Video Podcast #155 – Bed & Breakfast Experience, Birthday Proclamation, Active Keto 2023

Consider this video as an audio podcast (great deals of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I'll be talking about keto associated subjects that are in the news, discussing frequently asked concerns from my viewers, and sometimes discussing some non-keto things (but probably cooking associated).

In this episode, I share my bed & (not keto) breakfast experience from this weekend, I make a vow associated to my next birthday, I talk a bit more about deleted comments, and I argue that keto is simply fine for physically active individuals.

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0:00 Intro and first promo
2:16 B&B experience
6:23 My birthday proclamation
8:01 Deleted comments?
9:33 Physically active keto
12:49 Platform diversity
14:11 Approaching material

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Video Podcast #155 – Bed & Breakfast Experience, Birthday Proclamation, Active Keto

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  1. So happy for your sponsorship! Don’t beat yourself up over gaining… just pickup and get going again. I fell off for 3 months while my kitchen was being remodeled and I lived in my bedroom…stress. So I put on 10lbs but back on now and have lost 2lb so back on the way again.

  2. Thank you for sharing that you went off plan for the weekend. It is refreshing to see someone admit to being imperfect and not coming across as a Keto robot 😁

    1. Low carb is my lifestyle, that will never change. When there’s a trip/event I just eat what I want then get back to it. I love Chinese, Mexican, Indian food and a nice Guinness!

  3. My husband and I travel a lot, and have stayed in bed and breakfasts in a lot of places. (The ones in Ireland and Scotland are the best.) Once we went to Portland, ME on a “lobster eating” trip, and stayed in a beautiful BnB, with probably a dozen rooms. The owners did not understand what a carbohydrate was. “What you don’t eat fruit?” “What? no toast?” I had to go to the kitchen, talk to the Chef, and order eggs and meat. It was really weird.

    In the South, pork rinds are at every convenience store, and the Southern Recipe pork rinds are available at TWO close to my house. Yay!!

  4. I’ve always heard that protein is the building blocks of muscle not carbs. I know that marathon runners carb load before a race but that’s the extent of my knowledge, lol. Happy Anniversary to you and Terry and belated Happy Birthday to Terry! The one time my husband and I went to a bed and breakfast the woman made a lovely breakfast but didn’t stand there and watch us eat. She should have left you two alone in my opinion. Congratulations on your sponsorship! 🤗🤗

  5. First of all Love, love, love the shirt! Huge Floyd fan and Wish you were here is one of my top 3 favorite albums from them! If people say keto is not for active people point them towards Robert Sikes! Dude is literally one of the most athletic and physically fit people on this planet! There’s so many more I could name that do weight lifting, body building, run marathons! Those that say things like that are literally just static in the background! LoL

  6. Thanks Steve. I’m keeping my T2 diabetes in check with almost normal A1C’s (5.7) thanks to what you share on your channel (and others). 8 yrs of keto/low carb eating have kept the diabetes numbers in check. I absolutely hate all the disinformation that is out there about keto being “dangerous” long term as a life style, etc.

  7. Congratulations on your sponsorship. The fact that you like these pork rinds makes me want to check them out!

  8. Congratulations on your sponsorship!! Love commercials with Colton🤗🤗! Created a Rumble account so I can follow you in both.

  9. You absolutely do not need carbs to exercise. I started Keto in 2014 at 397 pounds. I am now 220-225 pounds after reaching my goal by swimming 🏊🏿‍♀️ and Keto for 2 years and continue the same. I swim fro 1/2 a mile to a mile … 4-6 days a week. Love your channel!!!❤

  10. Just a quick note to say congratulations on all the progress that you have made in the past few years! You followed your dream and put the hard work in so that you could make more of your life than what corporate life could ever give you. And you let your family become a part of that journey too!

  11. Dr Shawn Baker holds the world record, in his age class, for rowing. Since going carnivore/keto, his lifting and rowing has greatly *improved!*
    He’s a *beast* and has a YT channel.

  12. Congratulations on your sponsorship! Your channel is imo the most transparent and refreshing keto channel on the YouTubes.

  13. This morning, one of my favorite neighbors stopped to talk to me. He said, “I see you out here every day walking. You’ve lost so much weight. I exercise like crazy but I can’t lose a pound. What do you do for diet?” I immediately gave him the names of my favorite Keto channels.

    For me, it’s proof that our results will inspire people to try despite what the “experts” say.

  14. Looking forward to all the upcoming recipe videos. Also, I think people saying that you need carbs to exercise are nuts. And are way behind in understanding the science!

  15. Oh wow—85 new recipes coming up! 🥳 And I’m glad you spoke of your experience with the BnB. Nope. I won’t be doing that. I can’t imagine someone standing over me as I try & eat. 🤷🏻‍♀️👎🏻 Carbs ARE somewhat necessary for ME, only because I’m a lean mass hyper responder, who’s pretty active. My labs are WAY off the charts with very low carbs. Just my individual experience….😊

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