Video Podcast #145 – Recipe Demands, Keto is a Fad, What is “Keto Friendly”?

Consider this video as an audio podcast (great deals of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I'll be going over keto associated topics that remain in the news, going over regularly asked concerns from my audiences, and often discussing some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking associated).

In this episode, I wrap up some loose ends from prior podcasts, I describe again why I don't do more recipe videos, I argue that keto is not a trend, I wonder how we specify keto and concern what is "keto friendly".

0:00 Introduction & who I look like winner
1:33 CBD vs THC
2:52 Maui meet up?
4:30 Recipes vs other videos
8:08 Glucose screening and inflammation
10:19 Is keto a trend?
14:53 Why we do keto
19:00 What is "keto friendly"?
22:18 Guest look

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Video Podcast #145 – Recipe Demands, Keto is a Fad, What is "Keto Friendly"?

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  1. I’ve got a simple response to those who request more recipe videos. Have you checked out all the cooking videos on Serious Keto’s YT channel and website? There are so many there that you will be busy for a LONG time trying them out. There are great recipes for condiments and spice mixes that will keep you busy getting your fridge stocked and pantry ready with homemade keto items. People can be so absorbed by the latest greatest recipes, that they miss out on relevant videos from year’s ago. You’ve got a great collection Steve! There are so many great recipes out there by keto/low carb/carnivore YT creators that get forgotten in their old videos.

    1. Thank you. People do seemed to get swept up whenever there’s a new “shiny object”, like chicken flour. I have to laugh as I did a chicken bread/bun recipe video at least two years ago.

    2. I read this way too quickly and at first thought you were recommending Serious Keto to our friend Steve here. I need a second cup of coffee, obviously. 😆

  2. My school does diabetic screening every year for all the teachers and last year was the first year I wasn’t considered “pre-diabetic” so keto definitely reverses diabetes.

  3. Two comments:
    1. Not sure if you may have already tried this, but I have been taking passionflower for anxiety for several years. It doesn’t eliminate anxiety, but it does take the edge off and is relatively mild.

    2. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Feb 2018 with HbA1c of 9.8. Started ketogenic diet and by May had A1c of 6.2. By August, it was 5.6 and stayed at that level for 2 full years before my doctor stopped requesting A1c quarterly. I still monitor my blood glucose every morning and it remains well within normal range even though I am no longer on a strict keto diet and just eat low carb (30-70 g carbs per day). I enjoy my low carb lifestyle, mainly because of keto channels like this one that help to keep meals and snacks interesting and delicious. Thanks, Steve!

  4. I truly love your videos. Thank you for giving quality over quantity videos. As I continue my Keto journey, I am more interested in what keeps my body healthy. Like you I noticed when I avoid wheat, I have less lower back issues. I have been experimenting with the vita wheat and seem to have less issues, but I have not quite gotten the same bread consistency that I was looking for. You videos are educational as well as entertaining (most especially when Colton is present 😊). You have become my favorite keto YouTuber (even though you don’t do much baking😂).

  5. When I started living the Ketogenic lifestyle in April of 2022 my A1C was 10.5 (that was down from 13.3). My blood pressure was high. My life consisted of medication for High blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as Insulin. Now my A1C is 5.3, I have been off the Insulin and blood pressure meds for over 6 months now. Your pragmatic approach to Keto has helped me immeasurably and helped to make Keto sustainable.

    1. Sounds an awful lot like my story, but I dropped 70 lbs., which masde me feel even better!

  6. I think those folks “demanding” recipes just get excited and don’t realize how they are coming across. 😂 It’s like when you said “Let’s eat grandma “ and “Let’s eat, grandma”. Instead of changing punctuation, you have to change the tone. Think of it as a five year old asking you to make cookies. They sometimes forget to say please. Honestly, your recipes are so good that they’re starving for more. 😂

    1. There’s definitely something about hunger and cravings that make an adult exhibit the manners of a 5 year old. I’ve had to check myself. Not with this specifically but waiting on something to finish I’m not always happy.

  7. The low carb way of eating I can go back to the 1850’s called the Banting Diet. William Banting wrote a book, “Letter on Corpulence to the public” is still in print! Liw carb keto, I lost 180 lbs and reversed type 2 diabetes. There’s one rule in keto: Don’t ear sugar, keep carbs low. Rule #2-100, refer to rule #1.

    1. Yep, many people try to over complicate it with their lists of “no-no” foods and ingredients. Sadly, many folks think that those lists are rules, when in fact they are just guidelines that can be helpful for some people.

    2. There is advice from even earlier! Thousands of years ago in Egypt diabetes had been noted (surviving papyrus from 1552 B.C.E. likely to have been copied from earlier texts for thousands of years). One of the myriad treatments of the day was essentially carbohydrate restriction. That was just from honey (Egyptian liquid gold and tears of the sun god), grains, fruit and beverages. Funny (not) how the rarity of diabetes diagnoses turned more and more frequent while sweeping over the continents as it aligned with the invention of crystallized sugar and subsequent trade. Heck, there is an entire chapter of recipes in the 1904 cookbook of Fannie Farmer’s called “Food and cookery for the sick and convalescent” for diabetes management which outlines a similar diet (old diet definition: what you eat day in and day out – not the impermanence of a fad or 2 season thing).

  8. Hi Steve,

    In 2021 I was watching my 7 year older sister plummet downhill because of her eating habits. She had early onset Dementia, uncontrollable Diabetes (sugars in the 4 and 5 hundreds, A1C almost 15), and many other problems. I was on a fast track to follow in her footsteps. Then I was told I was Diabetic. It quite frankly scared me into action. I asked if I could have one month to see what I could do on my own and I got my A1C down by eating what I thought was low carb. I started eating under 50 carbs a day. I shared this with my Dr (who was her Dr also, and happens to love the keto diet) and he told me I was actually eating keto and was on a great start. My sister refused to participate and in fact passed away a few months later with pancreatic cancer. I have been keto since that time, a little over 2 years. I’ve lost 95 pounds, have no more fibromyalgia, my A1C is steady at 5.2, my skin has cleared, I’ve been able to have several surgeries that I’ve needed for years, and I just feel better than I have most of my older adult life. I will be 69 this fall. I was do addicted to carbs, I was the person who would pour a palm full of sugar into my hand, squirt lemon juice over it and eat it like candy. If I can do it, anyone can. The cravings magically go away.

    You have been instrumental in helping me through my journey. Thank you for all you do, and for your level headed approach to this way of life. ❤

  9. I’m just happy with whatever YOU choose to do. In the end it’s your channel and I’ll watch whichever topics appeal to me. FYI- most of your videos are of interest to me. So…..just keep doing what you’re doing. Quite sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    1. Agreed – this and the fact that it is NOT a diet but rather a personal lifestyle. “You do you” with knowledge gained by listening and watching this channel and others, is what comes to my mind here.

  10. Not only has my A1C go down to normal levels but so did my cholesterol (without medication). Weight loss was a bonus. My goal was and is to be healthy. I’m 71 and I feel better than I have in many years.

    1. I like to say that Keto is a metabolic health lifestyle; the weight loss is just a wonderful side effect.

  11. Keto a fad? It’s been 6 years now, so not for me. 333 => 116lbs I was borderline diabetes, looked at my Dad’s heavy family health issues and said “No Way” am I going down the dialysis path. I’m never going back to SAD. I love your videos. After so long, my recipes needed a pick-me-up. Your channel has given more new information and new recipes. I appreciate all your efforts. 🌈

  12. I had diabetes type two for over 10 years. The year before covid started I found the keto diet and started eating the keto way. Within about three months I was reducing my metformin myself from my blood sticks. I finally went to the doctor and he was amazed. My A1C was 6 and I no longer take metformin and was not considered diabetic. I was so glad that I started this before covid and think it kept me from getting it except once and then it wasn’t bad and didn’t even realize I had it except by the test. Love you videos and yours encouraged me to make chaffles!

  13. I enjoy all aspects of your channel. I’ve learned an incredible amount, and am entertained & enlightened. Your hilarious T shirts & shaving your leg to demonstrate a knife’s sharpness stand out the most, but my point is this:

    I trust you. You’re honesty comes through. So does your family. We need that!
    Keep doing what you’re doing. Enjoy the journey!

  14. I don’t know how people expect you to bake and cook up keto concoctions every day on camera. It’s not like you have a test kitchen dedicated to nothing but keto experiments and a crew to set up and clean up. I’m amazed that you do an occasional demo once in awhile, especially since you share a kitchen with a non-keto family. Keep up the great work, I find your content helpful and inspiring.

  15. This podcast or vlog is why I watch you. Rather than doing 5 videos a week of content that is inconsistent and over produced, your videos are wee thought out, authentic and helpful to so many. Thank you again for all you do Steve it is truly appreciated

  16. I have never called Keto a diet. I call it a lifestyle. For 4 yrs on this lifestyle and my health is so much better. I think your videos are great and hope you don’t change.

  17. I don’t understand all the “more recipes” demands — there are TONS of channels that do Keto Recipes just look for them. I like the balance of content here.

  18. Correct – have not made the pizza crust since 😂

    My 2 cents: Keto isn’t a fad – but it comes with a lot of caveats regarding nutrition knowledge, caloric restrictions, personal genetics, medical issues, etc etc. For most people, I think it’s a great step for actually learning about nutrition and then figuring out what works for them.

  19. Prior to Keto I was diabetic for over 10 years. I was on insulin plus 2 additional pills to control my sugar. When my doctor said he wanted me to start a second insulin injection that was when I decided to try Keto particularly after reading Dr. Jason Fung’s book. Within seven weeks I had been weened off all the diabetic medications. My arthritis is virtually gone, and even my food allergies to peanuts and shellfish have disappeared. Of course, the weight loss of about 90 lbs has also helped! Keto on. Thanks for your help in keeping me experimenting and happy.

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