Video Podcast #148 – Help Me Please, Hawaii Trip, Cronometer, Brussels Sprouts Again 2023

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mainly of me talking). I'll be talking about keto related subjects that are in the news, going over often asked questions from my viewers, and in some cases talking about some non-keto stuff (but most likely cooking related).

In this episode, I explain why there wasn't a podcast recently, I ask for your assistance while I'm on getaway, I provide an upgrade on my son's wedding, I decide on a pronunciation for "Cronometer", and I poke the hornet's nest as soon as again by discussing Brussels sprouts.

If this podcast seems to end quickly (like I had another subject), it's since I did have another topic. However that was going to make this run over thirty minutes, so I snipped that topic out and will put it in the next podcast.

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0:00 No podcast recently
1:40 Time off concerns
4:34 How you can help Serious Keto
7:17 Hawaii journey update
10:07 Dress t-shirts
12:55 Cronometer
15:02 Brussels sprouts once again

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Video Podcast #148 – Help Me Please, Hawaii Trip, Cronometer, Brussels Sprouts Again

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  1. I will absolutely watch playlists while you’re gone! BTW, I am in the cilantro tastes like soap camp (I can tolerate a little and love the brightness, but more than that and it’s like biting into a bar of soap), and I don’t like brussels sprouts. I also don’t like cabbage, so it makes sense since those sprouts are just tiny little heads of cabbage. I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii and congratulations to the bride and groom.

  2. Thanks for sharing an update Steve. I know that you are going through a lot now and was concerned. (That was even before I found out about the vehicle and appliance repairs!) I even looked up the old video where you discussed Hawaii to see when and where you were going to Hawaii to see if you would be affected. Glad y’all are still able to go. Going for the wedding is making it another “once in a lifetime trip”.
    You had a lot to reply to in this video, so I decided to try something out. I’ll leave several comments to tickle the Youtube algorithm a bit…

  3. I love roasted Brussels sprouts and cilantro. I haven’t taken the super taster test. I pronounce Cronometer the way you do. I’m happy to watch some of your older videos. Have a good trip!!!

  4. Yes to brussels sprouts and cilantro, no to Super Taster test and yes to watching past videos. Have a great time in Hawaii!

  5. Indeed, chronometer does a great job of writing with manufacturers to make sure their data is accurate. Every time we come out with a new flavor, we send the data off to them and they get it added. That’s the reason I prefer it over the alternatives.

    1. Yes, I’ll watch him some older vids. Luv ’em! I’ll look for the early ones with your wife and daughter. Those were fun.

  6. Hi, Steve: I can’t speak for other subscribers but AFAIC, you should enjoy your time with your family and not be concerned about posting new content while you’re away. If we know anything, it’s that life is cyclical and short, and you can’t get this family experience back again once it’s over. Success will find you whatever you choose to do, even it it’s not SK in the future, because you have an honest and dedicated work ethic. Enjoy yourself!

  7. REGARDING HAWAII: Let me pre-empt the (hopefully well–meaning) advice I will get in the comments. We will be spending most of this week in Oahu. While there, we will be monitoring the Maui situation from a far better and closer vantage point, and we will make a family decision as to how to proceed based on the information available. I’m starting to get the gut feel that we will just stay in Oahu, but if we do go to Maui, our hotel is partnered with the World Central Kitchen, who is providing food to the displaced people of Lahaina. I will be offering my time as either a cook or a food server.

    1. Here is part of the the article that I read about the fires in Maui… I deleted the old comment as I found the article.
      ‘As Fox News reported, Clay Trauernicht, a professor and environmental management expert at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, wants to pump the brakes on all this climate panicking.

      “Blaming this on weather and climate is misleading,” Trauernicht wrote in thread of tweets published Wednesday. “Hawai’i’s fire problem is due to the vast areas of unmanaged, nonnative grasslands from decades of declining agriculture.

      “These savannas now cover about a million acres across the main Hawaiian Islands, mostly the legacy of land clearing for plantation agriculture and ranching in the late 1800s/early 1900s. The transformation to savanna makes the landscape way more sensitive to bad ‘fire weather’ — hot, dry, windy conditions. It also means we get huge buildups of fuels during rainy periods.”

      And if anyone thinks that Trauernicht is some sort of reactionary, opportunistically using the disaster to make a point, the man’s been sounding the alarm since at least 2019, when he penned a letter to the editor in The Maui News about far less devastating fires.’

    2. Colton & his fiancé need to make that decision, they are adults. Extraordinary circumstances require flexibility on the part of the newlyweds. Ultimately it’s their decision.
      You are just tagging along being a witness. That fact that you care so much, and willing to go out of your way help to help others, is a testament of your great moral character.
      Just don’t feel so bad about it, make the best of it as you can safely do.

      I will definitely auto-play playlists !!

    3. You have a wonderful time with your family and enjoy yourselves and I hope you can find a way to positively impact those who have been effected by this disaster

    4. Just wanted to say, I’ve been watching more ‘carnivore’ than plain keto content lately, wonder if there’s a trend that’s affecting your views. Thanks for all your great content so far.

  8. I’m sorry that you are so stressed out about your channel, your views.
    Don’t worry about a thing.
    I’ll binge watch some cooking videos, which I normally don’t bother to watch.
    I’m a faithful supporter. I’ll share with my friends❤
    Sorry this is a hard time for you, Steve. I’m praying you’ll recover from last year’s setback.
    Wishing you a stress free trip in Hawaii

  9. Brussels sprouts-yes, cilantro -no! I have not done the super taster test. I don’t care if people don’t like brussels sprouts, more for me! 😄

  10. Love cilantro. Have grown to like brussel sprouts. Hope you all have an absolutely amazing time in Hawaii. Congratulations🌺🌺🌺

  11. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii! I think a lot of us are feeling the stress of the times. Our money isn’t keeping up with the inflation!

  12. I love brussels sprouts and cilantro, and I’ve never taken a super taster test. I’ll be sure to auto-play your videos while I’m asleep😂(I leave the TV on anyway). Have a great trip!

  13. Thanks for all the laughs this morning. I do like Brussels sprouts and cilantro, but I have not done the super taster test. Ready to go back and watch past episodes while you’re gone. Have a safe trip!

  14. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful trip with your family, Steve. I hope you’re views on videos pick up as well. 🤗

  15. Hey Steve, a super Canadian Brussel Sprout lover but a hater for cilantro (soap). I have not done a super taster test. Have a wonderful time away and I’ll look back on plenty of ‘older’ videos and share a few too. Sending love to everyone going on the family vacation ~ Paula

  16. Steve, thanks for posting this. I hope you have a great time In Hawaii with your family and feel rejuvenated!

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