Video Podcast #112 – Giveaway Announcements, High School Memories, Keto Dentist 2023

Consider this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mainly of me talking). I'll be discussing keto related topics that are in the news, going over frequently asked concerns from my audiences, and often discussing some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking related).

In this episode, reveal the winners of the Levels free gift, go over future free gifts, discuss the keto term I will not utilize, reveal my petty side talking about high school reunions, and explain why dental professional trips are fun now.

0:00 Introduction and schedule change
1:33 Levels free gift
2:17 YouTube trying to stop scammers
4:11 My next free gift
5:50 Once again, why I partner with some business
9:45 Keto police
14:05 Goggins methods
16:04 High school memories and reunions
20:39 Dental practitioner check out
23:20 Wrap-up

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Video Podcast #112 – Giveaway Announcements, High School Memories, Keto Dentist

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  1. I am new to the Keto lifestyle. I have found you straightforward, honest, educational, and inspirational. Thank you for all you do for the benefit of others!

    1. Really honest. And if another person in his family is tasting, he doesn’t steer their opinion at all. I know I can believe him.

  2. Love this Steve. My hygienist said the exact thing to me. She noticed my weight loss and asked how I did it. This tall, slim woman said she has been on Keto for years, even before it was called that. She noticed also due to my teeth.
    Do go and feel good at another reunion. He who laughs last, etc. I figure anyone who was mean still carries that trait.

  3. I love the lighting in this one Steve. You look great. Hopefully some of the bullies will find this one and see how great you are doing. And no, you shouldn’t feel bad about making the right choices… when they didn’t. Everything I’ve seen you do shows that you have a ton of empathy. As someone who was bullied all through school, I came to believe as I got older and more confident, that the experience made me a very strong and empathetic person. People like us made the decision to be the best that we can be and bring positivity to a world that needs it.

    As far as the dentist, he was the first one to notice changes in me when I went ketovore. He said no TMJ noise. That was only a short time after starting.

    1. I’m using a new tool to dial in my white balance. It seems to be working pretty well. Thanks for noticing.

  4. The anecdote about what school life was like for you was pretty funny to me and all too relatable. It takes a lot of courage to share something like that, and even more to admit taking a little guilty pleasure in how your lifestyle changes have given you an edge over your classmates in late adulthood. I can’t exactly comment on whether that sentiment is justified or not, but there’s something to be said for taking pride in the choices you make today versus the shortcomings you’ve had in the past.

  5. I so appreciate your honesty. You tell is like it is & that is so refreshing these days. Please continue with these informative videos. I, too, have not been back to any of my reunions since the 20th. (50th was recently) I felt like everyone was comparing each other. I’ve seen pics lately of recent reunions. LOL…bald, fat guys & fat, old-lay looking gals. Make me feel good about myself since I have reached/maintained goal for over 5 years

  6. I so love your “rambling” around. (Your words, not mine). I agree with you about the “Karen” thing. It is just not fair and it is/was a fairly common name. I know how bad they feel. My parents (RIP) gave me a first name that means “hard, male pig”. TV shows and especially cartoons used my first name for fat/chubby characters AAAnd it so happened I was a chubby kid. I suffered through my whole childhood.
    I was not a popular kid either, being overweight in a country (Germany) of very fit people. I was the only chubby person in my entire school, In every school I have ever been in. I was treated not so well. I would not call bullied, because you Americans are on a whole nother level of cruelty among kids but still. We did a reunion once and I flew in from the USA. And everybody stared at me, that I had left Germany and made it on another continent. A dream of many Germans. So yes…. I get your feeling and do NOT hate you for it either. HA! If they knew I am now even an actor in Hollywood, They would crap their pants in disbelieve. [sorry… not bragging, tiny actor, not much money (yet)] Loosing 120 pounds changes you and you do crazy stuff like becoming an actor.
    Sorry….. I rambled now. I need a podcast of my own.

  7. Love listening to your life stories. I think we can all relate in one way or another! ❤️

  8. I have my 45 year reunion in a couple weeks and I know that’s how it’s going to be for most of my classmates as well. Good decisions pay off over the years that’s for sure!!!

  9. This is one of my fave podcasts of yours. I can relate so much with High school, the dentist, the doctors comments to me at annual checkups when I used to do keto (sporadically) and now (full-on keto forever). My total chol number is crazy bad (382) yet my coronary artery calcium score was zero! And trying to get my regular doc and now the cardiologist I saw to pull an advanced lipid profile to examine the LDL more deeply is like pulling teeth I’m not kidding. I think it has something systemically due to “I’d be outta business” like u mentioned 😔. Case in point: your HS reunion (and prob everyone’s HS reunion) photos. Keep up the great work Steve!

  10. Your high school memories are heartbreaking. Thank you for being so honest and I have had similar feelings when I see classmates from HS. I enjoyed this episode and look forward to what you have coming up.

  11. When it comes to the dentist I wish I could say that I’ve had the same results. It makes no difference what I do, I am one of the patients that need extra time. I brush, floss, water-pic, get my teeth cleaned 3-4 times per year. And I’m Ketovore. Makes zero difference. Been that way my whole life. My husband barely touches floss, is Keto adjacent and rarely goes to the dentist. He always gets praised at his dental appointment about what a great job he’s doing. I come away feeling ashamed because I know my hygienist probably dreads seeing my name on her schedule. My dog on the other hand, is 8 years old and the vet always remarks at how little plaque she has on her teeth. She is raw fed.

  12. We used to re-imagine the ‘cookie jar’ as a ‘trophy cabinet’ where you keep mental/memory tokens if all your achievements, qualities and positive experiences.

    On another note, I’m off to my 41st graduation reunion from university in 4 weeks. We couldn’t have a reunion last year but I’m looking forward to seeing folks I haven’t seen for a looong time 😉

  13. I am 73 and have lost over 100 lb. I use to take statins blood pressure medication, asthma treatments anti inflammatory meds. The usual array of “old” people meds. I now take one aspirin a day and a cup of hibiscus tea to help control my blood pressure. This year my Dr., who loves Keto and runs a geriatric practice working with diet for healing, listened to my lungs twice and told me the lung damage from pneumonia was not there anymore. I did have a small attack of Afib this year and they put me on a med to “help” control my blood pressure. I took it 3 weeks and gained 18 lb. Researched on my own and found a study from England that said hibiscus tea was 90% as effective as the med they had me on. I really believe the big pharma stuff led to me weighing over 300 lb. I’ve hit a plateau and I’m not worrying, just moving along enjoying my no pain body.and my artificial knees.

  14. You’ve touched on some important points here, especially with your bullying experiences. Having been on both ends of the situation after transferring into a tony private prep school in the 60s in jr high, I certainly can draw on hateful moments encountered from entitled rich kids for motivation, but I’m trying to walk a mile in others’ moccasins in these later chapters of life, and have come to understand that development of the spirit is even more important than the body. What we need in the country these days is a Keto Diet for the Soul. Thanks for the insights.

  15. I think it’s OK to feel gratified when your life choices result in better health or make you more successful than those who made your life miserable in high school. As long as it’s an internal thing, it only affects your view of yourself, and helps to reverse some of the negative feelings of your past. I wonder if you ever think about how you might have handled the pressures of high school if you were able to experience them with your current attitudes instead of those of your younger self? That kind of thought experiment is also psychologically healing for me.

  16. Oooo, this is a giveaway I hope I can win (the one where we find out about the scammers!😜). I’m with you on the HS reunions – I don’t need to see those people and really have no desire. I do still keep in touch with several high school friends (almost 50 years!), but those are the ones who accepted me then as I was and still do…

  17. re: high school reunions: It really does feel good when someone who used to be awful to me says, Wow, you look great / you haven’t changed / how do you stay so thin? On the flip side, quite a few years ago at my 20th reunion, my worst high school “enemy” still looked great and I told her so. I remember thinking “Bygones” (like the Richard Fish character on the TV show Ally McBeal), chatting with her as though she’d never been mean to me in the past. That felt good, too. And yep, my dental hygienist loves me, too. She always says “you do such a good job with your flossing!” (which isn’t even true)

  18. You’re so entertaining, I tend to watch you even when I’m not on keto. And, you’re one of the only YouTubers I don’t have to watch at 1.75 speed. I appreciate that!

  19. When you were describing your high school experience, I kept thinking: “well I’ll bet those girls are sure sorry now.” You are so very handsome, you seem so very real and honest, and you have a voice that’s to die for. You have every right to stand tall against those shallow people.

  20. Chipmunk Baking customer service is great! I had a shipment to a VRBO rejected by the post office. They reshipped the order to my home with no questions asked.

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