Video Podcast #142 – Keto Snacks vs Fast Food, Food Prices, Lowered Health Standards 2023

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mainly of me talking). I'll be going over keto related topics that are in the news, going over frequently asked questions from my viewers, and often speaking about some non-keto things (but probably cooking associated).

In this episode, I discuss the worth of pre-packaged or pre-made keto treats, I share my aggravation about the cost of food, I have problem with my sensations about our reduced requirements for health in this nation, and I speak about dish remarks.

0:00 Introduction
1:29 Keto snacks vs junk food costs
3:49 The expense of food in general
5:53 How I shop and food prep
7:49 Father's Day present
9:14 Lowered health standards
13:03 Recipe remarks
15:44 Wrap-up

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Video Podcast #142 – Keto Snacks vs Fast Food, Food Prices, Lowered Health Standards

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  1. I just invested in a small chest freezer so that I can maximize on clearance sales. I’ve left a lot at the store in the past just because I didn’t have the space. I’m a self titled ” clearance ‘ho”, so this excites me. Better to hoard clearance meats than clothes or other useless stuff.

    1. Sometimes I get so excited about clearance food, I forget to look at the ingredients. I wound up with half a dozen bottles of garlic wing sauce that contain soybean oil that way. 😒

  2. Just had to say, Courtney nailed it on the Father’s Day gift. VERY cool! ( I still remember watching SNL back when John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Eddie Murphy, etc. were on).😂 Good memories.

  3. Steve…you are spot on about the larger size people are becoming. Take a look at portions in this country. Yee gods….people are served these GIANT cups of sugary sodas. Muffins at bakeries are also gigantic. Super size is being taken to a whole new level…and people are getting super sized as a result. I cannot think any of this is healthy.

    1. @maria dsadly when living on high sugar and mainly carbohydrates the body totally goes into over drive of wanting more… try and watch the biochemist the Glucose Goddess to learn that it is the way the body is reacting to what is put in it. Not anyone’s fault or mental problem but what they eat drives their mental state in the end for sure. A viscous circle. ❤

  4. Since I’ve dealt with major injuries my whole adult life and had limited income, I’ve always shopped clearance/sale/discounted grocery. When I started keto in late 2019 and became a ketovore in early 2020, I realized how much beef helps my body. Since beef lasts much longer than chicken or pork, I get great deals on discounts on beef. It’s funny when I unload a cart full of beef on clearance and bacon on sale onto the conveyor. Guys give my stash a second look. Some even comment on where’s the party… I want some of that! I sometimes get to use that as a chance to mention keto/ketovore and leave them with just enough to peak their interest.

    I used to do more meal prep/freeze and I need to get back into that. So, if you have some ideas Steve, that would be great.

    When it comes to body image and the increasing size of people, I think that many feel like they do not have any choice. Because I didn’t learn about keto until I just started menopause… and I’ve had two major orthopedic surgeries since then, I’m still considered obese. But I feel SO much better with the lower inflammation and I share that with others. That has been my goal since beginning to overcome my health issues many years ago. I refuse to be a ‘victim’ and I want others to have the courage to do the same. Don’t allow doctor’s or the ‘enablers’ around you define who you are by your condition. Learn what your body needs and give it to it so that it can heal itself.

    Thank you Steve for being a perfect example for that!

  5. I love my keto chow. It has saved me many times. Plus the Nola bars. I’m cutting back to just a few things.

  6. I made the brined chicken wings and we all loved them. They are the only way we’ll do chicken wings now. My husband was skeptical at first because, well, no sauce, but he devoured them. My grandson couldn’t stop talking about them so I showed him your videos ( he’s 9 but loves cooking). He said you were a magic cook. I have to agree. 😊

  7. I use keto chow a few times a week for breakfast on busy mornings. It’s refreshing on hot days, too. Also, I just tried the pecan sticky bun. Delicious! Thanks Steve 🙂

  8. My favorite recipe you shared with us is the kFC Coleslaw I use every two weeks! I also use your ranch spice blend and barbecue sauce! Excellent!

  9. I really love this podcast 😊. So much are my thoughts. I really think our health standards in the good old USA are scary. Yet I get told I should not be doing Keto so long (5 years). It will shorten my lifespan 😂.

  10. Thank you Steve! I am over 65 now and truly believe that the processed food that is out there has changed people ideas on what food is. As with many people my age , I came from a time where Mom cooked meat,potatoes and vegetables. We very rarely went to a restaurant not a fast food restaurant but one the actual made there own food. I think this progression has people looking at fast food and processed foods as healthy. The government regulation definitely has not protected the people who now have overwhelming weight and health issues. I am in Canada and even though some of what are government has done is good it still is not good enough. It is so sad that so many don’t take the time to investigate their choices. It is all about education and realizing what you want your own body to be and work like. Thanks for all the great recipes and informative conversations. Best from🇨🇦

  11. A friend of mine is a nurse in the postpartum unit. She told me that so many young mothers are severely obese now, and that is something she has not seen until recently. It used to be extremely rare. Now it’s common. She says some are so large that she fears for their ability to care for their newborns!

    1. I’ve also noticed that whenever I go to any medical office, it’s rare to see an employee (nurses, doctors, receptionists) that look at all fit.

  12. The subject of size is so touchy. I lost 80 lbs on keto in 2021 and have kept it off to this day. My family thought I was crazy although they gave me backhanded compliments (gotta love ‘em, they’re family so not going away anytime soon 😁. Before I lost the weight, I feel I was more forgiving of heavier people. After I lost the weight, I really started to be aware of how heavy some people are and I thought I was being critical of what I once was. But then I realized that I did the hard work to over come my insulin resistance and educated myself on how to eat to maintain my health. And if most people would really learn what the processed foods do to their bodies, they could be healthier also. Instead of listening to functional medicine doctors, they listen to the media and learn about Ozempic coming in a pill form to lose weight. Even though the list of side effects is horrendous.

    1. That’s sort of the line I was trying to walk in this video and with folks in real life. On the one hand, I don’t want to say something hurtful, yet at the same time, I’m aware of the damage people are doing to their metabolic health by being overweight/obese. In a way, I feel complicit by not saying something…

  13. I used to “blame” people for being overweight, thinking they were lazy or just ate whatever they wanted. After trying so hard for so many years to lose weight I don’t think that anymore. Nutrition information is confusing and exercise only accounts for a small portion of weight loss. Genetics play a huge roll and the food industry has gotten us addicted to junk food on purpose. Losing weight is HARD. I’m close to my goal weight now, but I worry about maintaining the loss everyday. And I immerse myself with health content on Youtube constantly. My heart hurts for people who are obese. I now look at them like I would someone who has a serious illness. It can be exhausting to constantly feel bad about the space you take up on the planet.

  14. Great episode, Steve. I’d love to see some content on mass meal prep, and I think you are spot-on about how our society is too accepting of obesity. I was there myself until recently, and I’m grateful for the wake-up call that keto and the resulting weight loss has given me.

  15. Last week we had a couple of bbq dinners, where I made and used your recipe for bbq rub and glaze on skinless boneless chicken thighs, and it turned out amazing🤩🥳 SO yummy! Those recipes are definite keepers!❤️ So thank you for everything you share😃

  16. Steve I couldn’t agree with you more. You are spot on with lowering our standards it is real concerning as to where do we draw the line. Keep up the good work love watching your videos

  17. Good topics, Steve. Acceptance can be damaging not truly helpful. I appreciate you and let’s Keto on! Have a blessed weekend 💜 🙏 ✌️ 🌞💐🎶

    1. I believe that you can accept (and love) the person without accepting (or celebrating) a behavior you feel is unhealthy. 🙂

  18. Steve, your pancake recipe is very good! This is now my go-to recipe. I make a big batch and take them to work for lunch. Bacon eggs and pancake lunch. People at work think I’m crazy when I’m warming it up but I don’t care!

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