Video Podcast #119 – November Schedule, Over-Promising, Carb Confusion

Think of this video as an audio podcast (great deals of me talking) with some video (primarily of me talking). I'll be discussing keto associated topics that are in the news, going over frequently asked questions from my viewers, and often talking about some non-keto stuff (but most likely cooking associated).

In this episode, I describe how my video release schedule is going to remain in a state of flux for the remainder of the year, I discuss the dangers of over-promising, and I offer a review of "End Your Carbohydrate Confusion" by Dr. Eric Westman.

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End Your Carbohydrate Confusion:
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0:00 Intro & thank you
1:29 November schedule
4:39 Over-promising
6:57 Experimental videos
10:07 End Your Carb Confusion
16:36 Wrap-up

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Video Podcast #119 – November Schedule, Over-Promising, Carb Confusion

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  1. Another perspective on the “what I eat in a day” considering you don’t count carbs and operate on having a feel for what you eat … there may be some folks who could benefit from seeing someone who doesn’t count carbs. People seem to be rlooking for ideas of how to make it work for them.

  2. Thanks Steve. Look forward to watching you at the KC meet up. Sounds like you will get to chat with Amy Berger too. Interested to hear that

  3. Your faithful followers aren’t worried about finding you on schedule. We look forward to videos and they’re here when they’re here. I’m not really into what I eat in a day videos either, but would be interested in more savory recipes at some point. 🙂 As far as Dr. Westman, he has such a kind approach to people and nutrition. I’ve decided now not to say “I can’t eat this or that”. Now I say “I don’t eat this or that”.

    1. Yes, I agree. Just be here when you can. Please don’t worry us again, just tell us when you can’t be here we will understand.❤

  4. I’ll have the scheduled live stream for Saturdays meetup broadcast up on Monday, I just need the thumbnail finished!

  5. I’m with you, I generally skip the What I Eat in a Day videos on other channels. But whatever floats your boat. Thanks for posting.

  6. Adding that book to “want to read list.” There are a lot of Keto YouTubers that do the “what i eat in a day” or “what I eat in a week” videos. Don’t feel bad if that’s not your thing. There are plenty that do it already. Knowing that you’re going to the meet-up in Utah makes me want to go. Wish i could.

  7. Nothing really, just saying “Hi!”, it’s great to see you Steve. We’ve been in the throes of a townhouse renovation and move and have fallen off the wagon hard, but we’ve given ourselves grace… and lots of junk fast food. 🤣
    Please say “Hello !” to you wife and family!

  8. I practice “keto” in the same way. I have an idea of the things that are low carb and stick to those things.
    I occasionally look up a recipe and make something special, but my day to day intake is very boring. So watching me eat what I eat in a day would only be good if you needed to fall asleep.
    The keto twins put out a video of “potatoes” au gratin. It looks pretty dang good. Maybe one of those special things for Thanksgiving!

  9. Found your channel during the keto tortilla testing so I went back and binge watched quite a few of your videos love your no BS approach to things and you’re complete honesty.

  10. I’m grateful I originally learned low carb from Dr. Akins … back in the 80’s … I lost so much weight then the “professionals” scared me off atkins and onto low fat … re-enter obesity and diabetes …. Dr. Westman is an amazing man ..

  11. The book is great! Really takes a lot of different people in consideration. Don’t worry about these mean people easy to say. Some people are just miserable no matter what! Thanks Steve Jennifer 🤩

  12. I hope your flavor is as great as 2KK’s. I am really loving Caramel Macchiato! I look forward to the launch of your flavor, whatever it is.I am buying the carb book as a gift for my friend who is thinking of going Keto. She told me last week that she has gained weight in the middle (something that she has never done before now) and she has been researching keto and thinking of trying it. I thought the book would be useful for her. Getting myself a copy too because it will help my husband understand why I am eating the way I am.

  13. When I taught diets for auto immune issues, I made up “can do lists” and I created “can eat” recipes too. People are already feeling sorry for themselves or mourning what they can’t have. In my humble opinion, that’s the best way to go.

  14. I actually enjoy videos once in awhile of what somebody eats in a day on Keto. They are relatable and they do sometimes inspire new ideas and give a sense of camaraderie in a weird kind of way. Who cares what people say in the comments about whether something seems Keto to them or not. You know better than anyone else, ketosis is a state that your body is in. It does not describe the actual food. Love your channel and like I said last week, glad you’re back, Steve!

  15. Love all your content when ever and what ever you choose to do! Enjoy yourself at the meet up. It is so enervating to be with like minded people!😁

  16. I really love your characterization of Eric Westman, and having spent some time with him, find it to be SPOT ON. It might help to know – if you don’t already – that he was trained by Dr. Atkins! Now you know why he is so well based in Carbohydrate theory. Also his manner is just as you said: not dogmatic at all, but he gives suggestions as to what can be the most effective action to take. I would love to see him on one of your podcasts! Of course I enjoy seeing all your podcasts!

  17. How you describe Dr. Westman is exactly like he is in real life. He’s my doctor and got me into Keto. I do hope you can get a chance to interview him.

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