Video Podcast #152 – Lab Results, Daddy Daughter Kitchen, Keto Censorship?

Consider this video as an audio podcast (great deals of me talking) with some video (primarily of me talking). I'll be talking about keto associated topics that remain in the news, discussing often asked concerns from my audiences, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (but most likely cooking associated).

In this episode, I share the lab arises from my colonoscopy, I discuss a health scare with my grand son, I give a little history on my previous YouTube channel and nickname, and I give my opinion on Dr. Eric Berg's "Censorship" video.

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0:00 Intro and biting my lip
0:31 Colonoscopy laboratory results
1:39 Nursemaid's elbow
5:21 Daddy Daughter Kitchen
10:00 ?

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Video Podcast #152 – Lab Results, Daddy Daughter Kitchen, ?

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  1. My son got nursemaids elbow when his sisters used to swing him around holding his hands. It sure scared us the first time!
    I usually try to avoid creators who go “conspiracy theory”, especially when it seems more like click bait. Unsubscribe is an easy fix for that. There is plenty of other good stuff on YouTube (like this channel!)

  2. Steve, I always appreciate your non-alarmist and pragmatic perspective on the Ketoverse. Thank you! And YEAH that Colton is ok (never heard of nursemaid’s elbow before!).

  3. Great information! That elbow is scary with kids. One our kids did that when he was around that age and scared us to death. We did do the ER visit. One of many with that particular son. He made sure we learned all things kid related. Bless him! Lol
    The keto and carnivore worlds if not all ways of living, I think have been shoved aside for all the new injection meds out there. Until they realize they still need keto/ketovore way of eating to go along with that shot to loose the weight and keep it off. Just my opinion and the fact it was summer and people could travel freely. 😊

  4. Awe poor little guy! Glad he is feeling better now! I used to watch Berg and Westman. I don’t watch many influencers anymore. I watch you! ❤

  5. Thank you for just talking with us. Your honesty and sense of self are very refreshing. As for the censorship? I’ve experienced this in my last toxic work place. They labeled themselves as a health food store BUT the sugar and carbs they sell is overwhelming. The owner even screamed at me about talking keto, carnivore and paleo to the customers. “You’ll take my business down!” He is a vegan and he promotes the beans and grains to keep customers coming in–like most gov. dr’s with a pharma agenda. I am now in a totally different work environment. I see very sick people all the time. When I mention being a former diabetic and former asthmatic JUST from eating keto, canivore, paleo..they don’t understand and they “love my doc”. It does sadden me to watch them hobble away in pain knowing that IF they chose a different path they would be better. To that, I do believe that media will SAY they are changing because of one thing, but lie to you about it.

    1. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about keto (and other low carb variations). All we can do is keep fighting the good fight and let our great health be an example to others.

  6. Went over and took a peek at Daddy Daughter Kitchen. Courtney is an absolute doll. I hope I spelled her name correctly. 😊

  7. Glad Colton is okay! We Keto/Carnivores need to stick together and not give in to the pressure to stop what is making us feel better. Wish docs would stop treating the symptoms and start looking for the cause of illness.

  8. So glad Colton is okay 🥰. Separately, I agree very strongly with your thoughts. I have said so many times, and will say again, a HUGE reason I love your channel so much, is that it is so real. Thank you, Steve!!!

  9. What a fright! Glad Colton is okay! I took a look at Daddy Daughter Kitchen last week. Courtney and Connor look the same, just taller! Courtney seems to be a gymnast or part frog! I guess we got a foreshadowing of what Colton will look like when we see Connor so young. Thanks for sticking up for Keto!

  10. I decided to try Keto after watching Dr Berg’s videos (and other’s) but no longer watch for various reasons. I only watch a couple of channels related to Keto now, but yours is my favorite. I am retired from working in health care and can say that nursemaid’s elbow is pretty common. So rewarding to treat because of the instant return to normalcy

  11. Glad that Colton is okay, and wonderful video. 604 Days No coffee or caffeine today. What do you get when you cross a raindrop and a snowflake? A slush puppy!

  12. Glad Colton is okay.

    I am glad that you addressed the Dr. Berg video sensibly with some facts of why he may be losing views. A lot of youtuber influencers are being reactionary.
    Thank you for your common sense.

  13. Same thing happened to my nephew when he was about 2. his parents were each holding a hand doing the 1-2-3 swing with him. Later he acted the same way but when anyone went near his arm he screamed. His parents took him to the hospital and he went from crying when the Dr touched him to happy and laughing in a second. Thanks for highlighting this. Glad Colton is ok

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