones would be to treat inflammation and its symptoms, particularly brain inflammation. -, and its symptoms.- This would be particularly true for someone _not_ in ketosis or someone having trouble reaching a high level of ketosis. I’ve never taken them, but I have taken MCT oil at the beginning of an extended fast to give me a boost into therapeutic ketosis, as a study Thomas DeLauer referenced indicated it could help speed that, and I believe it has.

    To explain, I came to keto to beat newly-diagnesed type two diabetes, but I found that therapeutic ketosis calmed my inflammation from degenerative disc disease. I’ve been keto ever since, but because I also want to boost my protein to increase muscle mass, I eat a lot of meat. I really only get into therapeutic ketosis when I fast longer than 24 hours, so I like to do that most weekends, in addition to time-restricted eating on resistance training days (though I still try to make sure I go 12-16 hours without eating on other days.)

  7. I do buy the exogenous ketones. I don’t use them every day or every week for that matter but they do help me with certain issues I have had since suffering a brain aneurysm (hemorrhagic stroke). I’ve largely recuperated from it but I do still have some issues. I have found that using these absolutely help me and I’ve heard that others with brain injuries have had good results using exogenous ketones. From time to time I’ll occasionally have bouts of heart palpitations and if I’m using them they stop. Would not recommend to use for weight loss but definitely help with the brain.

    1. These are great for an elderly parent! Yes, great for the brain. I have taken them briefly and know they do make your brain feel good. It’s an experience kinda like a natural high. I noticed my brain worked a little sharper, faster, lifted my mood. But idea for an older parent.

    2. Sherry, thank you so much for this message. I too am a stroke survivor and just this morning one of Dr Fung’s fasting sites put out a video informing us of the excellent results this had for heart failure patients as well in a small study. I am definitely going to start a program with this.

  8. The only issue I have with the electrolyte capsules is there is L-leucine and that breaks a fast. Thanks for the recommendations Steve. Other items are cool with me 🎉

  9. Love the watermelon flavored eletrolyte powder. Good change of pace from plain old water. Will be stocking up.

  10. I’m hesitant to order the sleep collagen because I haven’t rec’d my first order from your “first ad” sale. Hope it comes soon and that it works for me, before the sale ends.

  11. I bought the beauty + sleep collagen based on your first recommendation and I enjoy it, but haven’t had the magical results that you have had for sleep. It seems to help sometimes. Better than nothing I guess. They do taste good (berry lavender tastes… okay) and they mix in well. As for the rest of their product line, I’ve taken SuperFat pouches in my backpack for hiking, but the rest falls into the “expensive packaged foods” category that I avoid. People who are just starting out might feel the need to buy cookies and pancake mixes, but to me those things aren’t food, even when made by a keto company.

  12. I was wondering when the next big sale was happening. Time to stock up on my favorites.

    I always buy a few bottles of electrolytes.

    I have the Keto pre-workout. It tastes bad. It reminds me of a lemon lime milk of magnesia. 🤮

    1. Yep, I bought 3 bottles this morning (along with a couple other items). That should take care of me until Labor Day. 🙂

  13. I wish their web site had a page with all items listed on it so you don’t have to hunt. Thanks for the great review.

    1. They do make you hunt a little. I also find that if I don’t see the discount, it’s because I accidentally hit the subscribe and save button, which is all too easy.

  14. Adding another potential reason for exogenous ketones here. Ketones work as a signaling molecule in the body, in addition to their other benefits. If I remember right, they instruct the mitochondria to shift into fat-burning mode. They can be used in the beginning when someone switches to a low-carb diet to lessen the transition time. Obviously you don’t want to use too much of them, as they are legitimately an energy source. Ultimately you want to burn fat and make you own ketones, not drink them from outside sources.

  15. I have almost all flavors of the collagen. I use 1 scoop when making my ice cream and mix in my plain Greek yogurt. I have 2 flavors of the beauty & sleep collagen mexican hot chocolate & turmeric coconut latte. I think they relax me…but I don’t have a sleep problem to begin with. My fav is the hot chocolate. I also use there cherry electrolytes.

  16. I agree with Darla, I haven’t seen the benefits that you have Steve. I am still waking up at at 12 midnight for and hour then go back to sleep. I am hoping with time it will work for me as I do like the drink. I got the Mexican hot chocolate and do want to try the berry. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  17. Along the lines of a comment from another. My nephew suffers from brain damage, is on the autism spectrum, and has symptoms not unlike alzhiemer’s. When he’s having particularly unclear and unfocused days I find that Exogenous Ketone seem to help him with clarity and focus. It isn’t a miracle but it is a help.

  18. Thanks so much! I am currently on disability and looking for part-time work — once I have that, Perfect Keto, here I come!! Your video will dramatically increase my buying power and savvy. Thank you, Steve!

  19. I’m going to try the Beauty+Sleep in the Mexican Hot Chocolate. The MCT and Collagen powders are always on my list–salted caramel for coffee, strawberry for cold coconut milk. 🙂 I’m going to try the electrolyte capsules because my favorite in the powder is sold out.

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