Vinegar Powerful Probiotic for Gut Health | lecture 370

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( Retired) Assistant Prof. Sheikh Zayed Institute Lahore

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was an Assistant Professor Urology at Sheikh Zayed Healthcare Facility and Kidney Transplant Center, Lahore. In 2003, he was identified with Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and was prescribed oral medications, workout & diet plan control. In 2016, he was put on insulin due to increase in urea creatinine and retinopathy. The weakening health led Dr. Khalid on a quest to discover responses. He started intensively studying Type 2 Diabetes, its' avoidance and remedy. He consulted physicians however none were able to offer answers to his concerns. Then lastly, he came across a YouTube video of Dr. Jason Fung, that video proved to be a life altering moment in Dr. Khalid's life. Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist who declared 100% cure and turnaround of Diabetes through intermittent fasting and some lifestyle modifications.

A physician himself, Dr. Khalid extensively studied Jason Fung's theories. Now, because 2018, he is on a ketogenic diet and doing intermittent fasting with walk and workout. He is off the medications now and his creatinine levels are also back to regular.

Dr. Khalid is no longer practicing Urology and has actually instead made it his mission to inform individuals on social networks about what he has learned & practiced so that they are likewise able to treat 80-90% of all illness caused by Insulin Resistance.

Dr. Khalid is starting weekly lectures on Facebook & Youtube on curing Kidney Problems, Diabetes and Blood Pressure through Ketogenic Diet and intermittent fasting.

Powerful Probiotic for Gut Health | lecture 370

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  1. Assalam o Alaikum dr sir!
    Sir now I am in third trimester of pregnancy can I get 500mcg potassium iodide capsule daily I get it from kwait

  2. This video was missing in your previous you tube. Probiotic is very important topic. Gut is called as second brain. Dr Gundry book is also in my Library. Vinegar has a lot of importance in our religion.


  3. اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎

  4. Sir I am psoriasis patient I used apple vinegar some day ago on your advice but my psoriasis problem increased and gastric problem also.please tell me can I use it or not

  5. In market there is two types of vinegar
    1. Natural which can be drink
    2. Synthetic
    Natural is safe for drinking and synthetic use only for washing
    Using Vinegar in diet is sun-nah of Prophet S.A.W

  6. Apky all lecture men sunti hu❤❤ excellent 👌👍 information ap humy deyty ha❤❤ Allah Pak apko Hamasha apni Afieeyt Mey rekhy ameen summa ameen 🤲🤲

  7. Sir now a days synthetic vinegar is selling in the world and due to lack of knowledge we are using it and yes there are many bad things happen to our health. ….

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