Video Podcast #158 – The Challenge of Autumn, Apple Watch Glucose Monitoring, Diets vs Diet

Think about this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (primarily of me talking). I'll be discussing keto associated topics that remain in the news, talking about frequently asked questions from my viewers, and in some cases talking about some non-keto things (but most likely cooking related).

In this episode, I talk a bit more about the red meat and diabetes research study, I describe the difficulties of shooting videos in fall, I provide an upgrade on Apple Watch and non-invasive glucose monitoring, I finalize what I like to call the way I consume, and offer my opinion on "doctors".

Take a look at my entire video library:

0:00 Thanks & videos I see
2:49 Red meat and diabetes revisited
4:56 Fall challenges
7:22 Apple Watch and glucose monitoring
12:45 Keto-vore pt 3
14:44 I don't like "diet plans".
16:50 Physicians tirade.

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Video Podcast #158 – The Challenge of Autumn, Apple Watch Glucose Monitoring, Diets vs Diet

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  1. Thank you for the podcast. It is sad that our healthcare system is profit driven and not health driven. I find that I really have to do my own research and be my own advocate and not just blindly trust my provider although he is on board with low carb, it’s the plethora of rabbit holes to explore and trying to figure out which ones really matter…it’s almost a full time job.

  2. Hope this comment makes you happy for me 🙂 When I was diagnosed T2 diabetic, it was my GP who suggested Keto as an alternative to insulin. She has been very supportive and celebrates my remission of diabetes as long as I continue my ketogenic lifestyle (lol). I feel very fortunate to have a GP who I can bring my own research to, have a discussion, and use evidence based results in decision-making. BTW – she’s a DO, not MD, which I think makes a difference…

    1. That’s awesome. DOs definitely approach medicine more holistically, from my experience. Unfortunately, it seems that practically every medical system and practitioner around here has merged into this single giant “healthcare” entity, and you’d be hard pressed to find anything but MDs in their system.

      The last DO I saw was about 25 years ago and his office (which looked like a house) was in an old residential neighborhood. He retired.

    2. That’s funny. My Doctor is a DO also but back when I first started seeing him I was in the early years of my Keto journey. When I told him about Keto he quickly told me it was not good. So even DOs, who should be trained in the area of low carb, may or may not be aware. I still see the same doctor but he doesn’t bother me about it. I tell him what Labs I need and he orders them for me.

    3. My MD actually referred me to keto, and I think that’s because Dr. Eric Westman takes diabetic patients at Duke and helps them get healthier. I would imagine about 7 years from now more doctor’s will recommend keto to metabolically unhealthy folks.

    4. I am happy for you … and am still hoping to find a provider that embraces keto. Until then, I will tell my doctors I eat low carb lol.

  3. Wow! I didn’t know about the blood glucose monitor possibility with the Apple Watch. I hope that happens. Always love to hear what you have to say. After searching for over a year, I may have found a GP that is a low-carb advocate. (That’s what I call what I do, Low Carb Lifestyle. If someone pushes back I shift to: “I’m managing my diabetes with blood sugar control.” Even though I no longer have diabetes. Then it seems like I’m dealing with a “special” medical condition.) ANYWAY I found a new Dr, I see her this week. I hope I will be transferring myself to her care. My current GP told me to go on a low fat diet after I was pre-diabetes! Insane. At least I knew that was crazy.

    1. It would be interesting, and probably not that difficult, to look at the timing of the introduction and rise of “low fat” food products charted against the rise in obesity and diabetes. I’m fairly certain that the relationship would be impossible not to notice.

      I’m thrilled to hear you found a GP that is supportive. 👍

  4. I tell people that I follow an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. No sugar, no grains no seed oils. It tends to not trigger the keto-phobes. Lol!

  5. Hi, Steve. Totally agree with you about youtube videos and repairs. I am a woman who is not terribly handy but was able to watch a video on how to replace the cabin filter on my vehicle. Awesome!! Love your videos btw.

  6. I personally follow a diet that I call “Carneterrvorean” haha Lots of grass-fed meats and seafoods but with tons of veggies, salads, nuts, and healthy oils (avocado, macadamia nut, and extra virgin olive oil). I’m in ketosis the majority of the time but the amount of carbs I ingest would be considered way too high for carnivore and on the high side for keto. But I’m quite active and I feel like everything that I’m eating is healthy so… I’m doing ME 😁

    1. Ultimately, that’s my hope – that people will find what works right for them, that they have a healthy relationship with food, and that what they are doing is sustainable.

  7. As they said during the pandemic, ” we’re all in this together “. The FDA has a vested interest in people sticking to the SAD way of eating. Now I’m probably canceled, ha ha! Love today’s t-shirt and another great video. Thank you!!

  8. My doctors are all very keto friendly, my pulmonologist lost about 50 pounds on keto, my diabetes doctor was very impressed–calls me his “Gold Star” patient–that I’ve been able to lower my A1C to 4.9 and was very excited to learn about MCT oil when my cholesterol went down by 100 points in 3 months!

  9. My Dr is impressed by my A1c and how low it has been. He asked me how I was able to do it and, since most in the medical field hate the word keto, I just told him by eating low carb and exercising. Keto is so much more than just low carb but most docs don’t want to hear that. Anyway thanks for your podcasts and helping all of us live a healthy lifestyle!

    1. I actually think it’s a better idea to let our healthcare practitioners know exactly what we’re doing to improve our health. Perhaps if they hear “KETO” enough times, especially in cases of A1C, then they might change their tune and start educating their patients on the benefits of utilizing keto in their lifestyle.

  10. I had a bulged disc in my neck right when COVID shut down unnecessary procedures such as MRIs. It was making my fingers numb. My chiropractor fixed it in one month with no surgery. My chiropractor also happens to promote the ketogenic lifestyle and even has recipes available in his office.

  11. When asked I say I follow a ketogenic way of eating. Any additional explanation always focuses on real (non-processed) foods that are low carb and contain non-inflammatory oils. That seems to make sense to people – including medical doctors. 😊

  12. My husband is a chiropractor and we have run a practice for over 20 years and also work for a group practice. When we personally decided to live the ketogenic lifestyle, our patients took notice and then started asking how we did it. It was an amazing way to educate them about our process and start changing lives. We inspired countless people to adopt the same principles and saw their commitment to change and their health improve as a result. You’re correct in that nutrition isn’t really taught in medical or chiropractic college, so it’s up to the doctor to educate themselves. In our case, we educated by example… the best kind, in my opinion!

    1. I have a quick chiropractor question if you’re willing to entertain it. It’s regarding a recent shoulder issue I’ve developed. I’d ask my own chiropractor, but I just found out that he is being sued for insurance fraud and I’m thinking I need to find someone new. But before I do, I would like to find out if this is something a chiropractor could help with.

    2. @Serious Keto Yes! My husband and the other 3 doctors I work with have gotten amazing results working on the extremities after working on the spine and removing any nerve interference. I injured my shoulder years ago (over 25 years now) before I married my husband while working out in the gym. It was so bad that I couldn’t even reach forward to close the glove box in my vehicle. I had my shoulder adjusted by a chiropractor while my husband was still in chiropractic school and I was thrilled that I could use my arm normally again. I was completely sold on chiropractic after that! Now, not all chiropractors are trained in extremity adjusting, so when you call to find a new DC, that might be one of your questions. Sorry to hear about your former DC. If you lived in Michigan, I’d had some excellent (albeit biased) recommendations, but hopefully you’ll be able to find one that can help you out! Let me know if you have any further questions, I’m happy to help.

    3. @Heidi Wetherbee So here are the full details (not that I’m asking for an online diagnosis). About a month ago, I had some tattoo work done on the inside of my upper arms. I was on my back and there was a support under my elbow, but not further down at my wrist. It was really uncomfortable and my arm went to sleep.

      Ever since, little and unpredictable movements will make it feel like my shoulder is slipping out of the socket. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen when I’m lifting weights – I think because I’m so conscious of my form. But I’ll do something as seemingly harmless as reaching for the TV remote, and I’ll feel it pop or slip.

  13. I’m with you. I work in the medical field and the doctors! Wow, so glad I’m relatively healthy. The longer I’m in the field (29 years) the less respect I have for them. They do not know as much as people give them credit for.

  14. My 90 year old mother loves to throw the word keto around. We try and eat low carb but we are not keto. But she tells everyone we are. I just smile.

  15. I’ve seen this message on more than one Keto channel and I’m GLAD because the more channels that tear that study apart, the faster the knowledge will spread.

  16. My mom’s kidney doctor is a fan of keto after hearing how much benefit my mom has gotten from it. She hadn’t ever heard of someone getting off their insulin!

  17. I am so hopeful that Apple Watch comes out with a glucose monitor. And you are absolutely correct about the way all of the doctors and nurses and receptionist look at the doctors office😂😂😂😂

  18. Yep, all kinds of doctors. When my soon to be husband was in veterinary school the class motto was “give me a two point and call me doctor”….that’s all they were hoping for. Back in the 70’s it was highly competitive!

  19. Our chiropractor is really good. When I mentioned I was going to try keto, he suggested a whole food style diet, and I explained my history of dieting over the last 30+ years, and he just said be careful. He and I had discussion about my weight loss when I was in the losing phase of my keto lifestyle. and what changed during my maintenance phase. He has since decided to go carnivore, and looks and feels so much better and now carries LMNT in their office. The massage therapist is also pretty fantastic. Once a month, so worth it!

  20. Interesting podcast. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like Ketogenic Lifestyle. Works for me. I have a lot of respect for most chiropractors. Kudos to Terry! Being a surgical nurse or any kind of a nurse for that matter takes a very special person!

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