Video Podcast #109 – Breaking Keto, Lavash Crackers, Coincidental Recipes, Ingredients & Gadgets 2022

0:00 Intro & breaking keto
4:35 Shooting vs family
7:06 Lighting
7:55 Lavash cracker video
11:00 Coincidental dishes
13:43 Upcoming stuff
17:43 Ingredients & gizmos

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Video Podcast #109 – Breaking Keto, Lavash Crackers, Coincidental Recipes, Ingredients & Gadgets

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  1. You don’t look any different on camera, Steve, but I know the point is about how you feel. “Pragmatic keto” is about being realistic about your lifestyle choices and if at times you need to diverge from the program occasionally to feel more connected to your non-keto family, I think that’s okay. Everything in life is a choice 😉

  2. I appreciate your sharing about this. Sometimes when I’m making new ingredients/dishes/recipes, I accidentally knock myself out of ketosis… sometimes it is from tasting along the way, sometimes it is an ingredient/brand I react to and sometimes it is a portion thing if I haven’t measured / weighed it properly. And that hung over description is on the mark!

  3. I do like seeing some of the newer gadgets(i.e. the plunger whisk or the Stuffler). I never would have seen those if it wasn’t for you using them.

  4. I enjoy seeing the new ingredients and/or gadgets and having the opportunity to decide for myself whether or not they will fit into my kitchen/lifestyle. I enjoy seeing the experiments whether or not I decide to try them for myself. It’s never a decision whether or not to unsubscribe, however. Thank you!!!

  5. Absolutely love your gadgets. Stuffler, Creami, and Dash minis have really been awesome products, just to name a few. Keep them coming please. I usually wait a bit to get some of them, but your reviews are thorough and recipes are compelling enough for me to add them to our collection. We are now a 2 keto household so I would love any tips or tricks they have to offer. Thanks for posting.

  6. I love when you try new products and gadgets. Just to watch mainly. I have purchased many of your recommendations. Space is my problem. But I know enough to realize when I am not interested in purchasing. e.g. Stuffler. But fun to see things never seen before. After all, most of us watch you for your adventurous spirit and experimentation.

  7. I like that You have a balanced approach & evaluate, before You share new ingredients & gadgets, whether You Yourself will use this more than once.
    I wish I had money & space for the things You share 😉 but it is good to know options in all categories exist & as another subscriber said – maybe we can repurpose or sub something in a new way.
    You are here to expand our creativity & our world Kind Sir! & we love You for that.
    Excellent role model. Thank You!
    MORE blessings upon You & Yours!!

  8. Appreciate the transparency. BTW…I was glad to meet Chef Alycia through your interview. I made her cake donuts yesterday after seeing the recipe on Saturday. I’ve literally never had a better dessert in the 1yr+ on keto. My kids were over for dinner, and didn’t believe it was a keto donut. Just thought I’d share for the community.

  9. I enjoy your kitchen adventures and experiments, particularly the Kitchen Livestreams. They are like hanging out with friends in your kitchen, and I don’t have to clean up!

  10. Steve love to see the gadgets and learn about the ingredients. I ordered some tara gum to try it with ice cream and it was shipped via USPS from Amazon. The the postal delivery kid was a weekend sub and he stuck it in my mailbox on a Saturday afternoon after we’d already gotten the mail and it sat out there in ninety-degree heat all weekend. I had to message modernist pantry and asked if the heat would do it any damage. It took a while for them to get back to me so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’m hoping you’ll do some other recipe with it besides “up the ice cream game” so that I’ll have more things to use it on. Keep on reviewing all those gadgets and all those ingredients. Even if it’s something we can’t afford it’s fun to learn about! I hope you can contact Wes! After I bought his cookbook off of Amazon it seem like there weren’t any new videos coming out from him and I know he was sick so I hope he makes a debut back to YouTube starting off with an interview with you

  11. The issue I have with “dogmatic” Keto folks, is that their attack mode can put someone off trying to ease into a lifestyle that could truly change their lives. Some changes can be so drastic, that we can’t just jump into creating new food to eat – no matter how much we need to make the change. By taking baby steps, a person can begin to feel better and not be so overwhelmed. I love the way you approach things – you’re honest, straight forward and so “chill”. You encourage and share your experiences and I truly appreciate that. Cause lord knows, I need to use those simple hacks that are dirty keto at times, just sayin’. Thanks for publishing! Will definitely keep watching…

  12. “That’s a complete aside…”. 😆 I am 0-10 carbs a day and mainly Carnivore. So, I would very much appreciate lower carb recipes. I try to tweak some of your recipes to fit my diet but thoroughly enjoy all your creative recipes and reviews. I have learned a lot of cooking techniques from watching your videos. I like watching your reviews of products and new gadgets! Thanks so much for all you do!

  13. Steve I really enjoy seeing all the new ingredients and gadgets. More importantly I enjoy your channel and exactly what you do, it’s why I’m here. Thank you, seriously, thank you.

  14. I like seeing new recipes, ingredients, gadgets and /appliances. It’s up to me to decide if it fits my lifestyle and/or budget. After a while cooking and eating a certain way can become monotonous. I say, “keep your innovative ideas coming”! I can’t tell you how many times I return to your website to search for inspiration. Keep us inspired Steve; you are a big help to those of us who work every day at feeling good!

  15. I agree with you 100% about feeling younger when on Ketosis. It is truly amazing. Also, you haters calling Steve a sellout or just hateful comments on what you feel is a “breach of keto” need to get a life. This man is putting out some fantastic and helpful videos. Most of us are very thankful.

  16. I enjoy your fun filled adventures in the kitchen. Feel free to be a creative chef, and surprise us.

  17. I love seeing the new products and gadgets. Any reasonable person can make a determination as to whether or not a product or gadget fits into their budget, or particular way of eating. And even when I decide some are not for me, it is still fun and informative to see it and learn about it; it gets my brain going! If I see something that piques my interest elsewhere, I always want your take on it because I have complete trust in the information that you share (which is rare, to say the least). Love your channel, you do an amazing job!!

  18. Love the gadget resources. I don’t have any complaints about your content. I don’t really watch the product reviews as most products are not sold in Mexico where I live, but some folks probably like them. Keep up the great work, Steve.

  19. First off, you and Wesley are my HEROS…. I started Keto a few months back and discovered you can not believe everyone. I now have a kitchen full of not yet used ingredients. After many hours of utube videos and reading plus common sense, I have found that I can fully trust you both. I love the work and time you spend for us. Thank you for all the time and money you have saved me. I am now a healthy 75 year old women with no meds… thanks to keto and you. Please keep it up. The Lord bless you … Brenda Clark.

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