Video Podcast #113 – Interviews, Instagram, Your Help Needed 2023

Consider this video as an audio podcast (great deals of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I'll be discussing keto related subjects that remain in the news, talking about frequently asked questions from my viewers, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (however probably cooking related).

In this episode, I preview a little what's to come on the channel (including the next giveaway), I discuss how I look at other keto channels, I share my ignorance of Instagram stories, and I ask you for some aid with the channel.

0:00 Introduction and fasting update
0:48 Interviews and "deserving rivals"
4:27 Companies I will not partner with
7:30 Instagram stories
8:48 YouTube notifications
10:41 How you can assist SeriousKeto
12:23 The next giveaway.

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Video Podcast #113 – Interviews, Instagram, Your Help Needed

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  1. Steve, YOU are a slice of keto friendly pie. This is why I remain a loyal subscriber. 😊
    Thank you for sharing your refreshing perspective. PS, please don’t wear a bra. LOL

  2. I always read your responses back to me., I know I ask a lot of questions! I will start coming in and giving a thumbs up so you know it was not a wasted effort!

  3. Would love to have the mixes! Can’t wait for your fasting results on the next video. I sure hope that Terry and Courtney had a great time on their vacation!

  4. I agree with the competition! All working toward the same goal. The more people that hear about Keto (Proper Human Diet) the better. I tightly limit the number of channels I watch, so I have to really enjoy the content and vibe with the creator. Only the best of the best are on my subscription list 🙂

  5. I appreciate your inner beauty . Looking forward to hearing about your fasting experience. Sorry to hear about Caroline; I hope it was an oversight and she gets back with you. Tried to use a Steve-head emoji and couldn’t get it in the post. I think you’re absolutely correct about “competition.” Those of us who are keto-philes, follow several creators not just one. I think the good-quality creators complement each other.

  6. Steve, I notice your weight does not seem to fluctuate….other videos I watch of keto people are seeming to struggle….you must really have Keto dialed in well for you. Kudos😉

    1. Thanks. I put on the “quarantine 15”, but I’m back to within 5 lbs of my lowest weight, with a lower body fat percentage. Keto has treated me well. 😉

  7. Thanks for informing all of us how we can help your channel. When I get a notice from you….it’s like…WooHoo…a Christmas present. You are always so entertaining and informative. Your channel is The Best and I want to see you succeed. Keep up the fantastic work👍👍👍👍

  8. Hope this month looks better for the channel.
    I look forward to any/all of the interviews you do (everyone mentioned sounds interesting to me).

  9. Really looking forward to your extended fast results. I just started incorporating fasting in my weekly routine in order to shake up my weight loss journey, so I followed along with you. Love your channel!

  10. If I had to guess, I’d say the dip in numbers is largely a timing thing. Like you mentioned, it’s vacation season, but also all the lockdown type of restrictions are phasing out so people are out & about more instead of being stuck at home. Just my 2 cents.

    In addition to that, and along similar lines as the beginning of the video, I (we all?) have varied interests. I’m subscribed to 4 or 5 keto channels, 4 or 5 video game channels, 4 or 5 homesteading channels, etc. I basically cycle between them in waves. I’ll focus on games for a month or two, then shift over to foodstuffs for a month or two, then abandon those are watch a bunch of DIY stuff for a month or two. It’s a long term pattern.

  11. I think slump in numbers in July is due to people out and about on vacation. My wife and I were at a farmers market on Saturday and there was a vendor selling keto snacks. I asked her who she watches and the normal suspects came up, Berg, Berry, etc. I asked her if she ever watched Serious Keto and shockingly she said no. I told her she needs to watch. She did a search on her phone and found you. So hopefully you are +1 from our visit to her booth. I asked her where she gets her recipes and she said Low Carb Love. If you are looking for someone to interview, she may be a good candidate.

  12. As someone who spent a good amount of time in June and July enjoying watching your videos (both new and older) I’m bummed on your behalf that your numbers have fallen! I do think that the combination of it being the end of summer and people being free to go and do after all the lockdowns is probably the cause, however, NOT due to any issues with your content.

  13. I used to watch a lot of different Keto channels, not so much anymore. I never thought of them as competition for one another, though. Your channel has a lot of different content which I appreciate. I’ve heard other YouTubers talking about a slow summer regarding numbers. It could just be people are on vacation or enjoying the outdoors. Keep up the great content.

  14. This beauty stuff is hilarious. To support you not having to wear a bra, I’ll be letting the YouTube ads run today.

    And yeah, having the All Day I Dream About Food creator on would be great. Please don’t give up on that—would be amazing!

  15. The other Keto people you interview are not your competitors. You all are a community on the same journey. ❤️

  16. Your channel is the gold channel. Being a retired engineer, I prefer fact to opinion. It is a process for me and I take and chose the information you present and thank you for the sacrifices you have made on our behalf. Best to you and look forward to the future!

  17. Had to chuckle about your advertisement “opportunity”, so glad you didn’t take them up on it! I like that you remain true to who you are in that and also in your recipes. There are other keto folks I don’t watch due to the way they try to portray they invented everything from how to “fold” in ingredients to using an ingredient that others have used for decades in a recipe. I like how you honestly give credit to Wes for “sift y’all” or to Nili for her work on the hotdog bun that you worked diligently to perfect. It was great to see you thank her for her part instead of you trying to say you finally figured it out and publish her work on the sly. The very fact that you “allow” Terri or the “kids” to have different taste opinions and celebrate when they like something that is keto, only speaks to your integrity and that is refreshing to see. Thank you!

  18. Thanks not only for your work on keto, but also for telling those of us who know your story how we can help you. You’re a humble guy trying to make a living while helping others, offering a sincere connection and raw openness that you didn’t have to give, and, to some of us, it’s helpful beyond words. Now, to rhe readers and viewers out there, c’mon, let’s help build up this channel. It’s worthy. Bless you, Steve. Cream rises to the top.

    1. J Edwards, I like that ” cream rises to the top”, If you don’t mind I’m going to copy and use that. Wow that really resinated with me, because I Love cream

  19. That HSIA email you read was hilarious! If a company can’t personally write you, I wouldn’t bother with them. Also I hope Carolyn gets back to you – I love her channel and would love to see her interviewed. I’m surprised she doesn’t have more subscribers. Looking forward to your fasting results/take away next week.

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