Video Podcast #149 – Hawaii Wedding, Travel Aftermath, Making Recipe Videos

Think of this video as an audio podcast (great deals of me talking) with some video (primarily of me talking). I'll be going over keto associated subjects that remain in the news, talking about often asked questions from my audiences, and sometimes discussing some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking associated).

In this episode, I share the experience of our Hawaii journey and my kid's wedding, I admit to not remaining keto on vacation, I speak about the after-effects of long aircraft trips, and I explain my process of making dish videos.

Take a look at my whole video library:

0:00 Hawaii journey, beginning with Oahu
4:02 Maui wedding
7:13 More on Maui
9:00 GE holidays
10:12 Going off the keto plan
11:32 Travel aftermath
13:45 Channel upgrade – what's coming
16:08 The dish video process

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Video Podcast #149 – Hawaii Wedding, Travel Aftermath, Making Recipe Videos

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  1. I am here to learn from You kitchen science, professional skills & out of the ordinary new recipes to bring me out of the humdrum into magnificent.

    Thank You for all You do in that vein.
    If I said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times; Steve, YOU ROCK!

    I don’t watch shorts at all on a matter of principle.
    IMO there is absolutely nothing a person can effectively learn in 1 min.

    Our attention spans have gotten so nonexistent at this point, all the flashing, fast moving crap is just addictive, ding salivate, dopamine garbage to keep slackers staring 100% of the time at their phones – not learning or growing in any way.

    I know… I hold back too much & don’t share my true feelings 🤔🤪😂🤣

    You do whatever will make You money & You need do.

    I will keep looking for, watching & re-watching the videos with Your true mastery & calling IMO- recipes, kitchen tips & skills used to create truly healthy & great tasting food.

    Thank You & many continued blessings upon You & Yours!!

  2. I’ve been watching you for quite awhile and I truly appreciate the time and effort you put in. I’ve always felt that your professionalism and your integrity set you apart from moost other channels.

  3. Sorry to hear that Terry wasn’t feeling well on the day of the wedding! As for shorts, I personally find them annoying and don’t watch them.

  4. Wow! Thanks for all you do! Good of you to explain the steps to record a recipe video. Lots of work that we don’t realize. Poor Terry worked so hard on the wedding and then had the fainting spells. I hope she enjoyed the rest of the day. ❤️😊

  5. This was a great video! You covered a lot! I hope that Terry is feeling better! That us scary—being away and feeling sick that way! Then the “c”! Ugh! So sorry! I watch shorts and follow to the people’s website for the recipes. I just think you’re very talented! I love ya! Take care!

  6. I found some outstanding channels through shorts. Maybe just posting your intros would lead interest to more clicks, subscribers. Your voice and content should allure the masses 🎉❤

  7. Short videos are an art unto themselves. They can be packed with information and very entertaining. They can also be remarkably boring. Yes, I watch them. But I watch long videos more often. Personally , I don’t think you don’t have the shorts “vibe”. That’s neither good nor bad, it just is – and I’m okay with that. For what it’s worth, I give you permission to stay the course with who you are. After all, it’s the reason I subscribed.

  8. Just some feedback: I watch mostly crafting videos and when I see a short of something I would like to try, I go to the channel for more detail and many times I subscribe if I like the content. I think it is a good way to expand your channel even though it is not a money maker. Glad you are getting back to the cooking videos. I do not buy keto products (not in my budget) so the reviews are not my cup of tea. Thanks for the time, expense and effort you put in to make a high quality video!

  9. BTW I am glad that Terry was ok after the wedding and she didn’t need medical help. It was extreme exhaustion after the wedding was done. I am glad everyone was able to enjoy the rest of the vacation.

  10. It’s a lot of work to create a cooking video. You do a super job at it. I was a CI guy for UTC and use to travel all over the world to do events and the plane would kill my knees. I couldn’t do that today

  11. I really don’t care for big hotels. I usually use a travel agent for big trips and try to get into small, boutique hotels. Maybe a bit pricier, but almost always a lovely experience. I am much more interested in recipes, not reviews as I don’t like to buy keto type products. I appreciate your diligence in making good detailed recipes. I don’t have patience with people who try things out on video, and I really expect to see macros.

  12. I absolutely LOATHE shorts. I don’t believe a “trailer” is needed for the full video. The thumbnail gives you the best picture of what is to come.

  13. Colton is a joy for many of us! Thanks for sharing that little guy. Really sorry you had so much to deal with on the trip. Hope some of it you can find laughter in one day.

    We had a massive thunderstorm just after our wedding ceremony (now years ago). Everyone tried to run to their car and got soaked. We were suppose to drive in a mustang convertible. Ha ha ha Obviously that didn’t work. Our friend recorded the whole ceremony in the church on video in fast forward. So, we got nothing. Then my husband forgot money for the hotel so we had to stop after the reception at Jewel to get some cash. I sat in my wedding dress in the parking lot at Jewel. Ha ha ha ha ha ha Honestly, it’s so funny now.

    I guess if I saw a designer purse at TJMaxx and I really like it, I’d get it for fun, but I too am not big on designer clothes and such shopping.

    You are so lucky to recover so fast from going off keto. I have to calculate five days for every evening (not even the whole day!) I’m off plan. So this last weekend, I had two evenings off and that means I now have TEN WHOLE DAYS to get back to my weight I was before I splurged. I have Hashimoto’s though so that probably explains it.

    Covid isn’t that bad this time around from what I heard. I watch Dr. Campbell on youtube. Glad you recovered from it quickly.

    Shorts are aggravating to me. Sometimes I accidentally click on one and then it keeps playing over and over. Rarely have I purposefully clicked on one. When I have on purpose it’s been to see a cute dog or cat do something. So, I’m not for them but maybe try one and see what happens? You need a good phrase or something. “Drop 50 lbs in a day!” 👍

  14. So sorry Terry had that issue at the wedding. Certainly made it a day to remember. Amazing the work you do for us and fun to hear Terry is taking part in the filming…she does a great job. Shorts….no thank you. The only shorts I watch are to see what Princess Kate is wearing or something about an animal. And now they just pop up when I tap on the icon and that drives me nuts. Your videos are perfect and I watched as many as I could while you were away. Can’t say THANK YOU enough. 🎉

  15. Ahhh, so sorry that Terry wasn’t well, hope you all enjoyed the wedding as much as possible. Thank you for the update. Get well soon Terry. 🤗🤗

  16. On creating a cooking video, I really appreciate the prep work you do before you tape it. I get annoyed with content creators that are not prepared and they wander off camera to get something or you have to watch them measure out something. You do a great job. Don’t take shortcuts!!

  17. I appreciate all you do for us, Steve! Sure hope Terry is all better by now! Have a blessed week 💜🙏✌️🍁🎃🍃🎶

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