Video Podcast #150 – Big Thanks, YouTube Shorts, Keto Didn’t Work

Think about this video as an audio podcast (great deals of me talking) with some video (primarily of me talking). I'll be talking about keto related topics that remain in the news, discussing frequently asked concerns from my audiences, and sometimes talking about some non-keto things (however most likely cooking associated).

In this episode, I thank those of you who kept the channel humming along while I was on holiday, I let you understand what the Serious Keto neighborhood's response was to YouTube shorts, I get puzzled when individuals say "keto doesn't work", and I discuss the effect my colonoscopy is going to have on this week's video schedule.

Have a look at my entire video library:

0:00 Introduction and a huge thanks
2:39 Unfavorable remark privilege
3:59 Yelp and web good manners
6:09 YouTube shorts
8:08 YouTube's brand-new ad policy
9:51 Keto didn't work
11:53 Kryptonite
13:54 Colonoscopy impact

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Video Podcast #150 – Big Thanks, YouTube Shorts, Keto Didn't Work

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  1. Seems like our society has diminished in its social skills. Hate the thought of you getting nasty comments. Thanks for banning them immediately. No time for that!

    1. I agree…NO! to comments that are really just personal attacks. AND there is no excuse for unkind, non-constructive criticisms.

  2. The only pushback I have gotten is when someone told me Diabetics can’t do Keto because so and so’s doctor said he should never do Keto. Some doctors are actually coming around to the fact the Diabetes can be reversed by the Ketogenic diet. Potatoes in pretty much any form is my Kryptonite.

    1. When I was upgrading my iPhone a couple of years back, the AT&T guy and I got talking about keto. He told me that he was a diabetic and his doctor told him diabetics can’t do keto. Amazing the amount of misinformation and/or ignorance out there in the “healthcare” industry.

    2. If I DIDN’T do Keto I still be taking insulin. Before insulin was developed a ketogenic diet was the only treatment for diabetes.

    3. It makes me sad that there are trained people out there with such blinkered views as those people will never grow and improve. Ive taken my A1c down from 9 to 6 so far adjusting my diet with no drugs. No potatoes, white flour/bread, pasta, rice and of course the empty carbs of candy/sugar. I dont follow a keto diet religiously, I just feel being more aware of “hidden” carbs and eating sensibly goes a long way.

  3. Your family is great – love that you include them – haters be damned. Kryptonite – chocolate, ice cream and tortilla chips.

  4. I can’t believe anyone could be critical towards your family. Terri is so sweet and Colton is adorable and becoming quite the little ham. I have a t shirt that says “mean people suck” They do.

    Kryptonite are jelly bellies, skittles, potato salad and beans…sigh!

    1. That is one of my two favorite bumper stickers. The other is, and please take with a big sense of humor, “Jesus is coming…Look busy!”

  5. You’re one of the very few genuinely good yt content creators out there. You have integrity. And I really appreciate all you do and what you stand for.
    Tortilla chips is also my weakness. Chips and salsa chips and Queso. Hardest part of eating at my favorite food… Mexican!
    I have put if the colonoscopy every year…..and I’m a nurse!. We sometimes make the worst patients. Maybe year 57 will be the heat lol.
    And I love watching your family! Especially Colton 😉 he’s such a cutie!

  6. How could anyone be nasty or rude to you? Anyone who says anything unkind to you is such a jerk! Love you, love your videos, you are an inspiration and role model.

  7. I find it unbelievable anyone could find a problem with your family, I always love seeing them in your videos! ❤The one food I miss is popcorn and I really can’t find a good replacement for it! 😊

  8. I’m wondering what type of people would take the time to bad mouth someone’s family. Especially the little guy. The energy he brings to the videos is great! Keep it up!

  9. Society has embraced the hood, the bad, and the just really ugly. It’s too bad. You all are nice. A pleasure to watch.

  10. Ever since “that virus” ppl have become extremely… nasty. I’ve retired early from the retail arena due to ppls rude behavior.

    Dr’s don’t want to suggest a ketogenic diet as 1. Most people won’t follow it, and 2. It doesn’t give them a financial kickback, like prescription drugs do.

    I’m always getting old, already viewed videos suggested to me by YT, drives me nuts.

    THANKS! For providing great content!

  11. Wow! I love Steve’s family! His wife, his son, his daughter, All veterans! Come on people! Share the Love!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Oh and Colton! Love that little guy! (Edit: add more Hearts)

  12. So horrible people are commenting evil things about your family. I enjoy seeing your family and how Colton is growing. Thank you for your content.

  13. I can’t understand why anyone would make negative comments about you or your family. I enjoy watching all of the videos where your family is involved.

  14. Golden Rule, People! It’s very simple! Stop hiding behind social media…I bet these commenters wouldn’t say that in person. It’s mean and hurtful and only makes the commenter look bad!!! Thanks to Steve and his family for giving us so much!!!

  15. Your reading of the instructions is HILARIOUS 😂 I’m a registered nurse, and trust me, if you don’t fully prep, they will get in, then reschedule your colonoscopy and ask you to properly prep AGAIN. And bill your insurance TWICE. 😊GOOD LUCK

  16. Steve, your Yelp comment is spot on, everyone thinks they are entitled to be a critic these days. It is very very hard to do what you do day in and day out. All of us in the keto community value and appreciate your content.

    Im sorry you have to deal with disparaging comments you have such a loving and beautiful family and I think it is amazing that they join in on some of the videos and share different perspectives.

    Please don’t focus on the negative folks, your loyal viewers love and appreciate your videos, insights, and recipes!

  17. How can anyone insult Colton?? He is the cutest thing. OMG your grandson is the best. I love watching him.

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