Two Ingredient Low Carb Crackers – 6g net carbs per 15 crackers 👀

I'm not going to call this a "keto" recipe due to the ingredients, but it is absolutely low carbohydrate and you're not going to discover a simpler cracker recipe.

As I state in this video, these crackers did not surge my blood glucose, nor did they affect my ketosis. If you're not bothered by components in the extravagant bread, this is a fantastic little recipe to scratch your cracker itch.

0:00 Introduction, macros and components
3:47 Recipe

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Two Ingredient Low Carb Crackers – 6g net carbs per 15 crackers 👀

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  1. I’ll go with plain crackers. There are so many tasty dips that the cracker doesn’t need to be flavored for me to ❤️ it. Thanks for this recipe. The ones from Costco are delicious but, come on, only an infant would eat 5 tiny crackers as a serving. (Puréed of course lol)

  2. Note: I misread the glucose response on this (I didn’t have my glasses on). It was 16 points, NOT 18 points.

  3. And here I thought I invented these a couple of years ago! I had never read the ingredients though 😬 but it’s an occasional treat so I’m fine with it

  4. How easy is that?! I think I’ll just keep mine fairly simple with just a sprinkling of salt about midway through when I flip the crackers. Thanks for another great video

  5. Looks like a grocery stop on the way home from work today! Low carb works for me. Thanks Steve!

  6. I absolutely love crunchy crackers to pair with different dips so I’m excited to try making these!! Also, I’m a huge fan of the desiccant packs!! They have made a huge difference with items that I want to remain crispy.
    Thanks Steve!!

  7. I got the 404 as well… I was sooo tickled and then… the wheat… so for this one I’m out, however thrilled for those who can have it.
    Blessings 🌞

  8. Been making these for a couple of years. I season with garlic powder and Italian seasoning. I learned a few great tweaks though. Thanks. Had non-keto people rave about these.

  9. Hi Steve. Great idea. Saw someone make that with sweetener and cinnamon. Looked yummy. It’s great with mozzarella and pepperoni too. With our without sauce.

  10. My husband and I have been using this flatbread as hotdog buns. One serving (half a sheet) makes two buns. I spread pimento cheese on 1/2 of the flatbread and then take the hotdog and place it on the pimento cheese then roll it all together. Simple and delicious.

    I haven’t thought about making crackers with them. Thanks for sharing the idea to use this bread as crackers.

  11. We make crackers with Joseph’s lavash all the time. We butter and salt the whole lavash before cutting and don’t use cooking spray. They are so buttery and delicious!

  12. Lavash crackers and the cauliflower hummus sounds good together!
    I miss crackers and sardines. I will be trying these for sure.

  13. Fantastic idea. I can’t get Joseph’s in Canada in Walmart, but I order all 4 of their products online. I always have some Joseph’s bakery products. I also love using these as a pizza crust. And yes, for the haters, I am low carb or dirty keto.

  14. I work in a supermarket bakery and we started stocking that flatbread a few months ago. I’ve made flatbread pizza with it for my husband and son. It’s really not bad. I never thought of making crackers with it. Great idea.

  15. Great ideas and very easy to make too! Very similar to making tortilla chips with low carb tortillas.

  16. I discovered these recently. My current favorite is to coat one side with ghee, garlic powder and a touch of garlic salt. I air fry at 400 for 8 minutes. No need to rotate. Might be better to try at 350 tho.

  17. Love your attention to detail and branding with your end cards. Perfect recommendations to go with the crackers!

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